Thursday, March 31, 2011

Double Scam - My Review

"Double Scam" is a lovely card effect by Michael Daniels based on Tommaso Guglielmi's "Subtle Scam" idea. I really admired his work in this collection. To those of you ACAAN fans out there, "Double Scam" may be your delicious treat because in this version, this can be done with a borrowed deck, completely impromptu, no force, and best of all, no complicated calculations. That's right, no counting numbers again in your mind. That's the beauty of this version and once you understand how it works, it will work automatically.

Let's start off by listing some of the basic information. It's a 13-page eBook, file size is about 1.12 MB and the overall layout of the eBook is excellent. Mike starts off by explaining the presentation of the effect which is good because it gives a brief idea how the effect plays out to the audience.

It's my preference to read any effect before indulging myself straight into the secret or explanation section. Mike did an excellent job for that. In addition, many colourful photos are shown in the explanation section so, you don't need to worry about following the routine.

I also like the way Mike gives some good introduction at the "Method" section to the reader how his version evolved based on Tommy's "Subtle Scam" in great detail and to be honest, if you are a vivid fan of ACAAN, I urge you to read Tommy's "Subtle Scam" and this guy has a wide range of excellent ACAAN effects in other eBooks as well. However, I don't have the intention to make a comparison between Michael and Tommy's work on the ACAAN because I believe each versions has its own strengths and merits.

Let's discuss in terms of the methodology. First thing first, if you expect this is a "Hands-Off" approach, I'm afraid I have to tell you this is not. But, to be honest, I don't mind at all simply because this can be done completely impromptu and ends with a big ending. In this version, it's a two-phase routine where the mentalist and spectator each selects a card and number. I know what you're thinking. Maybe you think that there's a "fishing" technique involved. But surprisingly not! Keep in mind that, you won't find any "fishing" technique and best of all, you just need to remember some very simple arithmetic calculations which you will understand easily in minutes!

However, there is some slight weakness in the methodology but you don't have to worry, because Mike explained how to overcome this in "Dealing with a Card Shortage" section. There is some additional work needed from the performer to handle this particular phase.

Some of the essential card sleights such as Mike's "Passover Cut" that is very deceptive, Jay Ose's "False Cut" and "False Three-Heap Cut" (after Walter B. Gibson) are explained clearly as well. Mike also includes useful notes that you may want to refer in the explanation section.

As I mentioned earlier, if you are a fan of Tommy's work, it's worth your time and money to check out "Double Scam" which I can see myself using. I look forward to performing this for the next event!

Highly recommended!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lucky Charms - New Packet Trick

This is one of my most favourite packet tricks. Basically, this effect does not require intensive sleight of hand and is highly entertaining.

In performance, the performer removes and displays the "stars" cards and places them into the four-leaf-clover cards. Magically, the star card disappears in the four-leaf-clover cards! For the end climax, the performer picks up the blended cards and deals the JUMBO four-leaf-clover cards on the table!

Don't miss this wonderful packet trick as it plays well with any audience and they will love the final climax that they don't see it coming.

Add this packet trick into your working repertoire today!

Comes complete with the necessary Bicycle cards, a transparent card wallet and instruction booklet.

Here's what a few of them say:

There is much to like here. The presentation with the stars and four-leaf clovers is great fun and great magic. I also like that it is well-constructed and requires minimal sleight of hand (a couple of easy counts). A nice routine to carry and perform for all types of audience.
-- Peter Duffie

Available at:


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Magicians Do Red Nose Day

This month, I contributed one of my items from my upcoming "Fiver with a Deck of Cards" to the Red Nose Day ( to Jamie Daws, whose in charge for compiling the materials and producing the pdf to raise fund for the charity event.

I would like to thank Jamie Daws for taking the effort in compiling the materials from other top names in magic such as Ben Harris, Liam Montier, Peter Duffie, Darren McQuade and others. In addition, Jamie's design and layout of the pdf deserved to be praised. The materials are great and it's just £5 to donate. However, this pdf is only available temporary from 17th Match until 1st April 2011.

There are a total of nine effects in this pdf and I find the materials are interesting. I hope fellow readers may purchase the pdf to raise the funds to help those in needs and at the same time, you will get a taste to some of the excellent materials.

Available at: and