Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Next Journey of Life...

Recently, I saw many of my fellow classmates were distributing their questionnaires to their friends to fill up. One good thing I did notice about UK education is that, undergraduate and postgraduate students are required to write a thesis or dissertation to meet the standard as a business degree student.

Not only my fellow classmates were required to write a thesis, even I myself were required to submit my thesis on this coming May 2009. The scope of my thesis is involved about knowledge-sharing. I really hope this week I would be able to start distributing my questionnaires to my fellow friends, lecturers and other corporate workers to fill up as at the later stage, I have to gather all these information to make a thorough analysis by using a particular software.

I had interviewed a few colleges and universities for the past few weeks and I was surprised to find out that Australia and US Masters, they didn't offered the students to write thesis but instead, just merely assignments. Well, it is too early for me to say or make my own final judgement. Furthermore, the information that I got were just merely covered on a general surface. I did consult my lecturer whose is now taking a PhD and she told me even an Australian Masters programme will require their students to undertake thesis in their course. Perhaps different universities will provide different means of studying the courses or the systems? One thing for sure, after completing my business degree, I really hope I can further my study by taking up Masters degree as I think nowadays, degree is a rather common requirement that most of the graduates had in the industry.

I really hope that this coming April to June 2009 as there are proliferation of education systems that will be held at KLCC and other places, hope I can gain more information or enlightenment from the various universities.

Andrew Loh

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What the Magicians Say About my E-books

I love your magic!
-- Didier Dupre (France)

Very nice routine (Meltdown Cardbox)!
-- Todd Ziegler (USA)

I particularly liked your version (Meltdown Cardbox) of the Doug Edwards trick.
-- Iain Moran (UK)

Buy it (Meltdown Cardbox), you won't be disappointed. (Extracted from the Magic Cafe)
-- Raphaƫl Czaja (France)

I have bought and currently enjoying a few of your card e-books. Keep them coming!
-- Matthew Lingard (UK)

Very nice trick (Divide & Conjure). I like this one a lot. I will definitely work on this effect.
-- Cameron Francis (USA)

I performed your trick (Meltdown Cardbox) for a few friends last night and it went really well. Excellent one!
-- Peter Duffie (UK)

I like (Divide & Conjure) very much because it is easy and direct to the point; these are the effects that I favor. Keep up the good work!
-- Aldo Colombini (USA)

Nice work, man! Good trick! The structure is very clean. And the card popping through the case is very visual (Meltdown Cardbox). Excellent crediting of sources. You are extremely thorough! Judging by this, I'm sure you have other well structured and creative effects to offer. I look forward to seeing them.
-- Cameron Francis (USA)

Andrew Loh

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Ebook Sales at Other Shops

Good day! My products can be purchased at the following site for your convenience:


However, you still can purchase the ebooks directly from me. Thanks!

Andrew Loh

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Girlfriend's Birthday & Other Activities

Last Friday was my girlfriend's birthday. I bought a blueberry cake and both of us enjoyed at home as we had a wonderful meal on Tuesday at the Kim Gary Restaurant. Actually, I really have no idea about this Kim Gary Restaurant and it was my girlfriend that brought me last time then I came to know this restaurant. Kim Gary Restaurant is a Hong Kong-based restaurant and the food is terrific. They offered both Western and Eastern food. They have a few branches in Malaysia and in other countries as well.

Both of us ordered the chicken with cheese rice, potatoes baked with cheesy hams, fried chicken with mushroom cheesy gravy and I would say it's very nice. After we had our meal, we went to Garden and Mid-Valley for shopping. We went to MPH bookshop to search some good business books and I managed to find Jeffrey Sachs' Common Wealth - Economics for a Crowded Planet; the author of The End of Poverty. I haven't read this book yet because my time is preoccupied with other things such as assignments, thesis and the like.

I am absolutely certain that Jeffrey Sachs' book is a wonderful book which it has been raised out several times in my class by my professor. I still have many books to go through yet as following are the lists of books that I bought earlier on.

Business books that I bought:
1. The Shock Doctrine (Naomi Klein)
2. Take it Personally (Anita Roddick)
3. The Roaring Nineties (Joseph E. Stiglitz)
4. Hot, Flat and Crowded (Thomas L. Friedman)
5. Making Globalization Work (Joseph E. Stiglitz)
6. Globalization and its discontents (Joseph E. Stiglitz)
7. 50 facts that should change the world (Jessica Williams)

As you can see, these books really will make me very busy which I have to read all of them in order to add value in my thesis or assignments. I really hope I can complete my this final semester so that I can back to my magic stuffs again.

On top of that, my girlfriend and I, we went to Toys 'R' Us and guess what, I bought a Rubik's Cube as I am curious nowadays many people are playing this cube. This cube consists of many colours and the idea is you mix all the colours by means of twisting the cube and you have to use your skills to put back those colours in the same orientation or order perfectly. I know this is kind of interesting and I disappointed is that, this Toys 'R' Us even though I know they offered many wonderful toys to children but when I asked them for the Rubik's Cube handbook, they told me it was out of stock but the thing is, I saw there were many Rubik's Cubes on sales (approximately 60+) the other day at Mid-Valley. Anyway, I downloaded the strategy guide from the internet and it was my big eye-opener experience. To solve the puzzle is not an easy task and you have to use strategy to solve the puzzle. Trust me, it's very interesting and best of all, it tests your brain in solving puzzle which I consider beneficial to our brain. Some sort like you train your brain to exercise.

In addition, I also bought a fairly easy card magic book which I explored in this book has many card principles that attracted me to buy this book. I also bought a Happy Birthday greeting card for my girlfriend which she didn't aware at the Borders bookshop. On Friday morning, I placed the card on top of her clothes and she was surprised to see the greeting card after her bath.

All in all, I really enjoyed the food with my girlfriend the other day and the cake as well. I am looking forward for the next event with my girlfriend in this coming few months.

Andrew Loh