Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Miracle Hands on Deck II E-Book

My new card magic eBook "Miracle Hands on Deck II" is now available at my online shop.

This collection contains 3 of my favourite card effects. The material focuses a full deck, half deck and a packet trick.

As before, these routines are not difficult to do if you considered yourself as an advanced card performer.

You will find effects such as a visual colour changing packet trick, visual card sandwich and a three-phase routine that joins forces with Karl Fulves' "Universal Card", card sandwich and a killer revelation of the Jokers!

Table of Contents:

Half-Pack Sandwich
Based on Alex Elmsley's "Half-Pack Vanish" with the emphasis on visual card magic.

Thanks to Goldstein
A lovely four-phase colour changing packet trick that will delight your audience. You can perform this packet trick at anytime and anywhere. Instant reset!

The Master of Disguise
A visual three-phase routine that will bring your audience an amazing roller-coaster ride and ends with an unbelievable journey!

Here's what a few of them say:

"I love your use of the Elmsley half deck vanish. I have never seen anyone use this in their work (including me!). Well done! You have created a powerful effect with it. I also like Thanks to Goldstein. I have always liked the Golsdstein premise and you have taken it in a new direction. I knew I would like Master of Disguise as soon as I saw it was a Universal Card plot (one of my favourite plots). Great finish with the Royal Flush!"
-- Peter Duffie

"I really like your item Thanks to Goldstein. Very cool!"
-- Mike Powers

"Just read through Andrew's two new PDFs. All in all some very nice effects here. Three effects in each booklet. Very good, commercial card material!"
-- Cameron Francis

"My favorite trick is Thanks to Goldstein, I love packet tricks and this one is superb! The Master of Disguise is a full routine with a lot of effects in it. Really interesting. Miracle Hands on Deck 2 is another great ebook from Andrew."
-- RaphaĆ«l Czaja 

This e-book is not suitable for beginners. While all the moves are explained clearly but some previous card handling experience is preferable.