Monday, July 26, 2010

Zany - My Review

Kyle has done again with a wonderful collection in this new e-book. And I should say I'm impressed of his creative thinking and approach in magic.

I really enjoyed the material in this collection because it has more card magic. I will go straight some of the interesting items in this e-book. For the first effect, I really like Property King with a bonus idea from Dave Forrest. Again, I really like the EXCELlent Deceit. Previously, I enjoyed his effect which utilised the Excel and this time, I like this most because you can detect when the spectator is lying or telling the truth. Excellent! The third one Hoffie Beans. I really like the idea here simply because its kicker at the end of the routine. I think Kyle has asked me quite a number of times whether I enjoyed in this collection or his previous publication Syncopation.

I would say in this collection again because first, as I did mention his approach in magic improves a lot and secondly, I really like his thinking and ideas behind all the tricks. To me, ideas mean a lot to me. I think you will find some interesting stuff in this e-book.