Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Loh of Attraction - New E-Book

My ebook "The Loh of Attraction" is available at

I have been reserving these three effects for years and have been in my repertoire for many years. All the effects are extracted directly from my act and I am happy to share my pet routine with the magic fraternity. I really hope you enjoy these card magic miracles and hope you have fun performing them whether to your family, relatives, friends or your loved-ones.

The "Shift the Signature" routine has been my all-time favourite item in this ebook as moving spectator's signature from one card to another seems very magical and best of all, you can hand out the signed card as a souvenir. Everything can be examined before and after the routine.

The other two routines "The Sandwich Keepers" and "Metamorphosis" are very visual in apperance. I have enjoyed performing these routines for years.

Here's what a few of them say:

I enjoyed your three-trick ebook. The signature trick is simple and excellent. -- Peter Duffie

I read over "The Loh of Attraction" and I think it's really good! Nice stuff, man. -- Cameron Francis

Thank you for your support and my next ebook "Divide and Conjure" will be out soon.

Andrew Loh