Thursday, May 7, 2009

Michael E. Porter's Books

I bought Professor Michael E. Porter's two books recently; "On Competition" and "Competitive Advantage of Nations."

I bought these two books were because based on my interests and I think ones have to admit that, Professor Porter's books are widely used in academic schools. Competitive Advantage of Nations triggered my interests after I read from the internet and the reviewers' comments.

Of course, the 5 Forces Model of Competition is widely recognised and it is stated in both of these books. My main interest is that, in "Competitive Advantage of Nations", this book will cover about a nation's competitiveness in competitions. I haven't read this book yet but these two books are as big as a tome.

I hope this time I invested these books will bring some benefits when I pursue my studies at a higher level. Personally, I find that a book that talks about strategy is very interesting. Not to mention other books like "Sun Tzu" Chinese military warfare book, Japanese military warfare "The Book of Five Rings" and etc are very interesting to read as by reading these books, somehow will make your mind think more in depth when you read case studies about companies in the market. For "Competitive Advantage of Nations", I think this book is related to a nation like for example, why Japanese are pioneering in robotics and advance electronic appliances; think about modern and advance car engine you will relate to country like Germany, and the like.

I hope after my exam, I will be able to read this book and this book has been receiving very well. You can read the reviews at the and other online leading bookstores.

Andrew Loh

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