Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sandwizard - My Review

I received a card magic e-book from Kyle MacNeill recently and today I spent my time in going through his stuffs. I find that the front cover of the e-book is interesting and it is no surprise that the entire e-book talks about card sandwich tricks. It contains 5 sandwich effects.

The author starts off by explaining about his interest in card magic and the card sandwich history at the introduction section. At the table of contents, I find them very useful as upon cliking the links, this will bring you to the particular page and I also like the simplicity of the layout in the entire e-book.

So, what about the quality of the materials? I should say the materials are quite decent and if you expect high quality card sandwich effects, perhaps this is not a preferred e-book. But, one thing I should say or impress about this chap is; Kyle is just 13 years old and I can see his enthusiam shines through the entire e-book. The reason I say that because I personally also had gone through that stage. I think Kyle has the potential of coming up good quality card magic in the future. However, there is one interesting idea which I found in this book; that is BLT - Borrowing Looting Stealing. I find that there are too many handlings to tackle this plot and it would be better to streamline the handling.

Even though Kyle offers this e-book for $4 at, I think it's worth checking out at least sometimes, when you read someone's materials, you may challenge yourself and perhaps even think out a better solution to tackle a particular plot.