Monday, June 9, 2008

My Recent Gathering with Singapore Magicians

Recently, I was very happy as on 2 June 2008, I had a wonderful gathering with a bunch of magicians in a hotel at 5.30pm and I had a chance jamming with them until 8.30pm. It was a fun gathering.

At that time, I was at home doing some cleaning of my bookshelf and my most respected magician; Uncle Bob Chua from Singapore, I was delighted he called me up and asked me to come and join the gathering. So, I gladly replied. Yes, why not?

It was my great pleasure to be able to meet up with uncle Bob Chua because I LOVED his card magic. His card magic is filled with great surprise always.

On top of that, Uncle Bob Chua is a very popular and the most respected magician among the peers in Malaysia. You must SEE his card magic which will captivate you. Uncle Bob, firstly, he showed me his own collections of card magic. His card magic such as his own versions of reset, cannibals, professor’s revenge, and the like really astonished me with his simple structure of the routines and built in with a very strong climax.

After his performance, I showed him a few some of my own materials and we had some feedback to each other after we did our routines. What I do know, I really enjoyed Bob’s card magic and I look forward to meeting him in the near future which this coming July 2008, I would travel to Singapore.

Shade did some of his "knuckle-busting" card magic to me and I was impressed. His card magic was influenced by Martin Nash which also known as the "charming cheat". His second, centre and bottom dealings are really impressive.

Well, you may ask how about Gordon. To be honest, he was busy as a "cameraman" with his small very advance gadget and whereas Shade was the bright star in the performance session. I hadn’t see any single of Gordon’s materials but I heard he is a cardguy. I really hope I will have the chance next time to see his card magic.

Uncle Dominic Lim came quite late as I understood that they had functions at other places so we had a short meeting with him as well. He didn’t perform anything but he kept on asking me "Do you know this?" and "Can you do it?" I can tell you this uncle is very funny at times. He is an expert in magic clowning and also as a stage performer. When you have the chance to see his stage magic performance. You will feel very relax as his performance is very lively as though he is dancing a "cha-cha".

I would like to end here but before I leave, I would like to say to Uncle Bob Chua. Congratulations on your new card magic book. I was lucky had a glimpse of his book which contained 12 materials which range from ropes, cards and coins magic. Uncle Bob, I am still waiting the arrival of your book and hopefully, either today or tomorrow your book must arrive to my home.

I hope Uncle Bob you can produce more of your especially card magic materials in the near future to the magic fraternity and I can attest that your magic books would be selling like "hot-cakes" and most importantly, as a card magician we really hope that your legacy for all these years would be cherished and appreciated by those who read your materials.

Andrew Loh