Monday, December 1, 2008

Effortless Card Magic - My Review

Effortless Card Magic was first released in a hardback format and now it's available in electronic version. You can purchase this electronic version at Peter's website.

This book is one of my "gold" list and is my favourite card magic book. The reason is simple; sleights free and crammed with excellent card magic.

To perform the card effects in this book, all you need is a few basic moves or subtlety. This book has opened the path way to many readers whether their levels are beginners, intermediate or advance card workers. This book is worth of your investment and most of the materials you will use in your repertoire.

The materials are simply using a deck of cards which associate with the use of small diary, dice, coins and you are ready to do wonders with a deck of cards. Peter has created a vast amount of great card tricks that will astound your audience anytime, anywhere.

Best of all, the materials most of them can be done in impromptu situation. A spectator hands you a deck of cards, you can immediately show a couple of card effects without worrying the use of heavy sleights or moves. Some of the card effects require a stack or little setup. There are more than 60 card effects to explore which most of them are explained in vivid details and fully illustrated. Peter also covered some useful and convinving card moves, controls, false cuts as well.

This book covered quite a number of spelling card effects, some are very interesting number principle, predictions, card sandwich, Ace-Productions and etc.

If there is a favourite trick, it would be "We Can Work It Out" trick. The effect is a real miracle and this miracle seems like quite similar to Dean Dill's "Blizzard Deck".

I think effects such as "Short Deck Baffler", "Dream Machine", "Torn, Folded, and Sealed" and "Clear to the Point" are very strong card magic. You will like to check out "Vanished or Gone" effect which many claimed that this effect alone worth the price of this book.

In a nutshell, if you are a magician that does not have ample time in practising and would like to show off a few great card effects in no time, then get this book.

I highly recommended this book.

Andrew Loh

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