Saturday, November 15, 2008

My First Experience in Japanese Food

Let me share with you a rather silly experience that I ate Japanese Sushi (first time) in my life on 11 October 2008 and also bought Dunkin Donuts too at Sunway Pyramid. We bought some chocolate-coated, green tea, blueberry and green-lime flavoured donuts as shown in the photo. My girlfriend and I, both of us are "Donuts-Freak" and if you haven't try before, maybe you should get a try. I heard in Melaka, there is a nice donut shop which is located at Dahtaran Pahlawan. I can't remember the name of that shop but I heard some people say that the donuts are very nice too. I think one fine day I will drop by that donut shop.

Alright, back to my sushi true story again. What makes me wanted to try sushi? Now I tell you the story. I have been watching many celebrity shows on the television such as from Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and the like. The thing is, in that show, most of the games they follow the rule of thumb, whoever losses in the game, they have to choose or pick a sushi (based on their luck) from a plate which of course, there are a number of them. And, among that sushi, 50% of them have the Wasabi. It's a form of punishment in that game to pick a sushi. If you are lucky, you will choose the sushi that has no wasabi of course. If you haven't try to eat sushi with wasabi before, well read on and you will get something nice.

When you see the celebrities eating the sushi filled with wasabi, you will almost laugh them but to tell you the truth, I am now laughing but rather built my curiosity to try what wasabi is all about. Well, if you never try wasabi before, I urge you at least to try it then when people discuss wasabi, you will know what are they talking about. Do you feel hungry by looking the photo that I took? One thing for sure Japanese sushi is made in a very attractive and graceful manner. I really like the outlook of the arrangement of the sushi.

Let me share with you, wasabi is a green-paste kind of sauce which the Japanese favours in dipping the sushi with wasabi before consumption. The fact is, when the wasabi enters your mouth, you will feel your nose somewhat like burning sensation. It's not like chilly and is very difficult to describe or I would say you imagine by eating pepper in your mouth that kind of idea. Only a bit of wasabi can make you feel almost crying.

My girlfriend was shocked to see me, well, when my girlfriend was opening the wasabi which sealed in a package, I dipped the wasabi on my finger and immediately ate it. Wow, I almost with tears due to the wasabi. I guess, next time I won't do it again. Sometimes, I think curiosity pays off when you try something at least is worth trying and not just listening to what other people say. You be the judge.

Andrew Loh

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