Sunday, July 10, 2011

Miracle Hands on Deck IV E-Book

My fourth volume of Miracle Hands on Deck is now available!

If you have been purchasing my previous three volumes of “Miracle Hands on Deck”, I would like to thank you for once again for purchasing “Miracle Hands on Deck IV” featuring yet another 3 practical card effects. In this volume, you will find effects such as card fusion, an instant and visual card sandwich, and an entertaining card routine that combines with a series of transposition and transformation that you will enjoy performing!

There is one effect that requires you to use special card which is mostly available at most magic shop. The effects are catered for intermediate card worker.

Table of Contents:

Card Fuzion
This is a two-phase routine; the first phase involves a visual approach and in the second phase, the card fusion takes place in the spectator's own hands! Both cards can be signed and given out as souvenirs!

This is a visual eye-candy item. A spectator's signed selection transposes between two packet of cards and ends with an unbelievable climax!

The Essence of Spades
My personal all-time favourite effect! This effect involves transposition and transformation effects that ends with a big finish!

Here's what a few of them say:

"Three great routines; the final one is a full-blown killer."
-- Peter Duffie

"Card Fusion is my favorite in this ebook. Very clever structure and using of a particular force. I appreciate that it is direct to the point. Thus, one of the best versions I've seen so far. Teleportation has a great moment in which you remove one selection and it becomes two cards. Need a bit of practice but very visual and can be used for other tricks I guess. The Essence of Spades has a kind of impossible transposition and multiple endings that may be worth the work and is sure to have a great impact. Nice work again!"
-- Raphaël Czaja

"Nice work on volume 4! Good tricks! I think my favorite is Teleportation!"
-- Cameron Francis

This e-book is not suitable for beginners. While all the moves are explained clearly but some previous card handling experience is preferable.


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