Monday, April 11, 2011

Anilecram - My Review

I'm very excited to indulge myself in going through Michael Kettle's "Anilecram" effect. The reason is simply because firstly, the effect is automatic and secondly, the spectator seems to have a freedom in the process of determining which cards to represent suits and values. So, to wrap up, this is a wonderful routine and I really enjoyed its self-working mechanism. Very clever!

You would like to take note that in terms of the methodology, it's very clever but you need to master one crucial sleight that is the "Perfect Straddle Faro" and there's some set up required in this routine.

But I'm sure that fellow readers may familiar with the system. However, if you don't, Michael explains this in the manuscript too. The first section starts off with a very brief introduction on the "Set up" system, "The Straddle Faro" and finally, the handling and methodology, everything is explained in detail.

In terms of the layout and illustrations of the eBook, he also provides the source of inspiration and I really like the overall presentation. In spite of the nature of the effect is not completely impromptu, however, the choice of determining which cards to represent suits and values are free. There is no magician's choice or equivoe used in this routine which is great.

Overall, I think it's worth to get a copy and try out this effect to yourself. It's really cool and you may like its self-working mechanism!


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