Thursday, November 4, 2010

Manual Impact - My Review

Let me start off by saying, "This is an awesome card magic eBook!" I really like some of the card magic routine. I received a review copy from Chris and honestly speaking, by reading this book, you will appreciate Chris's thinking and construction some of the effects which I thought very clever.

The entire eBook is well laid out but the only criticism I would like to make is, it would be great if Chris could make the background in plain colour such as white, etc because that would make the reader feels comfortable to read through the screen. Chris covers everything in vivid details with colourful photographs. For the effects as reviewed by the top reviewers, the first section starts off with detailing some of the key sleights that used in the eBook. I also appreciate some thoughts from Chris which the way he handles some of the moves that covered in this section. Obviously, by reading this section, this entire eBook is telling you the story that, this eBook is definitely not suitable to beginners. The skills range from intermediate to advanced. I found some of the sleights and moves are not easy such as CP Fling Change but I really liked the idea.

I am attracted to the effects such as Animate 2.0 which I find the climax is very surprising. Other effects such as "Are Blue Reddy?", "Tranpost", "Unprint" and others really caught my attention in terms of the ideas. I am sure by reading Chris's effects, you may adapt your own handlings in order to achieve those plots.

I am not sure whether this is Chris's ever first release of his material but I am sure that he has a brilliant mind in creating wonderful card magic and I look forward to reading his material (if any) in the future. Highly recommended!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Majestic Triumph - New E-Book

This effect has been in my repertoire for about 8 years and I regard this effect as one of my pet routines.

I have been performing this in every part of my act as an opener. Basically, this effect is inspired by Dai Vernon's "Triumph" and Hofzinser's "Ace Problem" as well as combined with other magical elements such as changes, transposition and the like.

In addition, there is no set up or gimmick cards involved in this effect.

Here's what a few of them say:

"I think this is one of your strongest routines to date! A lot happens, with many magical effects, all well constructed to flow nicely. Very nice, indeed."
-- Peter Duffie

"Very nice effect. I like it."
-- Harvey Rosenthal

"I do like your thinking behind "Majestic Triumph" and think that the combination of effects (Triumph & Hofzinser Ace problem) works well together. Your handling and construction are reasonably tight and I suspect this does play well for layman. I also like that with just slight (or sleight) change or two, it can be done "in the hands" without a table and so would be great for walk-around "strolling" magic. Andrew is obviously a clever guy and this effect is a nice example of clever thinking! Keep up the great work!"
-- Michael Szilagyi

"If you want to pack a multitude of magical moments into a single routine, you might want to consider looking into 'Majestic Triumph'. It is a two-selection effect which merges two beautiful plots in the craft that is loved by many: Hofzinser's Ace Problem and Vernon's Triumph. Andrew did a pretty neat job in explaining the methodology. If you are fond of routines that is packed with magical moments, I recommend Andrew Loh's Majestic Triumph."
-- Bezalel Hermoso

Available at:


Cardrology - New E-Book

This collection contains four card effects that are my favourites which all can be done impromptu.

I have been performing these effects in my entire career as a cardician. Each of the items has been my personal favourites and most of the effects are perform for stand-up or walkaround situation.

There is only one effect that requires you to use different odd-backed cards from other deck. In addition, there is no pre set-up of the deck, gimmick or special cards and the like.

Table of Contents:

- Cullectors -
This is one of my cleanest versions of "The Collectors" plot. Four Jacks are placed aside and three freely selections are lost in the deck. The Jacks are placed on top of the deck and they collect three selections instantly.

- HaLo Keepers -
An instant two-card sandwich routine that uses Harry Lorayne's "HaLo Cut" that is easy to do.

- Speedy Collectors - 
I consider this effect as the fastest or instant version of Roy Walton’s “The Collectors” which essentially inspired by Edward Marlo with the use of three mates to collect 2 selections. The spectator would be surprised to see the odd-backed court cards instantly come together to collect their signed selections.

- Overly Jackbitious -
This effect is inspired by the “Ambitious Card” routine. All over the years, I have seen many excellent versions available. Finally, I came up with my own handling to suit my preference in this effect. You must be proficient in the culling technique in order to perform this effect smoothly.

Here's what a few of them say:

"An excellent booklet. Cullectors (good title!) is a great combination of methods. The Faro and the block-pushoff (thank you for the credit!) work well together to create a very cleam method. Halo Keepers is one of my favourites here - I like the stepped display of the Jacks in seemingly different positions. Speedy Collectors is a really nice use of the Cull to create a Collectors effect. Overly Jackbitious has a great finish to the Ambitious Card theme."
-- Peter Duffie

"Cardrology has some really nice sandwich/collectors stuff in it. It is a little more advanced, though. Not beginners stuff. But some very clean looking magic."
-- Cameron Francis

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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Confusing Jokers - New E-Book

This is my second sequel of my previous “Hallucination” packet card trick.

This is one of my current favourite packet card effects that I came up few months ago while I was playing around with the Jokers. During the process, I realised that the Jokers could be used to create another new packet card trick that relates to Dai Vernon’s “Twisting the Aces” but with a different theme.

You must be proficient in the Elmsley and Jordan Counts as these two sleights are heavily used in this effect. If you are familiar with the "Asher Twist", that would be an added advantage because it fits nicely in this effect as well.

In addition, there would be an additional idea from Peter Duffie and myself which I include two alternative handlings.

This e-book is not suitable for beginners. While all the moves are explained clearly but some previous card handling experience is preferable.

Here's what a few of them say:

"The Confusing Jokers is a lovely packet effect."
-- Peter Duffie

"I thought it was very original to play with the asymetry of the Jokers and that they turn upside down instead of the usual face up/face down. It's a fun routine with an unexpected ending. Congrats!"

-- RaphaĆ«l Czaja

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

American Dream - My Review

Kyle Macneill has done it again! I find Kyle's work is inspiring and in this collection, I found there are quite a number of items very interesting and enjoyable read.

Perhaps I should put this way, this e-Book is filled with neat ideas. In addition, the e-Book is nicely done and his crediting work is commendable. Kyle has a fascination especially in the art of revelation. What do I mean by that? In his previous e-Books, Kyle is fancy in using the common object around to reveal spectator's card or thought of card in a very creative manner. It's something that you will do in a normal impromptu situation. However, having said that, some of the objects I couldn't find in my country but I am sure perhaps could use other objects as well to relate the effect.

American Dream has quite a number of interesting card tricks which I find them quite excellent and some are even well thought out! I found there are a few effects very interesting and in terms of its construction such as "Poker Players ACAAN", "Biddle ACAAN", "A Famous Star" and "Reverse hypnosis" which I look forward to showing them to my friends. I am very surprised that Kyle has the ability to integrate some of the popular plots and creates a wonderful card effects as I mentioned above.

In a nutshell, I would like to say Kyle has come up a wonderful collection of material in this e-Book. I find that American Dream is by far the best collection judging the fact that the quality and practicality of the materials. Highly recommended!


Monday, September 27, 2010

The Manifold Effect Revisited - New E-Book

My new card magic e-book "The Manifold Effect Revisited" is now available at my Cardician Den online store.

This is my favourite effect which inspired by Scott Robinson's "The Manifold Effect" which first published in Doc Docherty's Nothing to Hide (2010).

Basically, in my version, my handling alleviates the need for double-backer card, Zig 2 Way Glue and necktieing the deck.

However, you still need different-coloured back cards due to the nature of the effect. In addition, there is a "bonus handling" section from me and Cameron Francis. I have performed this effect to a number of my friends, and they really liked it. I should say this plot plays very well to layperson.

Here's what a few of them say:

What you are doing is excellent. I really like your new handling. -- Peter Duffie 

I like your handling much better than Scott Robinson's. It is so much cleaner. -- Harvey Rosenthal 

Very cool Effect! -- Cameron Francis 

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Collins Extreme & Gangsta's Paradise - My Review

I just watched the two clips by Peter and I really would like to say "really great and excellent" materials here.

I really liked both of the effects. Very strong and I am sure you guys will enjoy these two effects! The best part is, both effects are not very difficult to do. Of course, you will need some practice. For Collins Extreme, I thought the effect finishes with the Kings and Aces just like that with the awesome combinations of Triumph, poker game theme, etc. When the Kings are turned over, I immediately caught a fever!

I really liked this time being fooled by Peter! I also liked each of the phases, very visual changes take place.

For the gangsta paradise, again, (I suggest that you watch the clip) again Peter nailed me with this one.

I thought the Jacks in the box are going to be something else, again I was wrong, the transposition effect here with the signed card (no force!) really amazed me. I really look forward to fooling my friends with this one. Awesome stuff Peter. I think Peter has done a wonderful job in providing the explanation in great details.

You don't need to worry whether you are not familiar with this or that. He covers most of the moves in great details. I highly recommend these two effects! I think it's a very good offer and you really can't get better than this! Get these two effects while you can at

Monday, July 26, 2010

Zany - My Review

Kyle has done again with a wonderful collection in this new e-book. And I should say I'm impressed of his creative thinking and approach in magic.

I really enjoyed the material in this collection because it has more card magic. I will go straight some of the interesting items in this e-book. For the first effect, I really like Property King with a bonus idea from Dave Forrest. Again, I really like the EXCELlent Deceit. Previously, I enjoyed his effect which utilised the Excel and this time, I like this most because you can detect when the spectator is lying or telling the truth. Excellent! The third one Hoffie Beans. I really like the idea here simply because its kicker at the end of the routine. I think Kyle has asked me quite a number of times whether I enjoyed in this collection or his previous publication Syncopation.

I would say in this collection again because first, as I did mention his approach in magic improves a lot and secondly, I really like his thinking and ideas behind all the tricks. To me, ideas mean a lot to me. I think you will find some interesting stuff in this e-book.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sandwizard - My Review

I received a card magic e-book from Kyle MacNeill recently and today I spent my time in going through his stuffs. I find that the front cover of the e-book is interesting and it is no surprise that the entire e-book talks about card sandwich tricks. It contains 5 sandwich effects.

The author starts off by explaining about his interest in card magic and the card sandwich history at the introduction section. At the table of contents, I find them very useful as upon cliking the links, this will bring you to the particular page and I also like the simplicity of the layout in the entire e-book.

So, what about the quality of the materials? I should say the materials are quite decent and if you expect high quality card sandwich effects, perhaps this is not a preferred e-book. But, one thing I should say or impress about this chap is; Kyle is just 13 years old and I can see his enthusiam shines through the entire e-book. The reason I say that because I personally also had gone through that stage. I think Kyle has the potential of coming up good quality card magic in the future. However, there is one interesting idea which I found in this book; that is BLT - Borrowing Looting Stealing. I find that there are too many handlings to tackle this plot and it would be better to streamline the handling.

Even though Kyle offers this e-book for $4 at, I think it's worth checking out at least sometimes, when you read someone's materials, you may challenge yourself and perhaps even think out a better solution to tackle a particular plot.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dr Leon's Magic World - My Review

I just bought a Mandarin-version magic book written by Hiro Sakai which is a Japanese magician.

For those of you who have been in the art of magic for quite some time, I think you may familiar with Hiro Sakai as he has been creating many magic effects in the past which you could find them in Harry Lorayne's "Apocalypse", Steve Beam's magazines and others.

This book is actually catered for beginner or intermediate magician and I bought this book is because Hiro Sakai is my idol. Best of all, this book also comes with a 100-Minute DVD which I thought would certainly add value in your learning. I have studied quite a number of his brilliant items in Steve Beam's magazines which I thought truly awesome. In this book, I found quite a number of interesting items as well. I will list out my favourite items in this book but allow me to walk you through the essential information in this book.

This book has 111 pages and with a foreword by Lu Chen. I am certainly certain that many of you will quite familiar with this Taiwanese magician.

I am not going to relate more in depths about him perhaps in my next review would be on his awesome DVD. The content of this book is divided into 5 sections. These sections are categorised as Card, Money, Handkerchief, Basic object and Parlour Magic.

You may ask, perhaps this book is catered for beginner, are the materials interesting? I believe you will find something of interest and as you know, Hiro Sakai is now a big name in the world of magic. According to this book, his next move is to conquer China with his magic. Without further ado, I will review some of my favourite items in this book.

Card Magic
  • The Mystery of the A & K
This is a wonderful routine and immediately this goes to my repertoire. This is a hands-off approach where the magician does not touch the deck and the spectator would be able to find the four Aces and Kings by merely cutting and dealing out the cards making four piles on the table. The cutting sequence which I thought very cunning and effective!

Money Magic
  • Miracle Illusion
I think this item is "worth" the price of this book. Basically, the magician causes two paper notes to penetrate each other visually. When I watched this, I am thinking of Andrew Mayne's "Ghost Bills". In Sakai-san 's version, you need to have a gimmick bill in order to perform this which you can make or prepare in less than 1 minute.

I listed the two items above are my personal favourites. I am sure perhaps you will find even more favourite items in this book. You will find other excellent items such as producing a bottle of champagne out from an empty paper bag, producing a mobile phone from your shoe, causing a signed-coin to appear in a sealed teabag which everything can be examined, and many other nice impromptu magic.

The only comment that I would like to make is, I am actually hoping that each of the effects or routines would be properly cited or credited in terms of providing the sources or the originator. However, Sakai-san did mention (at the "Introduction" section) there were two effects which independently created; the first one "Miracle Illusion" belongs to him and the other "Magazine Trick" which belongs to his friend.

Other items (classical tricks) I could not find the credit sources which I thought something lack of. In my opinion, I think this book could do better in terms of providing all the respective information to the readers whether the particular effect they learn is based on a classical magic and the originator must be made known. This allows the readers know (even they are beginners) and truly understand the world of magic even more in depths.

Overall, I really like this book very much as some of the items are interesting perhaps Sakai-san did enhance some of the effects but he did not make known in the book. If you are a beginner in magic, I urge you to get this book and at the same time, you may watch and learn how Sakai-san performs in a real-life situation.

Highly recommended!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Cut Above the Rest - My Review

Aldo Colombini's "A Cut Above the Rest" is a 22-page book which contains 25 impromptu card routines. Yesterday I went through the whole book in the evening and I would like to say some of the materials are good.

If you are looking for a truly wonderful card magic, perhaps you may disappoint as the materials here are simple and some rely on card principles. You may find card principles such as "Stay Stack Principle", "Jim Steinmeyer Principle" and others which perhaps useful to study them and to expand your horizon in card magic. Others I found quite interesting like the application of Kosky Switch by Robin Robertson, another method of doing John Bannon's "Discrepancy City Prediction" by Aldo Colombini's "Discre-Panza" and many others. Of course, you will find some spelling tricks; card tricks that involve "Down Under Deal", "Reverse Faro" and others.

There are two routines that I really like especially that deal with prediction by Reinhard Muller and Werner Miller. The pioneer guy in this field is Werner Miller as I recalled some of his materials that I read in the past. I urge you to check out his materials which I read quite a number of excellent materials in Peter Duffie's popular books previously such as Card Conspiracy - Volume 1 & Volume 2. This guy is really pioneering in mathematical principles that apply to card magic.

In a nutshell, there were quite a few couple of items that I found them interesting as shown below:

1. Strathjack (Roy Walton)
2. Only a Game (Peter Duffie)
3. Bubble Sort (Werner Miller)
4. Guatemala (Aldo Colombini)
5. De-Illusion (Aldo Colombini)
6. Primal Scheme (Ryan Matney)
7. Eight Bites is Enough (Jack Avis)
8. Slow Approach (Aldo Colombini)
9. A Bunch of Blarney (Aldo Colombini)

However, the others I just found them like decent materials. In fact, this whole manuscript caters for simple and easy to do card tricks. Afterall, the manuscript just costs only $10 so if you are looking top quality card materials, you may try to look other books. I found quite a number of items that I will use in my repertoire such as Peter Duffie's "Only a Game", Aldo Colombini's "De-Illusion" and Jack Avis's "Eight Bites is Enough" which I really like them.

Andrew Loh

Friday, April 2, 2010

Card Fusion Concept

I came up a card magic idea recently. Well, it's not really a new idea but an idea which is a combination of plots. I think most of you will familiar the card fusion concept. I am glad I tried out this routine with my friends and I have to say they received a huge great reaction. Perhaps you may try to test out your friends, family members and see how's the reaction when my new ebook is released.

Perhaps the nature of this concept plays very well to any layperson which I can attest to that. However, in my version, it's totally different and everything can be examined right after the performance. Of course, the cards can be signed. I should not say this is my new idea or improvement but I would rather say it's something that I really enjoy performing. The most important criteria is that, it makes sense and logic. In addition, the handling is not too demanding.

I really have no idea when is my available or free time to put my this idea into script but I really hope perhaps after May 2010 (which after my final examination) I would be able to write this up.

Thanks for your support always.

Andrew Loh

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some Videos Posted

Some of my short card magic videos were posted at my facebook. However, only my friends are able to view the video clips. I also did upload my two routines in short video clips performed by Mike Powers. I hope you enjoy those short video clips.

It has been a long spell I never take my own card magic videos as again, due to time constraints in my personal homework at my university. I hope after my this semester, I would capture some of the beautiful routines in my act for your viewing pleasure.

Andrew Loh

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Year 2010 - Challenges

My MBA class will start on the 5th day of Chinese Lunar New Year. Well, actually, in this Chinese New Year, I find that it is not as merry as the last few years. Perhaps I should say since I stayed outside (Subang Jaya), I distance myself far away from my parents.

Normally, my hometown neighbourhood before the Chinese New Year celebration comes, they will quickly hang up the lanterns around their house or some sort like having a competition among themselves but the thing is, there was no reward to be given even you were the fastest. So, what do you think or what motivates those uncle or aunties hang up those lanterns before the 1 month of Chinese New Year?

I used to enjoy celebrating Chinese New Year but as time goes by or perhaps I am getting to become an adult, this is where adults actually don't find themselves really enjoy Chinese New Year. Maybe yes maybe not? You have to clean the house, tidying up the places, preparing food, and have to prepare some red packets which you have to fork out your money. Well, to the certain extend I am still not at this stage yet. This only applies to those who have married.

To be honest, this new year 2010 will be a very busy year to me, but I still hope that I would be able to catch up the workload and also able to write up some of my magic materials.

Andrew Loh

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jacks Union - New E-Book

Just would like to let you know that my latest "Jacks Union" effect is available at my site. This is quite a rather demanding effect which requires you to use a very visual sleight to cause the disappearance of the Jacks to trap the spectator's selection.

The idea is very simple, you place the two Jacks on the table. A card is freely selected and signed before it's lost in the middle of the deck. One of the Jacks is placed on top and the other on the bottom of the deck.

You wave your hand over the deck and the Jacks instantly vanish. In the middle of the deck, you will find the Jacks trap a face-down card which proves to be spectator's selection.

I have been using this effect in my repertoire for about 3 years and I really enjoy performing it. Please note that you can perform this effect with any borrowed deck, no special or gimmick cards.

Andrew Loh