Monday, August 30, 2010

Collins Extreme & Gangsta's Paradise - My Review

I just watched the two clips by Peter and I really would like to say "really great and excellent" materials here.

I really liked both of the effects. Very strong and I am sure you guys will enjoy these two effects! The best part is, both effects are not very difficult to do. Of course, you will need some practice. For Collins Extreme, I thought the effect finishes with the Kings and Aces just like that with the awesome combinations of Triumph, poker game theme, etc. When the Kings are turned over, I immediately caught a fever!

I really liked this time being fooled by Peter! I also liked each of the phases, very visual changes take place.

For the gangsta paradise, again, (I suggest that you watch the clip) again Peter nailed me with this one.

I thought the Jacks in the box are going to be something else, again I was wrong, the transposition effect here with the signed card (no force!) really amazed me. I really look forward to fooling my friends with this one. Awesome stuff Peter. I think Peter has done a wonderful job in providing the explanation in great details.

You don't need to worry whether you are not familiar with this or that. He covers most of the moves in great details. I highly recommend these two effects! I think it's a very good offer and you really can't get better than this! Get these two effects while you can at