Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fit for Kings - My Review

John Gelasi's (a very young magician) Fit for Kings contains some excellent card magic. This eBook contains 15 pages and features impromptu commercial card magic. Based on what the author claims, the materials have been tested in real world and most of the items are not very difficult to do.

My personal favourites are "Jazz Club", "Daley + 2" and "Big Mistake". In "Jazz Club", this effect essetially deals with the four kings and red spot cards. One by one, the Kings switch places with the red cards in the card case, all leading up to a kicker ending! This is a very neat effect which I will include this into my working repertoire.

"Daley + 2" is another excellent piece of work that based on Dr. Daley's classic plot with an extra kicker! I really like this version as the author combines this effect with two freely selected cards and revealed in a surprising manner.

"Big Mistake" is my personal favourite little eye-candy item. Basically, this effect involves a small packet of cards with lots of surprises, where the performer finally ends up producing the four Kings from a packet that used to contain jokers! This is a great opener where if you like short and effective effect that breaks the ice in any situation, this is a great item!

In a nutshell, this is an excellent eBook where most of the materials are easy to do and very commercial. In addition, the price of this eBook is just $4 (available at lybrary.com) and I think it's worth to support a copy. Did I mention that the author is just 15 years old? I think he has a creative mind in coming up more card magic stuffs and I look forward to reading his material in the future.


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