Saturday, November 1, 2008


Before I embark my exodus in writing my blog, perhaps it is better for me to introduce more about myself. My name is Andrew Loh Shang Hai and I have been in the art of magic about 16 years. During that time when I was a child, one day, I watched David Copperfield performed magic in the television. Ever since then, my interest in magic gradually increasing and my father used to purchase a few small simple magic stuffs for me.

Until now, my interest in card magic has never been drained and I am still continue striving my best to come up some of my own unique card magic. Yes, I should admit that most of the time, the ideas that I came up with are actually variations or as an improvement on the original effects.

If you are interested to purchase some of my stuffs, you can do so by clicking the ads below which will bring you to the respective pages.


Andrew Loh

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