Wednesday, September 29, 2010

American Dream - My Review

Kyle Macneill has done it again! I find Kyle's work is inspiring and in this collection, I found there are quite a number of items very interesting and enjoyable read.

Perhaps I should put this way, this e-Book is filled with neat ideas. In addition, the e-Book is nicely done and his crediting work is commendable. Kyle has a fascination especially in the art of revelation. What do I mean by that? In his previous e-Books, Kyle is fancy in using the common object around to reveal spectator's card or thought of card in a very creative manner. It's something that you will do in a normal impromptu situation. However, having said that, some of the objects I couldn't find in my country but I am sure perhaps could use other objects as well to relate the effect.

American Dream has quite a number of interesting card tricks which I find them quite excellent and some are even well thought out! I found there are a few effects very interesting and in terms of its construction such as "Poker Players ACAAN", "Biddle ACAAN", "A Famous Star" and "Reverse hypnosis" which I look forward to showing them to my friends. I am very surprised that Kyle has the ability to integrate some of the popular plots and creates a wonderful card effects as I mentioned above.

In a nutshell, I would like to say Kyle has come up a wonderful collection of material in this e-Book. I find that American Dream is by far the best collection judging the fact that the quality and practicality of the materials. Highly recommended!


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