Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lucky Charms - New Packet Trick

This is one of my most favourite packet tricks. Basically, this effect does not require intensive sleight of hand and is highly entertaining.

In performance, the performer removes and displays the "stars" cards and places them into the four-leaf-clover cards. Magically, the star card disappears in the four-leaf-clover cards! For the end climax, the performer picks up the blended cards and deals the JUMBO four-leaf-clover cards on the table!

Don't miss this wonderful packet trick as it plays well with any audience and they will love the final climax that they don't see it coming.

Add this packet trick into your working repertoire today!

Comes complete with the necessary Bicycle cards, a transparent card wallet and instruction booklet.

Here's what a few of them say:

There is much to like here. The presentation with the stars and four-leaf clovers is great fun and great magic. I also like that it is well-constructed and requires minimal sleight of hand (a couple of easy counts). A nice routine to carry and perform for all types of audience.
-- Peter Duffie

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