Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What a Day!

I am glad today I managed to deliver my module's presentation this morning. The requirement is to do a presentation approximately 5 minutes and if I exceed the time, I would be penalised. But to my surprise, I took about 2 minutes to complete my presentation and that was fast!

I told my girlfriend to observe the time if I do the presentation exceed 4 minutes, then she has to give me a sign. To me, I thought I exceed the time limit but unfortunately, I couldn't see her clearly due to the reflection of the extreme lightings from the projector.

I am really happy today as the day has over which there were a huge croud at the auditorium this morning. I guess if there is another presentation which sets no time limit, I think I would do better and I can deliver my presentation in a relaxing manner. It couldn't be helped and the professor has to set the time limit was due to there were about 72 students in my batch. So I guess you can do the rest calculations if no time limit, I don't think the professor can meet the dateline of covering all of our course modules.

Well, I guess I can sleep well tonight.

Andrew Loh

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