Thursday, November 20, 2008

Flooded Zone

Yesterday after my class, while I was driving home, the weather changed suddenly. It was a dark and gloomy evening. And that time, I faced with a heavy downpour and my exodus was kind of difficult. It was my second time to face with this kind of shock.

I think the reason of having a heavy downpour recently was due to quite a number of days I saw the clouds were very dark and didn't rain for days. I would say a horrible experience to us.

At that time, when I was trying to brake my car, the brake function couldn't function properly due to the slippery of the road and I really hope in the future, this event won't occur again.

Andrew Loh

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Contributions

Some people are asking me, what are my favourite card effects that I normally perform? It's kind of difficult to say because sometimes, while reading and watching some other awesome magicians' stuffs, I may somehow use them in my act which depend whether the effects or routines suit my style or not.

I contributed a total of three card magic effects to "The Linking Ring" magazines, which you can find under the "Card Corner" column.

Due to the secrecy of magic, I can't tip out or scan the pages for you but I have somewhat scanned and combined them as a sample which is shown in the photo. If you have the chance, check them out as the effects had served me well over the years and I regard them as "workers". Both the card effects are impromptu which means that you can perform the card magic anytime and anywhere without the need to prepare anything in advance. There are no special setup of the deck or special gimmicks too. All you need is a borrowed deck and you do wonders. My card magic is specially catered to that kind of category, direct and effective to laypeople without the need to do any preparation.

Andrew Loh

Fried Rice

This morning, I fried rice with long beans, chicken balls, carrots, and eggs. It was a simple breakfast though. As the food in Subang Jaya is quite expensive, so we think it would be a great idea to prepare our home food.

I find that prepare own food is more economical and hygienic. My girlfriend helped me to prepare all the essential ingredients and I was the cook. It's very easy to fry rice and does not consume a lot of your time. We will treat today's fried rice as our breakfast and lunch.

I thought of cooking other dishes but due to time constraints, we decide to cook other food next week. I look forward to cooking stew chicken with carrots, potatoes, bean curd, mushrooms and baby corn. It may take quite some time to cook this dish but hopefully next week, I would be able to prepare this special dish.

Andrew Loh

Japanese Ice Dessert

Let me share with you a truly nice dessert which my girlfriend and I we tried that day. The shop is simply known as 100 Yen (red signboard) which is located at UEP USJ 9, Selangor. For those of you who loves ABCs or Ice-Kacang lovers, you may perhaps consider to try 100 Yen dessert. Their dessert I believed is made from Japan.

When we first arrived, that shop is somewhat looked like a 7-Eleven shop. Upon entering the shop, we saw many products that being sold but majority of them were Japanese products which range from scissors, plastic pencil holder, bags, chopsticks, soups, candies, snacks and many more. I guess for those of you who love Japanese products, it may be worth to drop by and see a few things that being offered there.

So, back to our dessert topic again, my girlfriend chose mango and I (as always) chose green tea. The dessert is made from purely fine ice and I find that, it's not so sweet and the taste is fantastic. Normally, when we eat ice-kacang or ABCs, you will find that the ice is not smooth. 100 Yen's dessert is truly different and the ice is not easily melt albeit the ice is fine. It is ideal to eat ice dessert especially hot days and so it happened that day was a raining day. I really couldn't resist the temptation so I suggested to have a try that day. It's worth a try and the price is quite reasonable too.

Andrew Loh

My First Experience in Japanese Food

Let me share with you a rather silly experience that I ate Japanese Sushi (first time) in my life on 11 October 2008 and also bought Dunkin Donuts too at Sunway Pyramid. We bought some chocolate-coated, green tea, blueberry and green-lime flavoured donuts as shown in the photo. My girlfriend and I, both of us are "Donuts-Freak" and if you haven't try before, maybe you should get a try. I heard in Melaka, there is a nice donut shop which is located at Dahtaran Pahlawan. I can't remember the name of that shop but I heard some people say that the donuts are very nice too. I think one fine day I will drop by that donut shop.

Alright, back to my sushi true story again. What makes me wanted to try sushi? Now I tell you the story. I have been watching many celebrity shows on the television such as from Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and the like. The thing is, in that show, most of the games they follow the rule of thumb, whoever losses in the game, they have to choose or pick a sushi (based on their luck) from a plate which of course, there are a number of them. And, among that sushi, 50% of them have the Wasabi. It's a form of punishment in that game to pick a sushi. If you are lucky, you will choose the sushi that has no wasabi of course. If you haven't try to eat sushi with wasabi before, well read on and you will get something nice.

When you see the celebrities eating the sushi filled with wasabi, you will almost laugh them but to tell you the truth, I am now laughing but rather built my curiosity to try what wasabi is all about. Well, if you never try wasabi before, I urge you at least to try it then when people discuss wasabi, you will know what are they talking about. Do you feel hungry by looking the photo that I took? One thing for sure Japanese sushi is made in a very attractive and graceful manner. I really like the outlook of the arrangement of the sushi.

Let me share with you, wasabi is a green-paste kind of sauce which the Japanese favours in dipping the sushi with wasabi before consumption. The fact is, when the wasabi enters your mouth, you will feel your nose somewhat like burning sensation. It's not like chilly and is very difficult to describe or I would say you imagine by eating pepper in your mouth that kind of idea. Only a bit of wasabi can make you feel almost crying.

My girlfriend was shocked to see me, well, when my girlfriend was opening the wasabi which sealed in a package, I dipped the wasabi on my finger and immediately ate it. Wow, I almost with tears due to the wasabi. I guess, next time I won't do it again. Sometimes, I think curiosity pays off when you try something at least is worth trying and not just listening to what other people say. You be the judge.

Andrew Loh

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Friday, November 14, 2008

My "Friction Burnt" Card Effect

My "Friction Burnt" card effect has been in my repertoire for years and each time when I do my act at a party, corporate events or for strangers, I usually will perform "Friction Burnt" as my all-time favourite opener.

The effect is very direct and easy to do. It's not a requirement for you to break your precious fingers in order to perform this visual and highly entertaining piece of card magic. The plot is very simple, you tell a story during your schooling life, your science teacher taught you an interesting topic that is related to friction in which when an object (say a ruler) is rubbed, it creates a static electric on the surface of that ruler. When you put this ruler near to a strip of paper, it will stick onto the ruler and that's my kind of effect.

You ask the spectator to initial a freely selected card in a red deck, you tell the story as mentioned above in which you rub your hand onto a colour material (say blue) and you cause sensation by applying that static energy onto their freely signed card, they can see their red-backed card visually changes to a blue-backed card. The best part of this effect is at the end, they will remember your magic and the spectator can keep that card as a souvenir.

I am still selling this effect which only available exclusively at my online magic shop which you can't get elsewhere. Drop me an email if you are interested to make an order.


Andrew Loh

The Art of Illustrations

It has been my great pleasure to be in the art of magic for the past 16 years. I learned many things throughout the years and the best thing I learned in my life are to be able to create some of my own unique ways or ideas in card magic and drawing illustrations in my own work.

Until now, instead of taking colour photographs to show my handling or explanation in my materials, I prefer to do black & white illustrations to show my handlings. I think it's somewhat to retain the classic "feelings" and the professional look. Most of the magic book that we come across during the 1800's majority were all black & white illustrations, right? I am not saying that colour photographs are not good, it's just my personal preference though I like to read magic books or ebooks that have the colour photographs too. Sometimes, colour works better than just black & white. I would like to say, well, it has its own pro and cons. When you take colour photographs, it is easy to recognise an object with its colour but for black & white illustrations, you have to state what is the object that being used in the context. Some of the great illustrations that I have seen in my life are the works from Tom Stone, Richard Kaufman, Jason Alford, Kelly Llyes and others.

However, in order to do excellent black & white illustrations, the works are very tedious. You need to purchase essential devices that support your work and the proper software. You have to take photos or someone helps you to take photo on you (your hands & cards or whatever) and after completing that process, you have to be patience and willing to sit long hours (depend on the number of photos) to do the drawings. But, the final output is, you will feel rejoice after you complete everything. It's just like you feel you have done something that is worth doing in the first place. And do you believe me? You won't say tired or exhausted if magic is your blood or soul in you. I will keep the momentum going and magic has been part of my inferno for all over the years.

Andrew Loh

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Did I see Flying Cars - Hollywood Show?

Well, I would like to share an amazing true story today... Or... How about I put this way, a Hollywood's flying car effects? No, I maybe exaggerate quite a bit but actually today, this afternoon while I was driving to school, I saw there were two cars they seemed to be racing on the road. Both drivers I should say, they drove in a reckless manner and could harm other drivers. I should put at as people's life would be at stake. I just couldn't believe with my own eyes witnessing somewhat like a Hollywood's video camera tricks.

I saw the lady, open her window shield and finger-pointing the other driver perhaps to call him stop the car. I believe they seemed to be involved in a fighting or quarrelling and perhaps they are husband and wife? Well, I really have no idea but they really performed a truly outstanding show today. They overtook with each other and truly dangerous in the middle of the highway. I think other drivers were facing the same trauma like me today. I just don't know how to explain that kind of fear while you are facing that kind of scene. They overtook me from left to right and then sped I think 140km/h. Are they crazy? Is it a stunt? You be the judge, ok?

I just wish that I won't meet this kind of scene in the future. It was a heart-throbbing experience for me today. I also hope that you won't meet this kind of incident while you are driving on the road.

Andrew Loh

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Time Constraints

Things are pretty hectic recently with my personal study and business. Yet, I am still able to juggle between my time to pursue my magic. Recently I am not so much in reading magic books but I just hope that after completing my thesis and assignments, I would be backed on track again. If I have the chance, I guess I will go through or explore the card principles which I have been enamoured the idea quite long ago.

From time to time, I will contribute or review some of the magic stuffs or books that I did in the past for the benefit to the magic fraternity.

Andrew Loh

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cardboard Capers - My Review

I remember I got this book a few years ago and I really like some of the interesting ideas from Euan.

The materials are not difficult to do and this book also includes "Utility Sleights" which I find interesting. This booklet is comb-bound and the size is a small thin booklet.

Effects such as "Return to Sender", "Twisted Assembly", "Thanks to Walton" and a few others, are very nice effects and you may combine the mentioned above effects into a solid routine. I think the materials would play very well to laymen too.

If you have the opportunity, hope you are able to secure a copy of this book which I highly recommended.

Table of Contents:

Introduction -- 2

Utility Sleights
On the Kelly Placement -- 3
A Palming Idea -- 7
Pressure Palm -- 9
Seconds Out -- 11

Card Effects
Return to Sender -- 12
The Artist -- 15
Instant Switch -- 17
Homage to Hummer -- 19
Twisted Assembly -- 21
The Jacks Came Back -- 23
Thanks to Walton -- 25
Dark Side of the Moon -- 29
Ultra Violet -- 31
Snapping the Aces -- 34
Au Revoir -- 36

Andrew Loh

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Artists - My Magic Tidbits

This morning while I was toying my deck, I came up an effect which is a card sandwich effect. Sounds boring? Well, I am not really sure how it goes to magician but I think it will go very well to layman. This effect is not just a basic card sandwich effect but it applies to many wonderful ideas which depends on your creativity as well. Believe me or not, you can perform this effect with the card fusion concept.

The plot is spectator's selection is placed in the centre of the deck and somehow the two mates which previously are placed one on top and the other on the bottom of the deck; they seem vanish one at a time and at the end, they sandwich the spectator's selection. When the spectator's selection is turned over, on its back, it bears a message or to have its back change colour.

Or if you prefer, you can present the selection as your business card to the spectator which anything is possible. It is a wonderful souvenir which at the same time to promote yourself. If I have the time, I will write this effect and publish as an ebook or otherwise, I will keep this effect for myself.

Andrew Loh

Nick Trost's Subtle Card Miracles - My Review

Nick Trost's Subtle Card Miracles book is an excellent book. This book covers lots of wonderful stuffs. Some readers might claim that the materials are awfully boring but really contradict to my own beliefs.

Although this book is not as good as the previous "The Card Magic of Nick Trost", but there are quite a number of wonderful items. The only similar attributes you can find in this book and "The Card Magic of Nick Trost" are the sleights section where the author provides detail explanations on the sleights which I find very informative and the credits are very detail as well.

I would say reading this book will somehow make you creative or should I say "mind-stimulating". Each time when I try to read the new effects, my mind will come up something why shouldn't be done that way or how about applying this principle to another card effects and so fourth.

In a nutshell, I highly recommended this book!

Table of Contents:

Foreword -- xiii
Introduction to Volume 1 -- xv

1. Unique Card Effects
Everywhere and Nowhere -- 1
Jacks are Wild with an Elevator Finish -- 3
Trost on Hamman's "Multiplying Kings" -- 6
Trost on Hamman's "Magic Cards" -- 8
Another "Oil and Queens" -- 10
Following Suit -- 11
Ultimate "Even Money" - Improved -- 14
A Compatibility Tests -- 16
Two Compatibility Tests -- 18
Four Grand Slams -- 21
Do As I Do Suit Separation -- 25
Omega Suits -- 28

2. Coincidences
A Simple Coincidence -- 33
The "One-Two-Three" Trick -- 35
Ned Rutledge's "Cards Concordant" -- 38
ESP Card Version -- 41
The Mystic Threes -- 42
Psychic Coincidence -- 43
The Telephone Number Trick -- 45
The Couple's Lucky Number -- 46
Paradoxical Pairs -- 47
ESP Card Version -- 49
Sympathetic Suits -- 50
Trost on Hudson's "Sorcerer's Sevens" -- 52
Four Times Nine -- 55
Cards of Coincidence -- 58
Another Version -- 60

3. Court Card Capers
The Royal Pair Puzzler -- 63
The Burglar Trick -- 64
Trost on Hamman's "Twins" -- 66
The Restless Court Cards -- 69
Court Card Conclave -- 70
The Court Card Swindle -- 73
The Reunited Families -- 74
A Puzzling Assembly -- 75
The Married Hearts and Four Cupids -- 77
The Queen of Hearts and Her Suitors -- 79

4. Gambling Tricks
Optical Three-Card Monte -- 85
Pinocle, Blackjack and Poker Puzzler -- 88
Duck or Deal Blackjack -- 89
Classic Euchre Deal -- 91
Gilbreath Plays Euchre -- 92
The Contrary Euchre Deal I -- 93
The Contrary Euchre Deal II -- 95
Exchange Euchre -- 96
Six-Handed Exchange Rummy -- 98
Five-Handed Version -- 100

5. Poker Tricks
Wild Bill Revisited -- 101
Wild Bill's Poker Hand I -- 102
Wild Bill's Poker Hand II -- 104
Spectator's Royal Flush -- 105
The Lucky Royal Flush -- 106
The Insurance Card I -- 108
The Insurance Card II -- 109
Another Version -- 110
The Spectator's Straight Flush I -- 111
Another Handling -- 112
The Spectator's Straight Flush II -- 113
The Gambler's Luck -- 114
Lucky at Poker -- 116
Strictly Straight Poker -- 117

6. Predictions
Bob Longe on "A Premonition" -- 121
The Prophetic Phone Number -- 123
Prophecy in Color -- 124
Numerology in Color -- 126
Trost on Al Koran's "Prediction Supreme" -- 127
The 20/20 Prediction -- 128
Color Prediction with Three Spectators -- 131
Three-Way Miracle Prediction -- 133
Prediction Red, Black and Courts -- 134
Climax Prediction -- 137

7. Transpositions
Five in a Row -- 139
Ace to Five - The Easy Method -- 140
Ambitious Ace to Five -- 143
Jazz 1-2-3-4 Revisited -- 145
Ambitious Deuce Sandwich -- 146
Fifteen-Card Mystery -- 150

8. Fake-Card Foolers
Trost's Open Prediction -- 153
Revolving Aces - A Clean Version -- 154
Double-Back Effect -- 156
The Hotel Mystery - Updated -- 158
Trost on "The Muleshoe Gambler" -- 160
Super Showdown -- 164
The Card Puzzle - Gaffed Version -- 170

9. Special Decks - Part 1
Destiny Deck -- 173
Matrix Miracle -- 176
Incredible! -- 179
Half Wild -- 181
Rich Bloch's Presentation -- 184

10. Packet Tricks - Part 1
Hokey-Poker -- 187
Mexican Monte -- 190
A Packet of Backs -- 194
Twisto Blank -- 195
Wacky Packet -- 198
Un-Cards -- 200
Bill Miesel's "Red Card Prediction" -- 202
Ausralian Aces -- 204
Sixth-Thot -- 208
Bigfoot -- 202
Al Thatcher's Version -- 216
Tom Hubbard's Version -- 218

11. ESP Cards - Part 1
Una-Minds -- 222
The Power of Three -- 223
Design by Accident -- 225
ESP Do As I Do -- 226
Dr. Jaks' Symbol Mystery -- 227
Extrasensory Deception -- 228
ESP 7-Card Draw -- 230
Double Deck Version -- 231
Dual ESP Test Location -- 231
Triple ESP Miracle -- 233
Pair-a-normal Perception -- 235
The Almost Perfect ESP Test -- 239
Four-told -- 240
The Symbol Separation Test -- 242

Appendix: Sleights and Subtleties
Aronson Mark-a-Place Move -- 245
Ascanio Spread -- 247
Biddle Move -- 249
Bottom Stock Control -- 250
Braue Addition -- 251
Braue Reversal -- 252
Breather Crimp -- 253
Buckle Count -- 254
Carlyle False Turnover -- 255
Charlier Shuffle -- 257
Criss-Cross Force -- 259
Curry Swindle Switch -- 260
Cut-Deeper Force -- 261
Diminishing Count -- 262
Double Undercut -- 264
Elmsley Count -- 265
False Charlier Shuffle -- 266
False Riffle Shuffle -- 268
Flushtration Count -- 269
G. W. Hunter Shuffle -- 271
Gilbreath Principle -- 272
Hamman Count -- 273
Hamman Flip-Flop Force and Control -- 274
Hamman Small-Packet False Shuffle -- 275
Jordan Count -- 276
LaGerould Countdown Force -- 276
Olram Subtlety -- 277
Ose Cut -- 279
Reverse Double Undercut -- 280
Riffle Force -- 280
Rumba Count -- 281
Si Stebbins System -- 283
Simon Prophecy Force -- 285
Slop Shuffle -- 286
"So Simple" Force -- 287
Svengali Shuffle -- 288
Swing Cut -- 289
Takagi Turnover Count -- 290
Ten-Twenty Force -- 292
Tenkai Move -- 292
Through-the-Fist Flourish -- 294
Up-the-Ladder Cut -- 295

Andrew Loh

Applications - My Review

Applications is a wonderful card magic book written by Peter Duffie. The materials are excellent and some of the effects are truly a beauty.

This is a wonderful book and don't miss this book. It covers not only card effects but also a few utility sleights which perhaps you may find them interesting. Some of the effects are quite technical demanding whereas there are some which I find not very difficult to do.

All in all, most of the materials are excellent and very strong as well. My personal favourites are "The Odin Sequel", "Audience Participation", "The Scottish Assembly" and a few others.

Table of Contents:

Introduction -- 7

Centre Forward -- 9
Jointly Does It -- 11
The Auld Curse -- 14
I Give Up! -- 15
Boxed-In -- 17
Mind Games -- 20
An Odin Sequel -- 24
Women -- 27
Palmed Addition Utility Sleight -- 30
A Turn-Up for the Book -- 33
A Curious Incident -- 36
Collusion -- 38
Rising Crime -- 40
Audience Participation -- 43
Fireside Aces -- 45
The Scottish Assembly -- 47
Once Again -- 50
Duffie on Keyboards -- 53
A Change in Mood -- 54
Glasnost -- 56
Guardian Angels -- 58

Andrew Loh

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Visiting a New Place...

It was a rather gloomy day and this morning I encountered a heavy rain while I was driving to school. The traffic was extremely busy and I took almost 1 and a half-hour to reach my college. It was a normal lecture and learned a few new things today.

After my class, my girlfriend and I, we went to Mid-Valley Megamall. I was overjoyed as this is my first time I drove car to reach there. At first, I was worried because I really didn't have the idea or the roadmap how to reach there. So, I would say today my driving was just merely using my instinct to reach that place.

When I reached there, my girlfriend and I, firstly we dropped by MPH bookstore and it was a huge bookstore I ever seen in my life. I think is much bigger than the Time Square Borders bookstore. After that, we went to have our lunch at the foodcourt. We ate chicken rice and after our lunch, we went back MPH bookstore again. I haven't visit The Gardens yet which I have been told that there is another Borders bookstore there. Well, I hope one fine day will pay a visit.

Andrew Loh

Mental Deflect & Downfall - My Review

This is my review that I posted at the "Magic Cafe" on 11 August 2006.

This is Peter's excellent packet card trick ebook. This effect is inspired by John Bannon's Twisted Sisters. There are 5 pages and fully illustrated with colour photos.

I always love packet card trick simply because it can be carried in wallet, flexible etc. And this effect immediately added to my repetoire simply because the nature of this effect is very powerful which I believe in the ending part and it's very easy to perform. There is only one move involved in this effect. What you need is just to create a suitable patter (if you wish) and concentrate the presentation on this effect. Peter provided the patter as well. If you like a card trick in conjunction with mentalism, I believe you will simply love this packet trick.

This ebook is on sales now and I understood that purchasing this ebook would get another free ebook, "Downfall" which I think the price is a "steal". The reason is simply because "Downfall" is yet another excellent packet trick which based on Roy Walton's Cascade effect. For those of you who are familiar with Walton's packet trick "Cascade", I believe you will have the urge to find out Peter's handling in this effect.

Peter's handling of "Downfall" is just awesome and the cards can be examined at the end of the trick. For Downfall, in this effect, Peter explained everything in great detail with the aid of colour photos showing the handlings.

All in all, I highly recommended Peter's "Mental Deflect" and at the same time, you will get Downfall for free. If you are looking great piece of card magic without using any complicated card sleights, "Mental Deflect" is for you. For those of you who favour great card magic, I am sure you will like "Downfall" as well.

Andrew Loh

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What a Day!

I am glad today I managed to deliver my module's presentation this morning. The requirement is to do a presentation approximately 5 minutes and if I exceed the time, I would be penalised. But to my surprise, I took about 2 minutes to complete my presentation and that was fast!

I told my girlfriend to observe the time if I do the presentation exceed 4 minutes, then she has to give me a sign. To me, I thought I exceed the time limit but unfortunately, I couldn't see her clearly due to the reflection of the extreme lightings from the projector.

I am really happy today as the day has over which there were a huge croud at the auditorium this morning. I guess if there is another presentation which sets no time limit, I think I would do better and I can deliver my presentation in a relaxing manner. It couldn't be helped and the professor has to set the time limit was due to there were about 72 students in my batch. So I guess you can do the rest calculations if no time limit, I don't think the professor can meet the dateline of covering all of our course modules.

Well, I guess I can sleep well tonight.

Andrew Loh

Peter Duffie's Kolor Killer - My Review

This is my review that I posted at the "Magic Cafe" on 17 January 2008.

I went through Peter's "Kolor Killers" and tried out the routine. I would like to say that this is an excellent routine and another excellent approach to Roy Walton's Oil and Queens plot. I really love the ending climax and each of the phases. The reason is because the nature of this routine itself I can see will fry the spectators many times in the process with the great impact. A well-constructed routine. To be honest, the first time I watched Peter's performance at his site, firstly I thought and I told myself "I think Peter is going to separate the colours of the cards and I am sure at the end, he will produce the Queens." - But I am wrong, he produced the Kings, Queens and the big excitement for me is, the Queens have the cross at the back of the cards!

And another bonus is that, the "cross" patter fits in nicely with the climax. I think this routine is flexible too, you can change your patter to suit you preference. Perhaps instead you use red-backed cards, you may use blue backed as a substitution and at the end, perhaps you change your patter to the "Queens turn angry" and at the end, you produce the red-backed Queens. Anything is possible. Another question I asked myself "Hey, so, what happened to those spot cards then?" This is where my curiosity comes in, and I am surprised that the method is simple.

Perhaps you would like to check out Peter's "Laughing Queens" in his 7 ebook, another great version too. Perhaps I am a little bias as I favour Walton's Oil and Queens plot. As you can see, when I watch a magic show or clip, I always put my position as a layman perspective and based on my thoughts, I am sure this routine would play very well to laymen.

Highly recommended!

Andrew Loh

Monday, November 3, 2008

Mark Wilson's Magic Book - My Review

While I was looking for a book on my bookshelf today, I saw Mark Wilson's "Complete Course in Magic" and I would like to say this book is very meaningful to me. I bought this book few months ago and this book is very thick. But I think is worth of your money. Perhaps allow me to tell you a true story of mine which related to this book during my childhood time.

Why did I say this book is very meaningful to me? The reason is because during my childhood time which was my birthday, my father presented me a very special present. What was it? Well, to my surprise, Mark Wilson's magic book (Close-up magic - thin pages) was my first special gift that I ever received. I was extremely delighted that time which I can almost feel the feeling of overjoy now.

I still can recall my birthday that night, I didn't sleep and the reason is simple; I was really happy to receive the magic book and I explored the tricks within the book. It meant so much to me and very enjoyable to read.

For this book (as shown in the photo), the tricks contained within the book are fantastic and excellent as well. If you are interested in magic, don't miss this book! I guarantee that you can put a smile on someone's face if you perform some of the tricks in this book.

This book not only touches on close-up magic parlour magic, but it covers some nice magic illusion as well which can be performed on stage. I really like there are numerous and very detail black & white illustrations to support your learning throughout the tricks in this book.

The materials you need to perform those magic are very easy to find or to construct one by yourself. Some require you to do some preparation and others are impromptu which means you can perform the magic using daily ordinary object anytime upon request by your friends or anyone. You can purchase some of the apparatus at your local favourite magic dealer or order through online magic shop.

All in all, I would say this book is a "all-rounder" book which means it covers a wide range or varieties of magic which I believe you will be delighted to read. If you are an amateur magician, don't pass it by this book and if you are a season perfessional magician, perhaps you would like to invest or collect this book in your collection.

Andrew Loh

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Before I embark my exodus in writing my blog, perhaps it is better for me to introduce more about myself. My name is Andrew Loh Shang Hai and I have been in the art of magic about 16 years. During that time when I was a child, one day, I watched David Copperfield performed magic in the television. Ever since then, my interest in magic gradually increasing and my father used to purchase a few small simple magic stuffs for me.

Until now, my interest in card magic has never been drained and I am still continue striving my best to come up some of my own unique card magic. Yes, I should admit that most of the time, the ideas that I came up with are actually variations or as an improvement on the original effects.

If you are interested to purchase some of my stuffs, you can do so by clicking the ads below which will bring you to the respective pages.


Andrew Loh

Out of Curiosity?

Today I managed to purchase a card magic book which is specially written for amateur. You may ask at my level, why am I still purchased a beginner's card magic book? It sounds foolish isn't it? To tell you the truth, I bought this book was due to this book somewhat attracted me to buy it.

How many times you find yourself attract to a particular book at a bookstore? This book at first attracted me to pick up and I gone through briefly the pages. My finding was this book is written in a very organised and vivid detail manner.

I really like the layout of the book which I believe I can learn from it and I hope I can derive the benefit from it. Another bonus for this book is, it is a hardback version. All in all, I really like the design of this book and I hope this book gives me some ideas of producing a beautiful card magic book in the near future.

Andrew Loh

Peter Duffie's Monumental - My Review

This is a new ebook by Peter Duffie. A truly stunning and effective routine that you can perform anywhere.

Few weeks ago, I managed to watch and learned the routine. What I would like to conclude is; this ebook is fantastic! I find that the handling is very clever and plus, I really love all the phases. The invisible prediction phase I really like it and really fooled me badly. This effect is explained in a form of video clip which require some considerable of time to download the clip which I think is worth the effort. Peter explained everything details and as a bonus, there is a free effect which called "Beyond".

I highly recommended this ebook as it is very good. Excellent purchase!!!

Andrew Loh

Peter Duffie's Previous Convictions - My Review

Few weeks ago, I spent my time to go through the materials in this ebook. I would like to say the materials are quite excellent. I personally will use 7 effects in my repertoire. The materials contain within the ebook are some impromptu, others need some preparation to setup or gimmick to make the effect possible.

All in all, I really like the materials in this very ebook and most of them are not difficult to do. Some of them immediately added in my repertoire. Allow me provide you the breakdown or list of effects that really interest me:

- The Go-Between -

I really like the nature of this effect as I find it's quick and quite entertaining. While I was reading this effect, this effect reminds me of David Solomon's Kissing Cousin. What I am trying to say I really love the mates miraculously vanish and sandwich the selection in the centre of the deck.

- Trans-Collection -

I would say this effect is excellent and I really love this. I am not going to elaborate on this effect further but what I can say it's excellent. For those of you who loves the selections vanish kind of routine and ends with the collectors-genre, you will love this one. I first time read this effect in Duffie's Card Compulsions.

- Bullet Proof -

I find that this effect is very entertaining especially to laymen. I did perform this effect to my girlfriend, and she was shocked in amazement. There you are, the above effects which I stated I find that there are interesting to perform and worth of your investment. There are other effects which I haven't stated above doesn't mean that there are not my favourites.

I will post my further thoughts if I find there are other effects which worth mentioning when I try out the effects to my peers.

Andrew Loh

My Current Life...

Things are pretty hectic recently as I had a few group assignments and thesis which kept my busy with my coursework. I really wish that I can get back to my hobby which to start writing and publish my work but I can't at this moment. But when things are settled and once again I am available, I will get things going and I hope that a brand new year is around the corner so that I can invest some of my leisure time in my card magic.

I am very delighted that through my thick and thin, my girlfriend is always be with me and support me throughout my studies as well as my endeavours. Thank you so much darling!!!

Andrew Loh

My Products

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Or if you prefer, you can visit my personal magic homepage at: for more information about my products.


Andrew Loh