Sunday, October 3, 2010

Majestic Triumph - New E-Book

This effect has been in my repertoire for about 8 years and I regard this effect as one of my pet routines.

I have been performing this in every part of my act as an opener. Basically, this effect is inspired by Dai Vernon's "Triumph" and Hofzinser's "Ace Problem" as well as combined with other magical elements such as changes, transposition and the like.

In addition, there is no set up or gimmick cards involved in this effect.

Here's what a few of them say:

"I think this is one of your strongest routines to date! A lot happens, with many magical effects, all well constructed to flow nicely. Very nice, indeed."
-- Peter Duffie

"Very nice effect. I like it."
-- Harvey Rosenthal

"I do like your thinking behind "Majestic Triumph" and think that the combination of effects (Triumph & Hofzinser Ace problem) works well together. Your handling and construction are reasonably tight and I suspect this does play well for layman. I also like that with just slight (or sleight) change or two, it can be done "in the hands" without a table and so would be great for walk-around "strolling" magic. Andrew is obviously a clever guy and this effect is a nice example of clever thinking! Keep up the great work!"
-- Michael Szilagyi

"If you want to pack a multitude of magical moments into a single routine, you might want to consider looking into 'Majestic Triumph'. It is a two-selection effect which merges two beautiful plots in the craft that is loved by many: Hofzinser's Ace Problem and Vernon's Triumph. Andrew did a pretty neat job in explaining the methodology. If you are fond of routines that is packed with magical moments, I recommend Andrew Loh's Majestic Triumph."
-- Bezalel Hermoso

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