Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dark Thief & Entanglement - My Review

This is my second attempt in going through Tommy's latest offering - Dark Thief & Entanglement. Once again, I would like to say I'm impressed on most of his ACAAN work and admired his thinking in all his creations. Although at first I had some difficulty in going through some of the materials, but eventually I got through them.

To be honest, my background as a serious cardician, I am so used to sleights or moves to create card effects all over the years or in that kind of category. When comes to ACAAN, I really seldom read those stuff even if I do, most of the stuffs involve gaffs which eliminate principles or other tools.

I always attracted to non-gaff stuff because the nature of my performing style. But I don't mind if there is a slight set up which I believe it can be done in a matter of seconds. However, in Tommy's offering, the stuffs can be done without any gaff which really surprise me. But of course, there is some other trade offs too. This is where I think (even now) Tommy has invested his huge amount of time in experimenting the routine as well as the methods. I am not going to list all the items but rather I'll start off reviewing with three of my favourite items.

The first one is "The Dark Thief" and this is one of my favourites. According to the author, this version is an improvement based on his previous released that published in Silent Running by Ben Harris. I can't comment that previous version because I haven't read or tried it. I really like this effect and the reason is simple, you can perform this with a normal deck of cards. I really like this two-phase routine where two spectators are involved. I have been using this and I really like the reaction from my friends. It's just that good, really.

My next favourite list is going to be "Entanglement" that I thought awesome! Again, the deck is non-gaff and in the process, everything seems fair and involves two spectators. I am not going to reveal much on this one. In short, I really have a great time in performing this one.

The next list is "Enigma" and once again, a hands-off, two-phase version and best of all, it's so easy to perform. I really like the patter given by Tommy. I haven't tried this effect with my friends so I cannot guarantee how it plays with layman. But by judging the nature of this effect, in the first phase, it looks like you are able to reveal the spectator's selection based on the tone of her voice. However, this phase is quite tedious because it involves some writing. But it pays off later for the next phase. The final phase it's my favourite because it combines with ACAAN that works automatically (remember I explained in the first phase was quite tedious in terms of writing?). I am not going to explain in much detail but I think I will definitely try performing this when I have the chance.

Overall, I really like the materials in this collection. I think if you invest your time in reading and trying Tommy's stuffs, not only you enjoy his creative materials but you will appreciate some of the ideas or methods that can be used to create another effect or routine. I think it's possible because once you know the secret or work, you may come up with your own handling. I think if you like ACAAN stuff, you will enjoy the material in this collection.

I'm addicted to Tommy's materials, I really can't wait to read his new material in the future.

Highly recommended!

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