Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Assignments Week

My God, this week I felt kind of relief after submitting my two heavy assignments. I thinked these two assignments weighted about 20kg. Well, I am pulling your legs. Trust me, the loads were extremely heavy.

I am still owing two assignments to my two lecturers. The first one is a group project and the other is about researching in terms of the company’s competitive advantage in using information technology. I am glad with the supports from my lecturers and peers, all the assignments can be done in a smooth-sailing manner.

I will do my best to complete my other assignments hopefully by this week and after that, exams are coming soon and my upcoming new student life would commence in KL. It should be a good way for me to learn to live independently while studying for my final degree in KL. The only thing I phobia the most is... Thesis!

All in all, this morning I was extremely happy. There were many things happened this morning. Since tomorrow is a public holiday, I guess I should focus in completing my assignments. That is my golden time and I have other functions for this entire week. So many things to do but I am happy with it.

Andrew Loh

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Feel the Heat...

I really can feel the heat of exams. It’s coming. I’m writing this not because I am an "informer" but actually I treat this blog as a "sanctuary" for me to pour out some of my grouses. After writing, I may feel better that’s why I call it a "sanctuary".

As usual, exams seems like a norm to students, we all think that it is a suffering 3-hour sitting in the torturing chamber. Ya, I think is true in the sense that if I never prepare any thing or revision. The next coming exams would be "Asian Business Environment (ABE)" & "Technology Knowledge Management (TKM)".

These two modules if I want to make a comparison, ABE is more tougher in the sense that the exam requires you to read more what iss happening around the Asian market such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries. I just not so fond of answering questions such as NAFTA, ASEAN, EU, WTO and other organisations. To me, the thing is like my brain memory is going to memorise and load all the respective information, their functions, obligations, and etc. Wow, I just don’t like to answer these kind of questions. Instead, I think I will aim more towards the country’s market.

I just hope that the TKM is not as "tough" as it sounds but I hope my past diploma in computer studies would be able to help me answering better in terms of the question structures. =)

Andrew Loh