Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Review - Four Cast

Christmas is around the corner and I guess this is a great time to make a purchase during this season. It is shopping time!

If you make a purchase at Peter Duffie's online shop right now, you are entitled to receive a copy of "Four Cast" featuring four lovely card routines.

The pdf contains 17 pages and easy-to-do card routines. It is a fairly small file (297 KB) and as always, the author provides colourful photos to support the explanation and everything is well laid-out.

So, let's get down to serious business by reviewing each of the following items.

This is one of my favourite items of the book. Somehow this routine reminds me of or has a feel when I first read the author's previous "Cards in Principle" and "Ulterior Motifs" eBooks. The author has a knack of applying a very simple card principle to end this two-phase routine. I believe you will use it as soon as you read it. The plot is very simple, have two cards chosen and you reveal the selections in a very interesting way. I think the second phase is very strong where the second spectator ends up with all the Spades cards in her hand. Sounds coincidence? Not really. I really like this and it is good!

One at a Time
I am sure most of us (cardguys) like the "Collectors" routine and this version somehow caught my attention. It does not involve heavy sleights or moves and is a nice three-phase collectors routine. The revelation of the three selections appeals to me especially the third selection. I believe if it is done correctly and smoothly, it is a nice piece of eye-candy item.  

Table d'hôte
This is an interesting revelation on the spectator's selection which can be done seated or walkaround situation. The author has added a neat touch on Alex Elmsley's "Repulsive Aces" with an emphasis on card through table with a nice display. It is very easy to do and there is a proposed handling that you cause the spectator's card to pocket. I think both handlings are equally excellent.  

This is my favourite card discovery based on a principle published by Phil Goldstein and has a little CAAN feel to it. I really enjoyed this effect very much coupled with an interesting presentation. I really like the phase where the performer shows four cards that represent the four suits of playing cards and one of the cards vanishes that matches the suit of her selection. The spectator then counts the cards and her selection is found at a number. I really look forward to performing this very item for my next Christmas gathering. 

To sum up, I really enjoyed the four card routines in this collection especially "Psychologistic" and "Revelations" perhaps I should say they are very easy to do and great impact to any lay audience.  The four routines can be done with a regular deck. In addition, the above routines somehow make me feel as though I revisit the author's previous excellent work on card principles. The author is pioneer in card principles. If you favour card principles and would like to explore your horizon and the amazing possibilities in card magic, then I urge you to take a look on the above eBooks.

Available at: http://www.peterduffie.com/


Friday, December 16, 2011

Designing Card Miracles (Hardback)

This is one of my largest projects featuring my first hardback card magic book. It is my dream to publish this book since I got serious in card magic for the past few years. This book is available exclusively at my online shop.

The book contains 27 card effects which include sleights that are culled directly from my working repertoire and personal note books. It is divided into five sections; "Simple Tricks", "Impromptu Tricks", "Tricks with Odd Cards", "Tricks with Set-up Cards" and "Sundry Sleights".

In this collection, you will find the material ranges from easy to difficult with various plots. Most of the material puts more emphasis on direct and entertaining card magic.

The format of the book is A5 and hardback format. However, the book is not available at the moment and I have no intention to print this book in large quantity. Once I have a number of buyers, then I'll send this book for printing. If you would like to secure a copy, kindly send me an email to pre-order this book. Thanks!


CDP: An effortless four ace production that you will use! A spectator cuts the deck a few times and you produce the other two Aces by casting a magical gesture over the cards! This is a very simple and magical production of the Aces!

ROYAL HIGHNESS: Spectator freely names out certain number. After some byplay and counting the cards in the process, the spectator unknowingly produces the four Kings. 100% works all the time!

TRIU3PH: This is a three-phase version inspired by Dai Vernon's "Triumph" and with a strong emphasis on visual card magic. Perfect for walkaround situation.

TRANS-CASE: The performer introduces two packets of cards; the four Aces and Kings. The Ace-packet is placed in the card case and the flap is closed. The King-packet is placed on top of the card case, with a magical wave over the Kings; the Kings visually change into Aces! The performer places the four Aces on the table and the card case is opened, the performer tips out the four Kings. Everything can be examined both before and after the routine. A visual card magic at its best!

THE HUNTERS: My personal favourite card sandwich effect to date! A two-phase routine where each of the phases seems impossible. The spectators have no idea how and when the magic takes place until they discover the big final climax by themselves!

INVISIBLE ENTITIES: The performer turns a freely named four-of-a-kind into invisible cards! None of them can be seen in the deck. With a snap of fingers, the freely named four-of-a-kind appears in the centre of the deck!

DIVIDE & CONJURE: This is my best-selling item in the year of 2009 and also published in The Linking Ring (August 2010) magazine. This effect is inspired by "Spectator Cuts to the Aces" theme and an added powerful twist that involves 3 selections.

CARLYLEBON COPY: An impromptu card magic effect inspired by the “All Backs” plot. Four awkward cards that have no faces, only backs on both sides are outjogged in different parts of the deck. With a snap of fingers, the four outjogged cards magically change into freely named four-of-a-kind and the deck can be given out for examination.

ASTRAL PROJECTION: Inspired by the famous Hofzinser four ace problem. Four Kings are removed and placed onto the table. A card is selected and it's placed under the spectator's covered palm. The performer casts a magical gesture and one of the Kings changes places. The performer has the spectator's selection and the King that matches with the spectator's selection (suit) is now under the spectator's palm.

VISITOR IN MY POCKET: This is my impromptu handling of Larry Jennings' "The Visitors" that takes place in the performer's pocket. A fusion with transformation and transposition that will fry both layman and magician!

FOUR-ACE PRODUCTION: An impressive looking three-phase four-ace production you will enjoy performing!

THE CHARRED CARDS: The performer burns the back of a court card. The first phase where the perfomer causes the burnt card to turn invisible and locates the spectator's selection. For the second phase, he applies the ash mark onto the spectator's palm and magically transfers the ash-mark to locate the final selection. Bizzare card magic at its best!

INVISIBLE TRANSITION: Three ghost cards take the image of a spectator's card. What is left in the remaining packet will astound your audience.

A BANDED HOFZINSER: One of the Kings reveals the suit of the spectator's selection in a very bizarre manner.

A STRANGE CARDSHARP: Inspired by Magician vs. Gambler plot that ends with a colour changing deck kicker. Imagine Mr Elmsley meets Mr Vernon and they sit together for a gambling demonstration. In the game, the spectator is accused at cheating by using marked cards! This is one of my challenging cards routines.

CHAMELEON COLLECTORS: An interesting two-phase collectors routine that ends with a colour changing on the collectors cards!

JOKERS ON THE WILD SIDE: An effect nearly looks like CAAN that combines with Card Fusion concept and it looks impossible in the hands of the performer!

A LUCKY HAND: A five-card packet is used to locate the spectator's mental selection and ends with an unbelievable climax that you think it's unfair to kill them in silence!

THE SUMMONER: First published in Magicians Do Red Nose Day (March 2011) for a charity purpose. A spectator cuts the deck a few times and in the process, she produces the four-of-a-kind without knowing how. Included a bonus handling that focuses on a gambling theme.

HOF FOR A CHANGE: Hofzinser Ace Problem combines with card flourish and a magical transformation that will astound your audience.

MIX FLUSH ASSEMBLY: This is one my favourite Ace Assembly routines with a kicker ending. I usually reserve and perform this routine as my final closer as I consider this is one of my strongest routines in my current working repertoire.

THE ESSENCE OF SPADES: My personal all-time favourite effect! This effect involves transposition and transformation that ends with a big finish! No one will ever play cards with you again!

A DELIBERATE APPROACH: Inspired by Aldo Colombini's "Slow Approach" with added phases and kicker ending. This main emphasis is on solving a mystery puzzle.

THE ESSENCE OF COLOURS: Inspired by Mike Powers' "Virus" with a strong emphasis on a strong and kicker ending.

TWISTING ON THE BIDDLE TRICK: A multiple phase routine combines with three spectators' selections. Imagine Biddle meets with Vernon and they end up having a card sandwich! This is my all-time favourite card routine.

THE A-FLIP SHOT: This is a visual production of a single card or cards in your hands instantly! Can be used as a revelation and has endless possibilities. For those Lennart Green lovers, you might like this but it would be great if someone says this rather than myself.

FLIP-DROP SWITCH: This is my version of "Drop Sleight" that is very easy to do which has multiple applications to other popular card work.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Covert Assembly & Embellished - My Review

I couldn't recall when was the last time I was being fooled by a magician. Well, this month, Peter Duffie offers his latest two routines and they fooled me very badly. Please do yourself  a favour by going to Peter's online store and you will see what I mean.

You may purchase the downloads in WMV (Windows Media Video) format. The duration of "Covert Assembly" lasts about 11 minutes (83.7 MB) which includes the performance and tutorial whereas, "Embellished" lasts about 9 minutes (65.8 MB) that also includes both the performance and tutorial. 

The two routines to me are extremely powerful especially "Embellished" which is surprisingly not very difficult to do and it kills! However, I do not mean that "Covert Assembly" is not great but the card-changing phase seems appeal to me a lot. And I really like the Ace, Two, Three and Four of Clubs are ended up in the performer's pocket. The plot attracts me a lot and in addition, great construction, too! To be honest, in the performance section, I really had no idea how the Ace, Two, Three and Four went. The part that I scratched my head in disbelief was there is no extra cards involved! The best part is you can perform this routine at moment's notice. Very nice flow and construction in this particular routine.

"Embellished" really amazed me. The finale of the routine really kills me and it is a two-phase routine. The first part is a physical test. I find that this phase is quite amusing because the two mates fuse together and the spectator has no way to separate the card. In fact, the card can be examined.

In this case, the spectator is not able to separate the card and the performer does it effortlessly. And the second part, the spectator is asked what colour of the cards. This part is where the mystery comes in that I like it very much. The performer shows the rest of the cards have big and bold crosses! Of course, you may adapt this to other ideas too which is limited by your own imagination. And, when the two cards are turned over, they also have big crosses on the backs! Very, very nice and ends with a big impact! As I said earlier, the cards with the big and bold crosses really stunt me!

In a nutshell, these two routines are very powerful and nice constructions. They are not very difficult to do and also minimal set-up of the cards. Peter is so kind and offer an attractive deal for these two downloads at the moment. I think you will enjoy these routines and I can attest that they would play well to any lay audience.

Highly recommended!


Monday, October 31, 2011

The Mystery Sigil

This is one of my all-time favourite routines that I use regularly in my current close-up performance. This routine is inspired by the Biddle Trick with a bizarre twist!  

This is not the ordinary Biddle Trick that you have read or performed for years. You need a gaff card in performance.

The strength of this routine is the gaffed card serves as an effect and can be handed out for examination or as a souvenir.

If you have been performing the classic Biddle Trick and would like to try something new on this routine, perhaps you would like to try out this routine. As always, my ultimate goal in card magic is to deliver a huge surprise at the end of the routine. This is the routine that I have polished and refined for years. Carry this little miracle for your next show or act and start to astonish people.

Here's what a few of them say:

"I really like the effect. It is a very original take on the classic plot."
-- Raphaël Czaja 

"I've just read it and I really enjoyed it. I think that it's a great idea to use an odd backed card in the effect. And another good thing is that you can give the sigil card to the spectator as a souvenir and your deck remains complete. I can't wait to try the trick on my friends."
-- Jozsef Kovacs

"What a really good effect. Good construction, too. I like this a lot. This would be a real killer for an audience."
-- Peter Duffie

"This is a really good, souped up version of the Biddle Trick! Really nice, Andrew!"
-- Cameron Francis

This e-book is not suitable for beginners. While all the moves are explained clearly but some previous card handling experience is preferable.

Available at: http://www.cardicianden.com


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Conjuror Card

This routine is inspired by Roy Walton's "The Overworked Card" and it's not very difficult to do. 

This can be done in a walkaround situation or a group of people. I offer additional three versions that include the elements of Dai Vernon's "Triumph" as well as other interesting revelations on the spectators' selections.

All the routines described can be done with a regular or borrowed deck and best of all, you can hand out the deck for examination.

No advance set up or gimmicked cards involved and it can be done in an impromptu situation.

Here's what a few of them say:

"Very nice tricks! I like them a lot!"
-- Cameron Francis

"These are excellent handlings for this plot."
-- Peter Duffie

"I really like the conjuror card and the non half-pass version is very clever!"
-- Raphaël Czaja 

"I agree with Cameron, very magical, and the magic part happens while a spectator is holding the deck."
-- Michael Cookman 

"I took the opportunity to perform both The Conjuror Card and the one-selection Conjuror Triumph to some people and reactions were very good. One of the things I enjoyed was that I could cleanly "show" and push the face up cards into the face down cards and then of course, ending with the magic in the spectator's hands really seals the deal. And I found that it made it that much more personal when the spectator was able to have a selected card added to this effect as per Conjuror Triumph."
-- Wayne Kong

"I finally took time to work through “The Conjuror Card.” It’s a very nice effect. I like the idea of the card moving from top to bottom and causing the other cards to reverse. Very cool! Keep up the great work."
-- Mike Powers

This e-book is not suitable for beginners. While all the moves are explained clearly but some previous card handling experience is preferable.

Available at: http://www.cardicianden.com


Saturday, September 3, 2011


I came up this effect while I was toying around with a few versions of "B'Wave" and in my version, this is a pure sleight-of-hand approach and there's no equivoque or prediction. 

I put more emphasis on pure card transposition between two packets and a series of magical occurences. In other words, this means that my handling is not related to "B'Wave" at all.

If you enjoy visual card transposition between two packets and nail the spectator at the end for a big kicker, this is the kind of effect that plays very well to lay audience. The kicker implies that the performer reveals the cards have different and various backs in spite of the two packets exchange places in the process! Also included two bonus handlings that are very strong to end this wonderful routine. Best of all, all the cards can be given out for examination.

Here's what a few of them say:

"I think Transwave (excellent title) is a great routine -- one of your best. A lot of magic happens before the final kicker ending that will fry minds."
-- Peter Duffie

"I love the trick! Lots of really strong magic."
-- Cameron Francis

"I like the trick - it is clever to use a discrepancy to add another effect so then everything is clean at the end. This is a beautiful and effective packet effect. Keep'em coming!"
-- Raphaël Czaja

"I have to say that the routine is very well constructed. Andrew turns an unexaminable card trick into an examinable one by using the clean up as an effect! Overall, it's a great transposition routine."
-- John Holt

"Very good trick! The final surprise is a great idea!"
-- Didier Dupré

Last but not least, I also received a not-so-good review from Tom Frame at: http://www.geniimagazine.com

This e-book is not suitable for beginners. While all the moves are explained clearly but some previous card handling experience is preferable.

Available at: http://www.cardicianden.com


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Business as Usual - My Review

It's good to read some magic stuffs that use business cards and can be given out as souvenirs.

This is what I read another pdf from John Gelasi's "Business as Usual" that I think it's great, which has 7 visual and commercial routines with business cards. I really like the front cover of the pdf, which is nicely done and has 37 pages. The size of this pdf is 2.14MB.

In addition, the pdf has more than 30 colourful photos to support the explanation and some of the effects have a video link that I find very useful especially if you would like to watch the performance before you start your journey on reading each of the effects. The overall layout of the pdf is nicely done.

So, let's start off by reviewing some of my favourite items.

This is a great little quicky item that basically, you show a misprinted business card and just a few seconds, you magically cause it turns out to be a proper business card that can be given out for examination. This is a good moment to hand out your business card and also serves as an ideal opener for walkaround situation. The handling is surprisingly easy to do! I really like this!

Cap and Trade
Cap is a visual piece of magic that you can do, which you remove a red marker and you visually change it into a black cap. Honestly speaking, I have no much comment on this one but judging the fact that I have seen the clip as performed by the author, the change is visual but I would rather perform "Trade". It's just a matter of my preference. I simply like "Trade" as there is quite a number of magical things happen along the way. You perform a transposition effect that involves a torn business card that bears both the magician's and spectator's signatures. At the end, you fuse or restore the signed pieces and can be handed out as souvenirs. This is a great routine that I see myself using for my next event.   

This is another of my favourite item! The handling is very simple and I can attest that this routine may play well to layman. I really like the overall idea where the performer draws picture that resembles a quarter and then some gesture, the real quarter that you drawn on the business card falls in your hand and you immediately show the the drawn quarter has vanished from the business card! However, I think it would be nice if the business card can be signed by the spectator so that you will come to this "Out to Lunch" principle that look-alike kind of scene. Nice thinking and I think I'll add this item to my repertoire! The author also offers another variation of "Sketchy" that use without force and gimmick. But I prefer the first one.

Portrait Surprise
This is an interesting item that you can do with your own portrait. Again, I think the nature of this routine would play well to any lay audience. I really like the overall idea and the revelation of the selected card in the deck. I think the most interesting idea is where you show a business card that has a prediction of you holding the spectator's selected card. A magical gesture, you show the photo of yours holding the selected card is no longer there! Finally, you end the routine with a nice and simple finish. Nice flow and construction! 

This concludes my review of the above items. I believe you will find some items that may be of interest and most of the routines above would play well to any layman. Most importantly, the routines above are highly practical and the items can be handed out as souvenirs, which create lasting impression to your spectators. I also find that the effects above also serve as good collection of interesting ideas.

Highly recommended!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reorder - My Review

This is the second Cameron's pdf that I went through recently and my instinct tells me that this might be another great and strong item.

Basically, this routine is inspired by the "Wild Card" plot and I anticipate that the author must be working something powerful. So, without wasting time by doing other things in the morning, I went through the pdf just after my breakfast because am so excited about the routine.

The pdf contains 6 pages, pdf size is less than 1MB with colourful photos and has a link to watch the author in performance. Before I watched the clip, I decided to give this a good read because I believe by doing so, this is to somehow induce my mind to visualise how the routine looks like in a performance.

So, what's my final verdict? I think you will be thrilled by the author's performance as well as the nature of the routine. I have one word to describe this routine, it's just pure "Awesome!" I really like the construction and flows of the routine. The message is so simple to comprehend and straightforward. You show a few Jokers, one Ace, and each of the Jokers magically transforms into Aces! At the end, you show the Aces have different backs and the Jokers have different with bold letters appear on the backs too! This is quite a shocking revelation! In addition, this routine also ends with a nice display and doesn't take very long to perform.

In a nutshell, this routine is really, really nice and I believe it plays well to any layman. In addition, it's surprisingly easy to do and with just a few cards and sleights, you can start to impress people in no time.

Highly recommended!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fit for Kings, Too! - My Review

John Gelasi is a very young magician and recently, I received a reviewed-copy of his "Fit for Kings, too!" pdf. Basically, this is the second volume of "Fit for Kings" which you can check my previous review in this blog as well.

The pdf contains 18 pages, 6 effects, the size of the pdf is less than 1MB and each of the effects has a video link that you can watch the author in performance at Youtube. There are more than 10 colourful photos to support the explanation.

Most of the routines are not very difficult to do and work with regular deck. Just like his previous volume, the main theme is using the four Kings in all the six effects. I think the author has done a wonderful job in the explanation on each of the routines. So far, I found four items to my liking.

I'll start off by reviewing the four of my favourite items.

Almost Perfect 
This reminds me of Martin Nash's "Title Bout" but the author's approach in this routine is different. This routine focuses on the visual approach in terms of producing the Aces in a rather surprise manner with a transposion throws in for good measure. I like the flow of this routine and basically, it's not very difficult to do. Nice!

Funny Assembly
This is a nice transposition routine between two packets of cards without dupes. This is an excellent piece as I usually like a simple transposition between two packets of cards. This item works with four vs. two as this creates a good contrast during the transposition, which I think it's excellent. I really like this!

Walton-ing Around
I think most of you familiar with Roy Walton's "Oil & Queens" and the author has done a wonderful in applying this concept (very clever!) to determine a spectator's card. The initial handling basically remains the same and somehow at the end, the selection appears in the centre of the deck! It's not very difficult to do and I think it's very effective to layman.

Kangaroo Kings
Another of my favourite items that can be done with more than one spectator. Basically, this routine requires you to engage your spectators and they will do all the work in finding the Kings. The first two Kings are found by the two spectators. However, the author uses a different method for the third phase and I think the last phase is interesting. At least, the spectators think that you ruin the routine but in fact, it's an indicator card and at the end, the performer successfully locates the fourth King to end the routine! It's a nice routine that you can do especially if you have a group of friends, etc.

Overall, I really enjoyed the pdf and as I mentioned earlier, the author is still very young and I really impress of his work. The good thing about this pdf (as I mentioned earlier) is that each of the effects has a link to Youtube and you can watch the author in performance! You may just view the clips and have a clear picture on how the routine looks like in real time. The price of the pdf is $7.50. I think you'll find some items that you'll use in your performance.

In short, very simple but effective card magic!

Available at: http://gelasimagic.weebly.com/


Monday, August 29, 2011

Chop the Monte - My Review

Cameron Francis offers his latest pdf "Chop the Monte" with a big knife on the front cover! Well, I think this justifies something in this pdf and as the title says it all, you know what to expect from the author as well as the first routine. The second bonus item is "Self Explanatory", yet another excellent item!

Anyway, I should say that I really enjoyed the two card routines. The pdf contains 9 pages and the file size is less than 1MB.

The overall layout or presentation (as usual Cameron's work) of the pdf seems excellent and the author understands when to include helpful colourful photographs to show the work.

Let me start off by reviewing the first item.

Chop the Monte
This routine requires some set-up but that doesn't bother me because in the effect itself, it sounds excellent and how it plays to lay audience. I give this a try and I should say the flow and construction are really nice! Honestly, each of the phases are much magical than another and at the end, four Aces suddenly emerge out from nowhere and this happens between the performer and spectator's hands! Give this a try and you'll love the reaction from layman. If that doesn't enough, the author also includes a link where you can have the chance to watch the author in performance.

Self Explanatory
This is a very nice and surprisingly easy routine with a built-in great presentation. I read the author's previous works before and one thing I can conclude is that he has the knack of incorporating wonderful and crazy ideas into blank cards! Yes, this routine requires a few double blank cards and the preparation is so easy to do. But I can attest that this is another powerful routine that you can do that will cause layman turns crazy! You'll definitely love performing this because it's so easy to do and believe me or not, it's just one card sleight that does all the work! The revelation of the Aces is just pure mind-boggling! I really enjoyed and this item has gone straight into my repertoire! Again, there's a link to view this routine at Youtube.

Well, that's the end of my review. As I said above, this is an excellent pdf with the two routines alone, I think you'll definitely have a wonderful time with them as they are highly practical and entertaining. To date, I have no idea how much the author would sell this but I'm sure, it's definitely worth to get a copy.

Highly recommended!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Card Tricks for the Fractured Mind - My Review

I'm very excited to read Peter Duffie's latest card magic eBook "Card Tricks for the Fractured Mind" (love the title!). This eBook contains excellent collection of entertaining card effects.

It's a 47-page pdf and the file size is less than 1MB. I always enjoyed the author's presentation of his work particularly in terms of each of the effects that is hyperlinked at the table of contents for ease of navigation and there are plenty of colourful photos throughout the eBook. There are 12 card effects and all using a regular deck.

Most of the routines that the author explains are based on his previous refinements that can be found in many sources with excellent credits. You also will find some very clever construction and ideas as well.

Without further ado, let's start off by reviewing some of my favourite or delicious card effects.

A very nice and novel way of revealing a spectator's selection in the deck by using a ribbon! The handling is very simple and efficient. I really like the revelation where the performer pulls the ribbon and the spectator's selection is attached to the ribbon. This item has gone straight into my repertoire! Everything can be examined!

Misdirection Monte
I really like the neat construction of this routine as well as each of the phases. The key surprise moment is that the performer somehow causes the winning card to transpose with the spectator's selection! In addition, lots of magical happenings in the phases. I really enjoyed this as the handling is very simple and direct! 

From Beyond the Veil
Another excellent routine which is a hands-off approach in finding out two spectators' selections whilst they are doing all the work! This is another great addition to my repertoire. I really like from the beginning until to the end of the routine, everything seems fair and the cards are shuffled by the two spectators. This is one of my favourites!

Dance Steps
This is another great routine inspired by the classic Hofzinser plot. This is my favourite two-phase routine where each of the phases seems entertaining. I really enjoyed the last phase where you show they are mis-match and at the end, with a snap of fingers, the Kings and Queens become match with each other. Again, nice flow and construction! 

This is essetially an almost hands-off version of Card at any Number plot. I consider this routine worth the price of the entire eBook! Everything seems very fair and it's a nice addition to my current repertoire.

Populace Revisited
This is a surprise and sudden revelation of three selections in between the face-up Aces! The handling is very easy and again, one of my favourites! 

Post Production
I consider this another invaluable gem that I really enjoyed performing this recently! Basically the plot is inspired by "Chicago Opener" and I really like the idea of using the post-it note to create a wonderful miracle on locating two spectators' selections. I think the author has put the post-it note for good use in this kind of effect! The first phase relies on presentation and the last phase seems more magical. I really like this!

Safe Cracker
This is another visual eye-candy item where the performer shows a four-spot card and you magically separate or crack it open into four Aces! Very nice and I really enjoy playing around with this one!

I didn't realise that I have found 8 items that I personally consider as my favourites! In other words, more than 50% of the material that I will actually use! The card effects in this collection are excellent and highly practical. Most of the routines are not very difficult to do. The price of the eBook is $14.95! I think it's well worth to get a copy and start exploring some nice and entertaining card effects in this collection. By the way, don't miss out the "Summer Madness" that the author is offering at the moment!

Highly recommended!

Available at: http://www.peterduffie.com/


Some Things with Cards - My Review

I just read John Holt's "Some Things With Cards" and I would like to say, I enjoyed some of the items in this eBook.

This eBook contains 17 pages (less than 1MB) and with some colourful photos to support the explanation. In addition, the entire presentation or layout of the eBook is neatly done. Most of the routines can be done with a regular deck but only two effects you'll need to make some minor preparation but none of them are difficult to set up.

The credit sources seem excellent and I think the author has done a wonderful in listing the respective sources. Since this eBook contains 7 effects, I will review each of the items based on my liking.

Let's start off by reviewing the first item.

This is inspired by Roy Walton's "The Collectors" plot. The author also shares an additional handling which is a much bolder approach. I have no much comment on this routine because I prefer a direct approach such as the cards are lost and instantly trap the selections. This version seems a little unique as you cut the three cards and later show the cards are not the selections. Next, you show the Kings trap each of the selections between them in the deck. I think perhaps other reader may fancy this little unique routine.

A wonderful two-phase routine. This routine has a nice built-in presentation where the performer reveals a spectator's card twice; first as a mind reader and then as a magician! I really like the construction as the author uses an old and familiar method for good use! After the revelation of the selection, the performer is able to perform an impressive stunt by throwing the pack up into the air and produce the spectator's selection, which is a nice finale. This routine uses a normal deck of playing cards and no dupes!

Slippy Sandwich
This is a nice little eye-candy item that incoprates a card transposition between two spectators' selections without the standard loading move. A nice flow between the phases with an excellent control by Troy Hooser. I personally change my handling slightly in terms of the featured control.    

Psychic Mystery Card.... Of Death
The title really scares me! At first I thought it has any linkage with the Tarot Card but I was wrong. Anyway, this effect basically inspired by Frank Everhardt's "Chicago Opener" and I really like the approach as well as the construction. The presentation of this routine is nice and the author is very kind to share additional ideas to make this routine interesting. 

The World's Greatest Card Vanish
This is the most simplest routine in this eBook! A very simple yet effective routine with additional interesting ideas that you can use. I think this effect plays well with lay audience and it's very easy. This routine depends entirely on your presentation that uses a very simple sleight and best of all, the card can be given out as a souvenir.  

One Hand Palm Handling
The author's approach in executing a fair looking one hand top palm. It's not very difficult to do especially if you already know how to do a one-hand top palm. The nice idea on what the author explains is that because of the action in terms of executing the palm that looks strained and cramped. The solution to this is very simple and I think it's well worth to give it a try. 

P.D.S. Transposition
This is a great little gem that uses Gregory Wilson's "Pitch and Ditch" and to be honest, this is my first time to come across this move. I'm not sure how it looks like in appearance but basically, I think John did a wonderful job in explaining the whole move. However, being as a card guy, I believe this routine requires some practice and I can attest that the coin (or any small object) changes to another coin in mid-air is simply great. The great news is that no duplicates required.

Overall, I think the eBook has some interesting card effects, ideas as well as food for thought. If you consider yourself as intermediate card worker, you shouldn't have much problem in learning the material. I also believe that you will actually perform some of the routines as most of them are practical. I think you'll certainly enjoy John's approach in his magic. 


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shoot Ogawa Lecture

The Shoot Ogawa lecture was held on 30-07-2011 (Saturday) at 11am. Unfortunately a heavy downpour had caused some delay (lots of vacant seats) and the lecture started around 11.30am. There was quite a number of audience turned up and everyone was so enjoyed throughout the lecture.

Both the magicians and the audience were quite engaging with each other in the performance as well as during the Q&A session. Shoot started off by performing a few card and coin effects. Most of the effects he performed were very visual in nature. He also talked about the importance of timing in magic.

It's interesting to get to know about the history and facts about the limited quantity of "The Ninja Rings". For those of you who might be interested to get the Ninja Rings, worry not as Shoot and Charlie informed that they may manufacture another batch of Ninja Rings this year.

As you know being a cardguy, I handle playing cards everyday and I think it's great for me to indulge myself with this mystical linking rings. Judging the fact that Wizard's Inn produced such high quality rings, I definitely will purchase another 3 sets in the future. It's excellent!

I also managed to learn some important insight from Shoot and Charlie. Charlie was very kind to share his insight on the Chinese Linking Ring.

He described on how he developed, proposed the how-and-why that a magician should do or avoid for these rings in terms of the techniques, linking and unlinking moves as well as the timing and psychology.

It's interesting to get to know him in terms of his young days on this craft and his upcoming competition. Honestly, these guys were quite funny throughout the lecture.

The lecture ended around 1.30pm. I managed to buy a few items such as the Ninja Rings and three DVDs directly from Shoot. In a nutshell, I really enjoyed very much throughout the lecture. Thanks to The Magic Annexe for conducting a nice lecture.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tri-Wave - My Review

I just read Andrew Galanter's first work on his new "Tri-Wave" pdf. This is a three-phased effect inspired by Phil Goldstein's "B'Wave" and the good news is without the use of gimmicked cards! I should say I'm impress in terms of the approach and great routining. This pdf contains 12 pages and with ample of colourful photographs to support the explanation.

The great strength of this routine is that, as mentioned earlier, this can be done without any gimmicked cards and with a great three-phased built in  routine. Each phases seems stronger than another. And, there is no magician's choice or equivoque involved in this version.

The first phase is where a packet of Queens is placed on the table and the spectator is asked to freely name any of her favourite Queen. After she has done so, the performer picks up the packet and shows the freely named Queen is the only face up in the face-down packet! This first phase alone is quite strong as the performer managed to nail the freely named Queen!

For second phase, the freely named Queen seems to vanish in the hands of the performer leaving only three Queens on the table and the named Queen is removed from the performer's pocket. I really like the vanishing premise as well as the revelation of displaying the three cards which is very convincing.

For the final phase, the performer challenges the spectator to name another Queen of the opposite colour. No problem, the performer removes the prediction cards from his pocket and he shows three Queens are similar colour except the named Queen! This is a great finale and I really like this!

In conclusion, I really like all the phases and I think the author has done a wonderful job in his methodolody and approach in tackling this wonderful plot. As mentioned earlier, this is a great piece of work based on the "B'Wave" premise. If you enjoy this kind of plot, no doubt you would like to give this a look and I think it's worth to invest a copy which is $3. I'm really impress the author in spite of his young age, he has come up something that is worth for magician to explore. I look forward to reading his work in the future.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Miracle Hands on Deck V E-Book

Finally, after months of selling Miracle Hands on Deck series, this concludes my final volume 5.

If you have been purchasing my previous four volumes of “Miracle Hands on Deck”, I would like to thank you for the support given.

So, what's the content in this final volume? You will find effects such as lie detector, Triumph, and a series of vanishing and solving a mystery card sandwich effect.

Most of the effects included in this volume are catered for intermediate card magician. I am absolutely certain that you will enjoy the material in this final volume.

Table of Contents:

This version is different from other lie detector plot which does not involve calculation or card principles but rather based on pure card-sleight approach and very visual in appearance!

Guardian’s Triumph
Imagine card sandwich meets triumph! A convincing display is used to spice up the overall routine and it's very easy to do!

A Deliberate Approach
A series of vanishing and solving a mystery card effect which is enjoyable to perform.

Here's what a few of them say:

"I LOVE Guardian's Triumph! The best Sandwich Triumph effect, I've seen. Great stuff Andrew, it's gone straight into my repertoire!"
-- Kyle Macneill

"As always, well constructed routines, direct to the point. The Lie Detector trick is great, not difficult and with a lot of effects through it. It's basically a variation on the Hofzinser problem but the Lie detector plot justifies the handling. The third trick, his take on an Aldo Colombini trick is awesome, great impact with minimum sleights and a few subtleties. The 5th ebook may be my favorite from this collection. I'm glad it ends on a high note!"
-- Raphaël Czaja

"All of the Miracle Hands on Deck books are terrific. Andrew really knows how to construct interesting effects with devious methods."
-- Cameron Francis

"I have enjoyed this series of ebooks -- the latest -- Miracle Hands on Deck V, maintains the standard set by the previous four volumes. This is an excellent set of ebooks containing well-constructed routines and I recommend all five volumes."
-- Peter Duffie

This e-book is not suitable for beginners. While all the moves are explained clearly but some previous card handling experience is preferable.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Miracle Hands on Deck IV E-Book

My fourth volume of Miracle Hands on Deck is now available!

If you have been purchasing my previous three volumes of “Miracle Hands on Deck”, I would like to thank you for once again for purchasing “Miracle Hands on Deck IV” featuring yet another 3 practical card effects. In this volume, you will find effects such as card fusion, an instant and visual card sandwich, and an entertaining card routine that combines with a series of transposition and transformation that you will enjoy performing!

There is one effect that requires you to use special card which is mostly available at most magic shop. The effects are catered for intermediate card worker.

Table of Contents:

Card Fuzion
This is a two-phase routine; the first phase involves a visual approach and in the second phase, the card fusion takes place in the spectator's own hands! Both cards can be signed and given out as souvenirs!

This is a visual eye-candy item. A spectator's signed selection transposes between two packet of cards and ends with an unbelievable climax!

The Essence of Spades
My personal all-time favourite effect! This effect involves transposition and transformation effects that ends with a big finish!

Here's what a few of them say:

"Three great routines; the final one is a full-blown killer."
-- Peter Duffie

"Card Fusion is my favorite in this ebook. Very clever structure and using of a particular force. I appreciate that it is direct to the point. Thus, one of the best versions I've seen so far. Teleportation has a great moment in which you remove one selection and it becomes two cards. Need a bit of practice but very visual and can be used for other tricks I guess. The Essence of Spades has a kind of impossible transposition and multiple endings that may be worth the work and is sure to have a great impact. Nice work again!"
-- Raphaël Czaja

"Nice work on volume 4! Good tricks! I think my favorite is Teleportation!"
-- Cameron Francis

This e-book is not suitable for beginners. While all the moves are explained clearly but some previous card handling experience is preferable.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fit for Kings - My Review

John Gelasi's (a very young magician) Fit for Kings contains some excellent card magic. This eBook contains 15 pages and features impromptu commercial card magic. Based on what the author claims, the materials have been tested in real world and most of the items are not very difficult to do.

My personal favourites are "Jazz Club", "Daley + 2" and "Big Mistake". In "Jazz Club", this effect essetially deals with the four kings and red spot cards. One by one, the Kings switch places with the red cards in the card case, all leading up to a kicker ending! This is a very neat effect which I will include this into my working repertoire.

"Daley + 2" is another excellent piece of work that based on Dr. Daley's classic plot with an extra kicker! I really like this version as the author combines this effect with two freely selected cards and revealed in a surprising manner.

"Big Mistake" is my personal favourite little eye-candy item. Basically, this effect involves a small packet of cards with lots of surprises, where the performer finally ends up producing the four Kings from a packet that used to contain jokers! This is a great opener where if you like short and effective effect that breaks the ice in any situation, this is a great item!

In a nutshell, this is an excellent eBook where most of the materials are easy to do and very commercial. In addition, the price of this eBook is just $4 (available at lybrary.com) and I think it's worth to support a copy. Did I mention that the author is just 15 years old? I think he has a creative mind in coming up more card magic stuffs and I look forward to reading his material in the future.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Miracle Hands on Deck III E-Book

My new card magic eBook "Miracle Hands on Deck III" is now available at my online shop.

This collection contains 3 of my favourite card effects. The two items included in this eBook are based on my previous card materials that have been polished and for the first time, you'll find them in this collection. As before, these routines are not difficult to do if you considered yourself as an advanced card performer. But, there's a requirement that you must familiar with culling, Elmsley Count, Tilt, and others.

You will find effects such as a bizzare card sandwich, an interesting variation of Twisting the Aces theme with a signed selection and an ambitious card routine.

Table of Contents:

A Reunion Sandwich
This is my revisited version based on my previous Come Together (2009) and Jacks Union (2010).

Colourful Jackrobats
My take on David Britland's "Jackrobats" and combines with a spectator's signed selection that ends with a total surprise!

Quadruple Ambitious
Based on my previous handling of "Overly Jackbitious" with an emphasis on surprise climax!

Here's what a few of them say:

"It looks like another three winners in this new volume of your series. All three routines are strong."
-- Peter Duffie

This e-book is not suitable for beginners. While all the moves are explained clearly but some previous card handling experience is preferable.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Miracle Hands on Deck II E-Book

My new card magic eBook "Miracle Hands on Deck II" is now available at my online shop.

This collection contains 3 of my favourite card effects. The material focuses a full deck, half deck and a packet trick.

As before, these routines are not difficult to do if you considered yourself as an advanced card performer.

You will find effects such as a visual colour changing packet trick, visual card sandwich and a three-phase routine that joins forces with Karl Fulves' "Universal Card", card sandwich and a killer revelation of the Jokers!

Table of Contents:

Half-Pack Sandwich
Based on Alex Elmsley's "Half-Pack Vanish" with the emphasis on visual card magic.

Thanks to Goldstein
A lovely four-phase colour changing packet trick that will delight your audience. You can perform this packet trick at anytime and anywhere. Instant reset!

The Master of Disguise
A visual three-phase routine that will bring your audience an amazing roller-coaster ride and ends with an unbelievable journey!

Here's what a few of them say:

"I love your use of the Elmsley half deck vanish. I have never seen anyone use this in their work (including me!). Well done! You have created a powerful effect with it. I also like Thanks to Goldstein. I have always liked the Golsdstein premise and you have taken it in a new direction. I knew I would like Master of Disguise as soon as I saw it was a Universal Card plot (one of my favourite plots). Great finish with the Royal Flush!"
-- Peter Duffie

"I really like your item Thanks to Goldstein. Very cool!"
-- Mike Powers

"Just read through Andrew's two new PDFs. All in all some very nice effects here. Three effects in each booklet. Very good, commercial card material!"
-- Cameron Francis

"My favorite trick is Thanks to Goldstein, I love packet tricks and this one is superb! The Master of Disguise is a full routine with a lot of effects in it. Really interesting. Miracle Hands on Deck 2 is another great ebook from Andrew."
-- Raphaël Czaja 

This e-book is not suitable for beginners. While all the moves are explained clearly but some previous card handling experience is preferable.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Anilecram - My Review

I'm very excited to indulge myself in going through Michael Kettle's "Anilecram" effect. The reason is simply because firstly, the effect is automatic and secondly, the spectator seems to have a freedom in the process of determining which cards to represent suits and values. So, to wrap up, this is a wonderful routine and I really enjoyed its self-working mechanism. Very clever!

You would like to take note that in terms of the methodology, it's very clever but you need to master one crucial sleight that is the "Perfect Straddle Faro" and there's some set up required in this routine.

But I'm sure that fellow readers may familiar with the system. However, if you don't, Michael explains this in the manuscript too. The first section starts off with a very brief introduction on the "Set up" system, "The Straddle Faro" and finally, the handling and methodology, everything is explained in detail.

In terms of the layout and illustrations of the eBook, he also provides the source of inspiration and I really like the overall presentation. In spite of the nature of the effect is not completely impromptu, however, the choice of determining which cards to represent suits and values are free. There is no magician's choice or equivoe used in this routine which is great.

Overall, I think it's worth to get a copy and try out this effect to yourself. It's really cool and you may like its self-working mechanism!


Friday, April 1, 2011

Miracle Hands on Deck E-Book

My new card magic eBook "Miracle Hands on Deck" is now available at my online shop.

This collection contains 3 of my favourite card effects that specially catered for stand-up performance. 

These routines are not difficult to do if you considered yourself as an advanced card performer. You will find effects such as card sandwich, cards separation and in the hands visual two-packet transposition.

All the effects can be done completely impromptu. Just bring a deck of cards with you and ready to perform at a moment's notice.

Table of Contents: 

Pocket Filter 
Based on Alex Elmsley's "Colour Filter" but without the use of handkerchief! Convince your spectator that the cards filter through magical tunnels! 

Optical Zones 
A visual two-packet transposition that happens in the hands of the performer. 

A Sandwich Choice 
The Kings instantly vanish, reappear and trap the spectator's selection in the deck which held by the spectator!

Here's what a few of them say:

"Just tried them with cards in hands! Pure Andrew Loh magic! The simplicity of each effect along with direct methods make this ebook worth a purchase."
-- Raphaël Czaja

"The ebook is first rate. All three routines: Pocket Filter / Optical Zones & A Sandwich Choice are really well constructed and very effective. My favourite is Pocket Filter -- a great performance piece."
-- Peter Duffie

"Just wanted to say, Andrew's new Ebook: Miracle Hands on Decks is awesome! Contains 3 great, commercial effects, that aren't too hard to do. Crediting is great, and the illustrations are a work of art! Well done Andrew!"
-- Kyle MacNeill

"These 3 effects, after my test on the road, work very well in real world I have very glad to use them in my performance."
-- Tommaso Guglielmi

This e-book is not suitable for beginners. While all the moves are explained clearly but some previous card handling experience is preferable. 


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Double Scam - My Review

"Double Scam" is a lovely card effect by Michael Daniels based on Tommaso Guglielmi's "Subtle Scam" idea. I really admired his work in this collection. To those of you ACAAN fans out there, "Double Scam" may be your delicious treat because in this version, this can be done with a borrowed deck, completely impromptu, no force, and best of all, no complicated calculations. That's right, no counting numbers again in your mind. That's the beauty of this version and once you understand how it works, it will work automatically.

Let's start off by listing some of the basic information. It's a 13-page eBook, file size is about 1.12 MB and the overall layout of the eBook is excellent. Mike starts off by explaining the presentation of the effect which is good because it gives a brief idea how the effect plays out to the audience.

It's my preference to read any effect before indulging myself straight into the secret or explanation section. Mike did an excellent job for that. In addition, many colourful photos are shown in the explanation section so, you don't need to worry about following the routine.

I also like the way Mike gives some good introduction at the "Method" section to the reader how his version evolved based on Tommy's "Subtle Scam" in great detail and to be honest, if you are a vivid fan of ACAAN, I urge you to read Tommy's "Subtle Scam" and this guy has a wide range of excellent ACAAN effects in other eBooks as well. However, I don't have the intention to make a comparison between Michael and Tommy's work on the ACAAN because I believe each versions has its own strengths and merits.

Let's discuss in terms of the methodology. First thing first, if you expect this is a "Hands-Off" approach, I'm afraid I have to tell you this is not. But, to be honest, I don't mind at all simply because this can be done completely impromptu and ends with a big ending. In this version, it's a two-phase routine where the mentalist and spectator each selects a card and number. I know what you're thinking. Maybe you think that there's a "fishing" technique involved. But surprisingly not! Keep in mind that, you won't find any "fishing" technique and best of all, you just need to remember some very simple arithmetic calculations which you will understand easily in minutes!

However, there is some slight weakness in the methodology but you don't have to worry, because Mike explained how to overcome this in "Dealing with a Card Shortage" section. There is some additional work needed from the performer to handle this particular phase.

Some of the essential card sleights such as Mike's "Passover Cut" that is very deceptive, Jay Ose's "False Cut" and "False Three-Heap Cut" (after Walter B. Gibson) are explained clearly as well. Mike also includes useful notes that you may want to refer in the explanation section.

As I mentioned earlier, if you are a fan of Tommy's work, it's worth your time and money to check out "Double Scam" which I can see myself using. I look forward to performing this for the next event!

Highly recommended!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lucky Charms - New Packet Trick

This is one of my most favourite packet tricks. Basically, this effect does not require intensive sleight of hand and is highly entertaining.

In performance, the performer removes and displays the "stars" cards and places them into the four-leaf-clover cards. Magically, the star card disappears in the four-leaf-clover cards! For the end climax, the performer picks up the blended cards and deals the JUMBO four-leaf-clover cards on the table!

Don't miss this wonderful packet trick as it plays well with any audience and they will love the final climax that they don't see it coming.

Add this packet trick into your working repertoire today!

Comes complete with the necessary Bicycle cards, a transparent card wallet and instruction booklet.

Here's what a few of them say:

There is much to like here. The presentation with the stars and four-leaf clovers is great fun and great magic. I also like that it is well-constructed and requires minimal sleight of hand (a couple of easy counts). A nice routine to carry and perform for all types of audience.
-- Peter Duffie

Available at: http://www.cardicianden.com


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Magicians Do Red Nose Day

This month, I contributed one of my items from my upcoming "Fiver with a Deck of Cards" to the Red Nose Day (http://www.rednoseday.com/) to Jamie Daws, whose in charge for compiling the materials and producing the pdf to raise fund for the charity event.

I would like to thank Jamie Daws for taking the effort in compiling the materials from other top names in magic such as Ben Harris, Liam Montier, Peter Duffie, Darren McQuade and others. In addition, Jamie's design and layout of the pdf deserved to be praised. The materials are great and it's just £5 to donate. However, this pdf is only available temporary from 17th Match until 1st April 2011.

There are a total of nine effects in this pdf and I find the materials are interesting. I hope fellow readers may purchase the pdf to raise the funds to help those in needs and at the same time, you will get a taste to some of the excellent materials.

Available at: http://jamiedaws.com/rndpdf and http://www.peterduffie.com/


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dark Thief & Entanglement - My Review

This is my second attempt in going through Tommy's latest offering - Dark Thief & Entanglement. Once again, I would like to say I'm impressed on most of his ACAAN work and admired his thinking in all his creations. Although at first I had some difficulty in going through some of the materials, but eventually I got through them.

To be honest, my background as a serious cardician, I am so used to sleights or moves to create card effects all over the years or in that kind of category. When comes to ACAAN, I really seldom read those stuff even if I do, most of the stuffs involve gaffs which eliminate principles or other tools.

I always attracted to non-gaff stuff because the nature of my performing style. But I don't mind if there is a slight set up which I believe it can be done in a matter of seconds. However, in Tommy's offering, the stuffs can be done without any gaff which really surprise me. But of course, there is some other trade offs too. This is where I think (even now) Tommy has invested his huge amount of time in experimenting the routine as well as the methods. I am not going to list all the items but rather I'll start off reviewing with three of my favourite items.

The first one is "The Dark Thief" and this is one of my favourites. According to the author, this version is an improvement based on his previous released that published in Silent Running by Ben Harris. I can't comment that previous version because I haven't read or tried it. I really like this effect and the reason is simple, you can perform this with a normal deck of cards. I really like this two-phase routine where two spectators are involved. I have been using this and I really like the reaction from my friends. It's just that good, really.

My next favourite list is going to be "Entanglement" that I thought awesome! Again, the deck is non-gaff and in the process, everything seems fair and involves two spectators. I am not going to reveal much on this one. In short, I really have a great time in performing this one.

The next list is "Enigma" and once again, a hands-off, two-phase version and best of all, it's so easy to perform. I really like the patter given by Tommy. I haven't tried this effect with my friends so I cannot guarantee how it plays with layman. But by judging the nature of this effect, in the first phase, it looks like you are able to reveal the spectator's selection based on the tone of her voice. However, this phase is quite tedious because it involves some writing. But it pays off later for the next phase. The final phase it's my favourite because it combines with ACAAN that works automatically (remember I explained in the first phase was quite tedious in terms of writing?). I am not going to explain in much detail but I think I will definitely try performing this when I have the chance.

Overall, I really like the materials in this collection. I think if you invest your time in reading and trying Tommy's stuffs, not only you enjoy his creative materials but you will appreciate some of the ideas or methods that can be used to create another effect or routine. I think it's possible because once you know the secret or work, you may come up with your own handling. I think if you like ACAAN stuff, you will enjoy the material in this collection.

I'm addicted to Tommy's materials, I really can't wait to read his new material in the future.

Highly recommended!

Available at: http://sites.google.com/site/m2mmagictrick


The Charred Cards - New E-Book

I just released my latest eBook "The Charred Cards" and this effect has been in my mainstay for many years simply because the nature of the effects that involves fire and ashes.

This effect is based on combinations of plots and the interesting part of this trick is that you can perform for a normal setting or as bizarre magic.

Anything that has a relation to ashes you can optimise your presentation whatever you think fits its premise. I have been using this in my entire career as a cardician.

Basically, the plot is you burn the back of a court card and will use it to locate two freely selections in the deck. The first phase is you cause the burnt card to turn invisible and locate the spectator's card. For the second phase, you apply the ash mark onto the spectator's palm and you transfer the ash-mark to locate the final card.

Here's what a few of them say:

"This is excellent."
-- Peter Duffie

"I had the pleasure to read about the The Charred Cards. What I can say, that it is an excellent effect that I will use over and over again."
-- Tommaso Guglielmi

"This is indeed a very good effect. It takes Sankey's Carbon Paper to a new level. Really, really good and well constructed routine."
-- Cameron Francis

"Everything is well explained and although there are some sleights in it (which are not explained), it's a great "simple" effect. The "convincer" method makes the trick complete. That's what I like in this method; the convincer. It's not the effect that's new or stunning, but it's the way it's brought and achieved. Is this trick worth it? Yes, because it will allow you to create a "miracle" with a little effort." 
-- Kevin van Hoof

Available at: http://www.cardicianden.com