Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jacks Union - New E-Book

Just would like to let you know that my latest "Jacks Union" effect is available at my site. This is quite a rather demanding effect which requires you to use a very visual sleight to cause the disappearance of the Jacks to trap the spectator's selection.

The idea is very simple, you place the two Jacks on the table. A card is freely selected and signed before it's lost in the middle of the deck. One of the Jacks is placed on top and the other on the bottom of the deck.

You wave your hand over the deck and the Jacks instantly vanish. In the middle of the deck, you will find the Jacks trap a face-down card which proves to be spectator's selection.

I have been using this effect in my repertoire for about 3 years and I really enjoy performing it. Please note that you can perform this effect with any borrowed deck, no special or gimmick cards.

Andrew Loh