Friday, September 18, 2009

Turbulence - My Review

Let me start off by reviewing this excellent "Turbulence" routine by Peter Duffie and Cameron Francis. 2 brilliant minds are actually working here as they had come up a truly marvellous piece of card magic. Don't believe me? Just visit Peter's site at and view the performance clip.

One particular thing that I like about this routine is each of the phases involved. For instance, the first phase where the Kings trap the 3 selections and just in a few seconds, the selections seem to have vanished. I really like the disappearance of the 3 selections here.

The next phase is using the "coincidence of luck spelling" in locating those 3 selections. I am really impress this phase I mean from a layman's perspective, it seems very magical the performer produces the 3 selections by just merely spelling out the value of the cards. Again, this phase really caught my attention. Then for the ending phase, transposition takes place between the Kings packet and 3 selections which is very magical. All in all, this is an excellent routine.

Since the format is a video clip, it's very easy to learn and you can see how's the effect looked like during in the performance section.

However, this is not an impromptu routine which you are required to use special cards which I believe most of you will have at home. As you know, being as an ardent lover of impromptu card magic, I really don't hesitate to perform this effect in my act because I think this is a truly wonderful routine which plays very well to laymen. I just cannot wait to try out this effect to my circle of friends.

Highly recommended!

Andrew Loh

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