Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Yesterday was my happy day as it was my first time to celebrate Valentine Day with my darling (Jessie). I was truly delighted that we had our wonderful dinner at home. We had champagne, corn cooked with butter, curry chicken, coleslaw, and decorated with two wonderful candles. A wonderful dinner I would say.

My girlfriend gave me a surprise in the morning while before we were going out; my girlfriend put a Happy Valentine Day card below my handphone and while I was going to pick up my handphone; I surprisingly saw that card and without pause, I immediately opened the envelope and read out loud with my girlfriend. Thanks so much darling for giving me such a nice card.

The day before we celebrating the Valentine Day, my college; they were a bunch of students selling roses and they entered our classroom to promote their sales. At first, I thought of buying the roses and to present to my girlfriend but at the end, I made up my mind to purchase later as I had a better plan to give a big surprise to my girlfriend.

Before the second class was going to start, she went to washroom and I took the opportunity to quickly run down to the canteen which I approached those students who were selling those roses and I bought three bouquet of roses. I ran up to my classroom and hid them under the table. My girlfriend returned in the classroom and she curiously asked whose roses were that? I pretended that I had no idea but after numerous the whos and whys; I told her I was the one that bought those roses for her and she was very happy to receive those roses.

Thanks darling for giving me a special moment into my life.

Andrew Loh