Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Year 2010 - Challenges

My MBA class will start on the 5th day of Chinese Lunar New Year. Well, actually, in this Chinese New Year, I find that it is not as merry as the last few years. Perhaps I should say since I stayed outside (Subang Jaya), I distance myself far away from my parents.

Normally, my hometown neighbourhood before the Chinese New Year celebration comes, they will quickly hang up the lanterns around their house or some sort like having a competition among themselves but the thing is, there was no reward to be given even you were the fastest. So, what do you think or what motivates those uncle or aunties hang up those lanterns before the 1 month of Chinese New Year?

I used to enjoy celebrating Chinese New Year but as time goes by or perhaps I am getting to become an adult, this is where adults actually don't find themselves really enjoy Chinese New Year. Maybe yes maybe not? You have to clean the house, tidying up the places, preparing food, and have to prepare some red packets which you have to fork out your money. Well, to the certain extend I am still not at this stage yet. This only applies to those who have married.

To be honest, this new year 2010 will be a very busy year to me, but I still hope that I would be able to catch up the workload and also able to write up some of my magic materials.

Andrew Loh