Thursday, October 29, 2009

David Gemmell's "Pasteboards Paradise"

Today I managed to secure a new copy of "Pasteboards Paradise" e-book from one of the greatest mind in card magic, his name is David Gemmell. Well, you may think what's so special about this new e-book with this title "Pasteboards Paradise?"

I really like the front cover of showing the waterfall which is serene in view. As I have been reading most of his works and I am so used to his front cover e-book. What I mean is that David will usually put an image which in-sync with his main theme of his e-books. Only when you read further of his works, then you will get to know more about his approach in magic and why did he put the waterfall image as the front cover of his e-book? It's a riddle. Of course, there's a reason for that and I will let you to find out yourself.

When I opened the e-book, I was intrigued by the number of effects contained in this document. There are more than 25 effects in this e-book. Don't you think is a great deal? I haven't started my reading yet but I believe David's works are truly remarkable. You will realise that his thinking and approach in card magic are truly unique. At times, you will surprise how David tackles some complicated card effects and tranforms them into simple versions or even spice up the whole effects.

I will post up my next mystery e-book review on next week so keep coming to my blog for more interesting tidbits.

Andrew Loh