Friday, April 10, 2009

A Busy and Hectic Week

This week is a terrific week for me. On last Monday, my girlfriend and I, we both woke up at 4am and started our journey from Subang Jaya all the way travelled to Malacca. It was a very hectic day for us. On Wednesday, we did the same thing which we travelled to Malacca at 12pm which after our globalisation class. After distributing the questionnaires, we were heading home from Malacca to Subang Jaya on the same day.

You may asked why? As I know you are curious, actually we were very busy to distribute the questionnaires to among the lecturers in Malacca as well as the lecturers in Petaling Jaya. Well, I thought the effort was well worth it because we felt rejoice after collecting back the questionnaires which were filled by the lecturers to seek their views in the area of knowledge-sharing and money-motivator (my girlfriend's chosen title).

Well, to tell you the truth, it was not an easy task though because some of the questionnaires had errors. As we went through the whole process of distributing and collecting the questionnaires, some of the lecturers (approximately 5%) they didn't want to co-operate with us. Of course, we won't blame them due to their busy schedules and etc. But, the thing is, if they feel they have no time or limited time, why not they just tell us they can't do it so that we don't waste our questionnaires to them. Some of the lecturers in spite of telling them some of the areas they missed, they tried to be funny with us. I just don't understand why some lecturers were behaving that way. Aren't they feel ashamed by behaving that way? How they can regard themselves as "lecturers?" The purpose of being a lecturer is to educate and help students; but not trying to threaten us or to show their "egoistic" attitude.

I can attest that the Professors were very helpful to us as they pointed out some of the improvements that can be made in our questionnaires as well as valuable pointers. My supervisor, Dr. Chan Kok Eng was a very helpful lecturer as his kind pointers really helped me in my questionnaires. There was one female lecturer personally told me she would like to read my thesis after I complete my work. I really excited and can't wait to share my work with those lecturers that I respect highly even though they were not my lecturers. Well, let's forget this issue and allow me to share something else that are nice.

Overall, I would say this week I had invested too many books especially in the area of business. However, I did purchase a set of magic books by Karl Fulves in a box-set which has been in my wish-list for so long. Finally, I did manage to secure that box-set and I was so delighted to own this collection.

Last week I discoverd it was my first time to cook Macaroni with cheese as you can see the photo on your left. This was my first attempt though so nothing to brag about. ^_^ I really like the aroma of the cheese which blends perfectly with some of the herbs in the Macaroni. I hope to cook this dish after I complete all my assignments and thesis. After completing my assignments and thesis, I hope I would be able to write more card magic ebooks and spend my time in reading magic books. I have been stopped reading magic books for the past 8 months.

For your information, I came up a "Triumph" routine which involves two selections. This version is inspired by Jay Sankey's "Back in Time" which is one of my favourites. I have performed my version to my girlfriend and she was astounded. She couldn't believe what she had just seen the magic happened in her hands. If you want to know my version, check it out my ebook perhaps I will release my ebook or hardcopy book in August 2009. I strongly believe that you will like this version and will actually use in real-life performance.

Andrew Loh