Monday, November 3, 2008

Mark Wilson's Magic Book - My Review

While I was looking for a book on my bookshelf today, I saw Mark Wilson's "Complete Course in Magic" and I would like to say this book is very meaningful to me. I bought this book few months ago and this book is very thick. But I think is worth of your money. Perhaps allow me to tell you a true story of mine which related to this book during my childhood time.

Why did I say this book is very meaningful to me? The reason is because during my childhood time which was my birthday, my father presented me a very special present. What was it? Well, to my surprise, Mark Wilson's magic book (Close-up magic - thin pages) was my first special gift that I ever received. I was extremely delighted that time which I can almost feel the feeling of overjoy now.

I still can recall my birthday that night, I didn't sleep and the reason is simple; I was really happy to receive the magic book and I explored the tricks within the book. It meant so much to me and very enjoyable to read.

For this book (as shown in the photo), the tricks contained within the book are fantastic and excellent as well. If you are interested in magic, don't miss this book! I guarantee that you can put a smile on someone's face if you perform some of the tricks in this book.

This book not only touches on close-up magic parlour magic, but it covers some nice magic illusion as well which can be performed on stage. I really like there are numerous and very detail black & white illustrations to support your learning throughout the tricks in this book.

The materials you need to perform those magic are very easy to find or to construct one by yourself. Some require you to do some preparation and others are impromptu which means you can perform the magic using daily ordinary object anytime upon request by your friends or anyone. You can purchase some of the apparatus at your local favourite magic dealer or order through online magic shop.

All in all, I would say this book is a "all-rounder" book which means it covers a wide range or varieties of magic which I believe you will be delighted to read. If you are an amateur magician, don't pass it by this book and if you are a season perfessional magician, perhaps you would like to invest or collect this book in your collection.

Andrew Loh

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