Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2010

Time really flies and we've reached the end of the year. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010!

I believe everyone has their new resolution in 2010. I hope in the year of 2010, I would be able to bring more quality card magic products for those who support me over the years. For that, I really would like to say thank you and appreciate so much for supporting me otherwise, I lack the momentum of publishing my materials.

I have a few projects still in the process and hopefully next year would be a fruitful success.

Andrew Loh

Thursday, October 29, 2009

David Gemmell's "Pasteboards Paradise"

Today I managed to secure a new copy of "Pasteboards Paradise" e-book from one of the greatest mind in card magic, his name is David Gemmell. Well, you may think what's so special about this new e-book with this title "Pasteboards Paradise?"

I really like the front cover of showing the waterfall which is serene in view. As I have been reading most of his works and I am so used to his front cover e-book. What I mean is that David will usually put an image which in-sync with his main theme of his e-books. Only when you read further of his works, then you will get to know more about his approach in magic and why did he put the waterfall image as the front cover of his e-book? It's a riddle. Of course, there's a reason for that and I will let you to find out yourself.

When I opened the e-book, I was intrigued by the number of effects contained in this document. There are more than 25 effects in this e-book. Don't you think is a great deal? I haven't started my reading yet but I believe David's works are truly remarkable. You will realise that his thinking and approach in card magic are truly unique. At times, you will surprise how David tackles some complicated card effects and tranforms them into simple versions or even spice up the whole effects.

I will post up my next mystery e-book review on next week so keep coming to my blog for more interesting tidbits.

Andrew Loh

Monday, September 21, 2009

51 for Two - My Review

This is my first review on David Gemmell's "51 for Two" ebook. To be honest, I really have no idea about his work as this is my first time to come across his work. But, I would like to say I'm impress of his work. This effect is a solution for the classic Open Prediction (Paul Curry) / 51 Faces North (Steward James) effect.

This is a 6-page ebook, the document is well-laid out as well as credits and sources are provided very detail I would say. For those of you who think that this routine is achieved by using palming or awkward sleights, well, I have a good news for you as this is not a knuckle-busting effect. However, it does involve some clever use of forces to achieve this effect.

I was really surprised of the simplicity of this effect which two spectators do all the work. Another strength for this effect is that, it works 100% on an incomplete deck. You can even perform this effect using a borrowed deck. Best of all, you never even touch the cards throughout the process. Or did I mention that you don't even need to pre-set the deck? Without doubt, this is a very strong effect and only will work when an effective presentation is incoprated in this routine.

Well, his work doesn't end here which I believe he has other excellent card magic ebooks on sales and I have read many rave reviews about his work particularly his "Lecture Book 2009" and others. I really look forward to reading his other ebooks.

All in all, I would say this is an excellent version of the above mentioned plot. If you are like me, sometime I like my hands to rest for a while during my act, I would recommend you this effect as I said, all the work is done by the spectators. So, just concentrate your presentation and let the miracle happens in their hands.

Highly recommended!

Andrew Loh

Friday, September 18, 2009

Turbulence - My Review

Let me start off by reviewing this excellent "Turbulence" routine by Peter Duffie and Cameron Francis. 2 brilliant minds are actually working here as they had come up a truly marvellous piece of card magic. Don't believe me? Just visit Peter's site at and view the performance clip.

One particular thing that I like about this routine is each of the phases involved. For instance, the first phase where the Kings trap the 3 selections and just in a few seconds, the selections seem to have vanished. I really like the disappearance of the 3 selections here.

The next phase is using the "coincidence of luck spelling" in locating those 3 selections. I am really impress this phase I mean from a layman's perspective, it seems very magical the performer produces the 3 selections by just merely spelling out the value of the cards. Again, this phase really caught my attention. Then for the ending phase, transposition takes place between the Kings packet and 3 selections which is very magical. All in all, this is an excellent routine.

Since the format is a video clip, it's very easy to learn and you can see how's the effect looked like during in the performance section.

However, this is not an impromptu routine which you are required to use special cards which I believe most of you will have at home. As you know, being as an ardent lover of impromptu card magic, I really don't hesitate to perform this effect in my act because I think this is a truly wonderful routine which plays very well to laymen. I just cannot wait to try out this effect to my circle of friends.

Highly recommended!

Andrew Loh

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Columns for my Upcoming Homepage...

Just recently, I redesigned my whole personal site and I realised I should at least try to add value by including some useful information such as history of cards moves, credits, and the like. However, I do know that having a personal site is not an easy task which you have to maintain them from time to time.

I hope my this idea at least can help some magicians out there in terms of expanding their horizons of knowledge such as history of card moves, plots, presentation, ideas and many other interesting things.

I look forward to hearing some feedback regarding my this idea and hope it would be a fruitful effort.


Andrew Loh

Monday, August 31, 2009

Work, work, work...

For the past few weeks I was extremely busy with my personal matters in school and at home. Anyway, I am still on with my card magic stuffs and the ebooks are still in the process of making.

For those of you who have been trying to access my website, I hope this week the site will be up as I am still doing some editing works at my site. I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Andrew Loh

Monday, July 27, 2009

Personal Card Magic - Coming Soon!

It has been a long time I never post my thoughts here as I am working on my new card magic ebook. This time I will include 5 routines which are directly from my working repertoire.

3 routines can be done in an impromptu situation and the remaining 2 will require you to set-up in advance or special card. None of them is difficult to do and as always, I promise you the routines end with a surprise ending.

Regarding my "Majestic Jesters" ebook, this ebook would be on hold as I need some time to research and I think it's worth the wait. I promise you this routine is totally devastating which I have performed many times in my act. In addition, it serves as my great closer in every act that I do.

Personal Card Magic ebook is still in the process of making and once it's done, I will update you guys.

As always, thanks for all the support.

Andrew Loh

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Majestic Jesters - Coming Soon!

My next ebook "Majestic Jesters" would be out soon. Basically, this effect is involved with the essential elements such as transposition, vanishes, colour changes, production, royal flush production and two big surprises as a killer climax which the spectators would never be realised until the end of the routine. Sounds complicated?

At the end, the Jester (in this case Jokers) have a different colour backs and can be given out as a sourvenir. I am not going to reveal much of this routine but when the time I feel is right, I will tip out some information.

I incorporated some other elements into my this routine to make it more interesting and to me, killer climax is utmost important because if you want to end a routine, it should end with a "big" climax that your spectator will remember your magic.

It is not difficult to do and the best part is, it's instantly reset and you may go through your next favourite stuffs.

I think I will release this ebook perhaps 2 months time and I still have some research to go through in this routine and when the time is right, I will release to the magic fraternity.

Andrew Loh

Divide & Conjure - New E-Book

Just would like to let you guys know that my new ebook "Divide & Conjure" is now on sales. You can get this ebook exclusively at:

I have been reserving my this pet routine for many years ago. It is easy to perform and there is 100% no setup. You can perform this effect with a borrowed deck and strictly there is no crimp involved. You can perform this effect anytime and anywhere.

Some magicians think that when there is a cutting sequence involved, crimp may come into play. There is no need for crimp in this effect. In addition, the spectators' selections can be signed and there is no "forcing" technique used in this routine.

I offered a few methods for the revelations but I believe reader will be able to add their own personal favourite methods for the final revelation.

Here's what a few of them say:

This is an excellent trick! One of your best yet! -- Peter Duffie

The effect of "Divide & Conjure" is attractive. Congratulations. -- Didier Dupre

Thanks very much and congrats for your very nice effect, I like it! -- Hari Dominique

Andrew has another clever e-trick that is very, very good and easy to do. -- Cameron Francis

It's great as it's simple, impromptu, involves more than one person and packs a punch! -- Matthew Lingard

I like "Divide & Conjure" very much because it is easy and direct to the point; these are the effects that I favor. Keep up the good work! -- Aldo Colombini

Thanks folks for all the supports and most imnportantly, my objective is I sincerely hope you enjoy my card magic and have fun in performing.

Andrew Loh

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Recently was truly busy with my assignments and thesis. After completing those coursework, now I have to prepare for my upcoming final exams which are just around the corner. I hope my this final exams, I would be doing well. I would say "Contested Globalisation and Governance" module is the most difficult because you must have a vast knowledge in order to answer in that paper which according to my Professor.

Anyway, starting from today, I will do more revision and books by Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Krugman, Anita Roddick, Anthony Giddens, Naomi Klein and Thomas Friedman, I have to read all of them to give me a complete picture about globalisation. I find that this globalisation module is very interesting as it covers the whole spectrum what has been happening around the globe. For this module, you will be exposed to how the labour or people are actually suffering in their daily working life in terms of the products that you buy in the market, the clothes you are wearing, foods, and other stuffs especially in the third world countries. One thing for certain is that Sweatshops are still prevail in every corner of the world. Ones cannot deny its non-existence even we live in a highly civilised world. This module has opened up my mind that so much happenings around the world which I don't even aware of in the first place. In addition, with my Professor's wit and being as a very knowledeable lecturer, he gave numerous articles and examples in this module to further support our learning.

The main objective for this module is that, ones have to argue and give a thorough understanding of globalisation. Thomas Friedman's bestseller book "The World is Flat" and his statement is he believes that the world is flat. But based on the course and my understanding, I cannot fully agree with his statement. They are other authors like Pankaj Ghemawat, Nancy Birdsall and the like, they don't agree fully with the statement that the world is flat. In my opinion, I believe certain thing is yes but there are certain facts that the world is flat theme cannot be related at all. I will post my further thoughts more about globalisation after I read all the books as I mentioned above. Thomas Friedman's "The World is Flat" book is worth a read if you want to know more how globalisation affects our daily life drastically.

Andrew Loh

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Michael E. Porter's Books

I bought Professor Michael E. Porter's two books recently; "On Competition" and "Competitive Advantage of Nations."

I bought these two books were because based on my interests and I think ones have to admit that, Professor Porter's books are widely used in academic schools. Competitive Advantage of Nations triggered my interests after I read from the internet and the reviewers' comments.

Of course, the 5 Forces Model of Competition is widely recognised and it is stated in both of these books. My main interest is that, in "Competitive Advantage of Nations", this book will cover about a nation's competitiveness in competitions. I haven't read this book yet but these two books are as big as a tome.

I hope this time I invested these books will bring some benefits when I pursue my studies at a higher level. Personally, I find that a book that talks about strategy is very interesting. Not to mention other books like "Sun Tzu" Chinese military warfare book, Japanese military warfare "The Book of Five Rings" and etc are very interesting to read as by reading these books, somehow will make your mind think more in depth when you read case studies about companies in the market. For "Competitive Advantage of Nations", I think this book is related to a nation like for example, why Japanese are pioneering in robotics and advance electronic appliances; think about modern and advance car engine you will relate to country like Germany, and the like.

I hope after my exam, I will be able to read this book and this book has been receiving very well. You can read the reviews at the and other online leading bookstores.

Andrew Loh

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Busy and Hectic Week

This week is a terrific week for me. On last Monday, my girlfriend and I, we both woke up at 4am and started our journey from Subang Jaya all the way travelled to Malacca. It was a very hectic day for us. On Wednesday, we did the same thing which we travelled to Malacca at 12pm which after our globalisation class. After distributing the questionnaires, we were heading home from Malacca to Subang Jaya on the same day.

You may asked why? As I know you are curious, actually we were very busy to distribute the questionnaires to among the lecturers in Malacca as well as the lecturers in Petaling Jaya. Well, I thought the effort was well worth it because we felt rejoice after collecting back the questionnaires which were filled by the lecturers to seek their views in the area of knowledge-sharing and money-motivator (my girlfriend's chosen title).

Well, to tell you the truth, it was not an easy task though because some of the questionnaires had errors. As we went through the whole process of distributing and collecting the questionnaires, some of the lecturers (approximately 5%) they didn't want to co-operate with us. Of course, we won't blame them due to their busy schedules and etc. But, the thing is, if they feel they have no time or limited time, why not they just tell us they can't do it so that we don't waste our questionnaires to them. Some of the lecturers in spite of telling them some of the areas they missed, they tried to be funny with us. I just don't understand why some lecturers were behaving that way. Aren't they feel ashamed by behaving that way? How they can regard themselves as "lecturers?" The purpose of being a lecturer is to educate and help students; but not trying to threaten us or to show their "egoistic" attitude.

I can attest that the Professors were very helpful to us as they pointed out some of the improvements that can be made in our questionnaires as well as valuable pointers. My supervisor, Dr. Chan Kok Eng was a very helpful lecturer as his kind pointers really helped me in my questionnaires. There was one female lecturer personally told me she would like to read my thesis after I complete my work. I really excited and can't wait to share my work with those lecturers that I respect highly even though they were not my lecturers. Well, let's forget this issue and allow me to share something else that are nice.

Overall, I would say this week I had invested too many books especially in the area of business. However, I did purchase a set of magic books by Karl Fulves in a box-set which has been in my wish-list for so long. Finally, I did manage to secure that box-set and I was so delighted to own this collection.

Last week I discoverd it was my first time to cook Macaroni with cheese as you can see the photo on your left. This was my first attempt though so nothing to brag about. ^_^ I really like the aroma of the cheese which blends perfectly with some of the herbs in the Macaroni. I hope to cook this dish after I complete all my assignments and thesis. After completing my assignments and thesis, I hope I would be able to write more card magic ebooks and spend my time in reading magic books. I have been stopped reading magic books for the past 8 months.

For your information, I came up a "Triumph" routine which involves two selections. This version is inspired by Jay Sankey's "Back in Time" which is one of my favourites. I have performed my version to my girlfriend and she was astounded. She couldn't believe what she had just seen the magic happened in her hands. If you want to know my version, check it out my ebook perhaps I will release my ebook or hardcopy book in August 2009. I strongly believe that you will like this version and will actually use in real-life performance.

Andrew Loh

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Next Journey of Life...

Recently, I saw many of my fellow classmates were distributing their questionnaires to their friends to fill up. One good thing I did notice about UK education is that, undergraduate and postgraduate students are required to write a thesis or dissertation to meet the standard as a business degree student.

Not only my fellow classmates were required to write a thesis, even I myself were required to submit my thesis on this coming May 2009. The scope of my thesis is involved about knowledge-sharing. I really hope this week I would be able to start distributing my questionnaires to my fellow friends, lecturers and other corporate workers to fill up as at the later stage, I have to gather all these information to make a thorough analysis by using a particular software.

I had interviewed a few colleges and universities for the past few weeks and I was surprised to find out that Australia and US Masters, they didn't offered the students to write thesis but instead, just merely assignments. Well, it is too early for me to say or make my own final judgement. Furthermore, the information that I got were just merely covered on a general surface. I did consult my lecturer whose is now taking a PhD and she told me even an Australian Masters programme will require their students to undertake thesis in their course. Perhaps different universities will provide different means of studying the courses or the systems? One thing for sure, after completing my business degree, I really hope I can further my study by taking up Masters degree as I think nowadays, degree is a rather common requirement that most of the graduates had in the industry.

I really hope that this coming April to June 2009 as there are proliferation of education systems that will be held at KLCC and other places, hope I can gain more information or enlightenment from the various universities.

Andrew Loh

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What the Magicians Say About my E-books

I love your magic!
-- Didier Dupre (France)

Very nice routine (Meltdown Cardbox)!
-- Todd Ziegler (USA)

I particularly liked your version (Meltdown Cardbox) of the Doug Edwards trick.
-- Iain Moran (UK)

Buy it (Meltdown Cardbox), you won't be disappointed. (Extracted from the Magic Cafe)
-- Raphaƫl Czaja (France)

I have bought and currently enjoying a few of your card e-books. Keep them coming!
-- Matthew Lingard (UK)

Very nice trick (Divide & Conjure). I like this one a lot. I will definitely work on this effect.
-- Cameron Francis (USA)

I performed your trick (Meltdown Cardbox) for a few friends last night and it went really well. Excellent one!
-- Peter Duffie (UK)

I like (Divide & Conjure) very much because it is easy and direct to the point; these are the effects that I favor. Keep up the good work!
-- Aldo Colombini (USA)

Nice work, man! Good trick! The structure is very clean. And the card popping through the case is very visual (Meltdown Cardbox). Excellent crediting of sources. You are extremely thorough! Judging by this, I'm sure you have other well structured and creative effects to offer. I look forward to seeing them.
-- Cameron Francis (USA)

Andrew Loh

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Ebook Sales at Other Shops

Good day! My products can be purchased at the following site for your convenience:


However, you still can purchase the ebooks directly from me. Thanks!

Andrew Loh

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Girlfriend's Birthday & Other Activities

Last Friday was my girlfriend's birthday. I bought a blueberry cake and both of us enjoyed at home as we had a wonderful meal on Tuesday at the Kim Gary Restaurant. Actually, I really have no idea about this Kim Gary Restaurant and it was my girlfriend that brought me last time then I came to know this restaurant. Kim Gary Restaurant is a Hong Kong-based restaurant and the food is terrific. They offered both Western and Eastern food. They have a few branches in Malaysia and in other countries as well.

Both of us ordered the chicken with cheese rice, potatoes baked with cheesy hams, fried chicken with mushroom cheesy gravy and I would say it's very nice. After we had our meal, we went to Garden and Mid-Valley for shopping. We went to MPH bookshop to search some good business books and I managed to find Jeffrey Sachs' Common Wealth - Economics for a Crowded Planet; the author of The End of Poverty. I haven't read this book yet because my time is preoccupied with other things such as assignments, thesis and the like.

I am absolutely certain that Jeffrey Sachs' book is a wonderful book which it has been raised out several times in my class by my professor. I still have many books to go through yet as following are the lists of books that I bought earlier on.

Business books that I bought:
1. The Shock Doctrine (Naomi Klein)
2. Take it Personally (Anita Roddick)
3. The Roaring Nineties (Joseph E. Stiglitz)
4. Hot, Flat and Crowded (Thomas L. Friedman)
5. Making Globalization Work (Joseph E. Stiglitz)
6. Globalization and its discontents (Joseph E. Stiglitz)
7. 50 facts that should change the world (Jessica Williams)

As you can see, these books really will make me very busy which I have to read all of them in order to add value in my thesis or assignments. I really hope I can complete my this final semester so that I can back to my magic stuffs again.

On top of that, my girlfriend and I, we went to Toys 'R' Us and guess what, I bought a Rubik's Cube as I am curious nowadays many people are playing this cube. This cube consists of many colours and the idea is you mix all the colours by means of twisting the cube and you have to use your skills to put back those colours in the same orientation or order perfectly. I know this is kind of interesting and I disappointed is that, this Toys 'R' Us even though I know they offered many wonderful toys to children but when I asked them for the Rubik's Cube handbook, they told me it was out of stock but the thing is, I saw there were many Rubik's Cubes on sales (approximately 60+) the other day at Mid-Valley. Anyway, I downloaded the strategy guide from the internet and it was my big eye-opener experience. To solve the puzzle is not an easy task and you have to use strategy to solve the puzzle. Trust me, it's very interesting and best of all, it tests your brain in solving puzzle which I consider beneficial to our brain. Some sort like you train your brain to exercise.

In addition, I also bought a fairly easy card magic book which I explored in this book has many card principles that attracted me to buy this book. I also bought a Happy Birthday greeting card for my girlfriend which she didn't aware at the Borders bookshop. On Friday morning, I placed the card on top of her clothes and she was surprised to see the greeting card after her bath.

All in all, I really enjoyed the food with my girlfriend the other day and the cake as well. I am looking forward for the next event with my girlfriend in this coming few months.

Andrew Loh

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Yesterday was my happy day as it was my first time to celebrate Valentine Day with my darling (Jessie). I was truly delighted that we had our wonderful dinner at home. We had champagne, corn cooked with butter, curry chicken, coleslaw, and decorated with two wonderful candles. A wonderful dinner I would say.

My girlfriend gave me a surprise in the morning while before we were going out; my girlfriend put a Happy Valentine Day card below my handphone and while I was going to pick up my handphone; I surprisingly saw that card and without pause, I immediately opened the envelope and read out loud with my girlfriend. Thanks so much darling for giving me such a nice card.

The day before we celebrating the Valentine Day, my college; they were a bunch of students selling roses and they entered our classroom to promote their sales. At first, I thought of buying the roses and to present to my girlfriend but at the end, I made up my mind to purchase later as I had a better plan to give a big surprise to my girlfriend.

Before the second class was going to start, she went to washroom and I took the opportunity to quickly run down to the canteen which I approached those students who were selling those roses and I bought three bouquet of roses. I ran up to my classroom and hid them under the table. My girlfriend returned in the classroom and she curiously asked whose roses were that? I pretended that I had no idea but after numerous the whos and whys; I told her I was the one that bought those roses for her and she was very happy to receive those roses.

Thanks darling for giving me a special moment into my life.

Andrew Loh

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Loh of Attraction - New E-Book

My ebook "The Loh of Attraction" is available at

I have been reserving these three effects for years and have been in my repertoire for many years. All the effects are extracted directly from my act and I am happy to share my pet routine with the magic fraternity. I really hope you enjoy these card magic miracles and hope you have fun performing them whether to your family, relatives, friends or your loved-ones.

The "Shift the Signature" routine has been my all-time favourite item in this ebook as moving spectator's signature from one card to another seems very magical and best of all, you can hand out the signed card as a souvenir. Everything can be examined before and after the routine.

The other two routines "The Sandwich Keepers" and "Metamorphosis" are very visual in apperance. I have enjoyed performing these routines for years.

Here's what a few of them say:

I enjoyed your three-trick ebook. The signature trick is simple and excellent. -- Peter Duffie

I read over "The Loh of Attraction" and I think it's really good! Nice stuff, man. -- Cameron Francis

Thank you for your support and my next ebook "Divide and Conjure" will be out soon.

Andrew Loh