Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Next Journey of Life...

Recently, I saw many of my fellow classmates were distributing their questionnaires to their friends to fill up. One good thing I did notice about UK education is that, undergraduate and postgraduate students are required to write a thesis or dissertation to meet the standard as a business degree student.

Not only my fellow classmates were required to write a thesis, even I myself were required to submit my thesis on this coming May 2009. The scope of my thesis is involved about knowledge-sharing. I really hope this week I would be able to start distributing my questionnaires to my fellow friends, lecturers and other corporate workers to fill up as at the later stage, I have to gather all these information to make a thorough analysis by using a particular software.

I had interviewed a few colleges and universities for the past few weeks and I was surprised to find out that Australia and US Masters, they didn't offered the students to write thesis but instead, just merely assignments. Well, it is too early for me to say or make my own final judgement. Furthermore, the information that I got were just merely covered on a general surface. I did consult my lecturer whose is now taking a PhD and she told me even an Australian Masters programme will require their students to undertake thesis in their course. Perhaps different universities will provide different means of studying the courses or the systems? One thing for sure, after completing my business degree, I really hope I can further my study by taking up Masters degree as I think nowadays, degree is a rather common requirement that most of the graduates had in the industry.

I really hope that this coming April to June 2009 as there are proliferation of education systems that will be held at KLCC and other places, hope I can gain more information or enlightenment from the various universities.

Andrew Loh

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