Thursday, May 28, 2009

Majestic Jesters - Coming Soon!

My next ebook "Majestic Jesters" would be out soon. Basically, this effect is involved with the essential elements such as transposition, vanishes, colour changes, production, royal flush production and two big surprises as a killer climax which the spectators would never be realised until the end of the routine. Sounds complicated?

At the end, the Jester (in this case Jokers) have a different colour backs and can be given out as a sourvenir. I am not going to reveal much of this routine but when the time I feel is right, I will tip out some information.

I incorporated some other elements into my this routine to make it more interesting and to me, killer climax is utmost important because if you want to end a routine, it should end with a "big" climax that your spectator will remember your magic.

It is not difficult to do and the best part is, it's instantly reset and you may go through your next favourite stuffs.

I think I will release this ebook perhaps 2 months time and I still have some research to go through in this routine and when the time is right, I will release to the magic fraternity.

Andrew Loh

Divide & Conjure - New E-Book

Just would like to let you guys know that my new ebook "Divide & Conjure" is now on sales. You can get this ebook exclusively at:

I have been reserving my this pet routine for many years ago. It is easy to perform and there is 100% no setup. You can perform this effect with a borrowed deck and strictly there is no crimp involved. You can perform this effect anytime and anywhere.

Some magicians think that when there is a cutting sequence involved, crimp may come into play. There is no need for crimp in this effect. In addition, the spectators' selections can be signed and there is no "forcing" technique used in this routine.

I offered a few methods for the revelations but I believe reader will be able to add their own personal favourite methods for the final revelation.

Here's what a few of them say:

This is an excellent trick! One of your best yet! -- Peter Duffie

The effect of "Divide & Conjure" is attractive. Congratulations. -- Didier Dupre

Thanks very much and congrats for your very nice effect, I like it! -- Hari Dominique

Andrew has another clever e-trick that is very, very good and easy to do. -- Cameron Francis

It's great as it's simple, impromptu, involves more than one person and packs a punch! -- Matthew Lingard

I like "Divide & Conjure" very much because it is easy and direct to the point; these are the effects that I favor. Keep up the good work! -- Aldo Colombini

Thanks folks for all the supports and most imnportantly, my objective is I sincerely hope you enjoy my card magic and have fun in performing.

Andrew Loh

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Recently was truly busy with my assignments and thesis. After completing those coursework, now I have to prepare for my upcoming final exams which are just around the corner. I hope my this final exams, I would be doing well. I would say "Contested Globalisation and Governance" module is the most difficult because you must have a vast knowledge in order to answer in that paper which according to my Professor.

Anyway, starting from today, I will do more revision and books by Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Krugman, Anita Roddick, Anthony Giddens, Naomi Klein and Thomas Friedman, I have to read all of them to give me a complete picture about globalisation. I find that this globalisation module is very interesting as it covers the whole spectrum what has been happening around the globe. For this module, you will be exposed to how the labour or people are actually suffering in their daily working life in terms of the products that you buy in the market, the clothes you are wearing, foods, and other stuffs especially in the third world countries. One thing for certain is that Sweatshops are still prevail in every corner of the world. Ones cannot deny its non-existence even we live in a highly civilised world. This module has opened up my mind that so much happenings around the world which I don't even aware of in the first place. In addition, with my Professor's wit and being as a very knowledeable lecturer, he gave numerous articles and examples in this module to further support our learning.

The main objective for this module is that, ones have to argue and give a thorough understanding of globalisation. Thomas Friedman's bestseller book "The World is Flat" and his statement is he believes that the world is flat. But based on the course and my understanding, I cannot fully agree with his statement. They are other authors like Pankaj Ghemawat, Nancy Birdsall and the like, they don't agree fully with the statement that the world is flat. In my opinion, I believe certain thing is yes but there are certain facts that the world is flat theme cannot be related at all. I will post my further thoughts more about globalisation after I read all the books as I mentioned above. Thomas Friedman's "The World is Flat" book is worth a read if you want to know more how globalisation affects our daily life drastically.

Andrew Loh

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Michael E. Porter's Books

I bought Professor Michael E. Porter's two books recently; "On Competition" and "Competitive Advantage of Nations."

I bought these two books were because based on my interests and I think ones have to admit that, Professor Porter's books are widely used in academic schools. Competitive Advantage of Nations triggered my interests after I read from the internet and the reviewers' comments.

Of course, the 5 Forces Model of Competition is widely recognised and it is stated in both of these books. My main interest is that, in "Competitive Advantage of Nations", this book will cover about a nation's competitiveness in competitions. I haven't read this book yet but these two books are as big as a tome.

I hope this time I invested these books will bring some benefits when I pursue my studies at a higher level. Personally, I find that a book that talks about strategy is very interesting. Not to mention other books like "Sun Tzu" Chinese military warfare book, Japanese military warfare "The Book of Five Rings" and etc are very interesting to read as by reading these books, somehow will make your mind think more in depth when you read case studies about companies in the market. For "Competitive Advantage of Nations", I think this book is related to a nation like for example, why Japanese are pioneering in robotics and advance electronic appliances; think about modern and advance car engine you will relate to country like Germany, and the like.

I hope after my exam, I will be able to read this book and this book has been receiving very well. You can read the reviews at the and other online leading bookstores.

Andrew Loh