Thursday, May 28, 2009

Divide & Conjure - New E-Book

Just would like to let you guys know that my new ebook "Divide & Conjure" is now on sales. You can get this ebook exclusively at:

I have been reserving my this pet routine for many years ago. It is easy to perform and there is 100% no setup. You can perform this effect with a borrowed deck and strictly there is no crimp involved. You can perform this effect anytime and anywhere.

Some magicians think that when there is a cutting sequence involved, crimp may come into play. There is no need for crimp in this effect. In addition, the spectators' selections can be signed and there is no "forcing" technique used in this routine.

I offered a few methods for the revelations but I believe reader will be able to add their own personal favourite methods for the final revelation.

Here's what a few of them say:

This is an excellent trick! One of your best yet! -- Peter Duffie

The effect of "Divide & Conjure" is attractive. Congratulations. -- Didier Dupre

Thanks very much and congrats for your very nice effect, I like it! -- Hari Dominique

Andrew has another clever e-trick that is very, very good and easy to do. -- Cameron Francis

It's great as it's simple, impromptu, involves more than one person and packs a punch! -- Matthew Lingard

I like "Divide & Conjure" very much because it is easy and direct to the point; these are the effects that I favor. Keep up the good work! -- Aldo Colombini

Thanks folks for all the supports and most imnportantly, my objective is I sincerely hope you enjoy my card magic and have fun in performing.

Andrew Loh

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