Thursday, November 4, 2010

Manual Impact - My Review

Let me start off by saying, "This is an awesome card magic eBook!" I really like some of the card magic routine. I received a review copy from Chris and honestly speaking, by reading this book, you will appreciate Chris's thinking and construction some of the effects which I thought very clever.

The entire eBook is well laid out but the only criticism I would like to make is, it would be great if Chris could make the background in plain colour such as white, etc because that would make the reader feels comfortable to read through the screen. Chris covers everything in vivid details with colourful photographs. For the effects as reviewed by the top reviewers, the first section starts off with detailing some of the key sleights that used in the eBook. I also appreciate some thoughts from Chris which the way he handles some of the moves that covered in this section. Obviously, by reading this section, this entire eBook is telling you the story that, this eBook is definitely not suitable to beginners. The skills range from intermediate to advanced. I found some of the sleights and moves are not easy such as CP Fling Change but I really liked the idea.

I am attracted to the effects such as Animate 2.0 which I find the climax is very surprising. Other effects such as "Are Blue Reddy?", "Tranpost", "Unprint" and others really caught my attention in terms of the ideas. I am sure by reading Chris's effects, you may adapt your own handlings in order to achieve those plots.

I am not sure whether this is Chris's ever first release of his material but I am sure that he has a brilliant mind in creating wonderful card magic and I look forward to reading his material (if any) in the future. Highly recommended!