Saturday, November 15, 2008

Japanese Ice Dessert

Let me share with you a truly nice dessert which my girlfriend and I we tried that day. The shop is simply known as 100 Yen (red signboard) which is located at UEP USJ 9, Selangor. For those of you who loves ABCs or Ice-Kacang lovers, you may perhaps consider to try 100 Yen dessert. Their dessert I believed is made from Japan.

When we first arrived, that shop is somewhat looked like a 7-Eleven shop. Upon entering the shop, we saw many products that being sold but majority of them were Japanese products which range from scissors, plastic pencil holder, bags, chopsticks, soups, candies, snacks and many more. I guess for those of you who love Japanese products, it may be worth to drop by and see a few things that being offered there.

So, back to our dessert topic again, my girlfriend chose mango and I (as always) chose green tea. The dessert is made from purely fine ice and I find that, it's not so sweet and the taste is fantastic. Normally, when we eat ice-kacang or ABCs, you will find that the ice is not smooth. 100 Yen's dessert is truly different and the ice is not easily melt albeit the ice is fine. It is ideal to eat ice dessert especially hot days and so it happened that day was a raining day. I really couldn't resist the temptation so I suggested to have a try that day. It's worth a try and the price is quite reasonable too.

Andrew Loh

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