Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shoot Ogawa Lecture

The Shoot Ogawa lecture was held on 30-07-2011 (Saturday) at 11am. Unfortunately a heavy downpour had caused some delay (lots of vacant seats) and the lecture started around 11.30am. There was quite a number of audience turned up and everyone was so enjoyed throughout the lecture.

Both the magicians and the audience were quite engaging with each other in the performance as well as during the Q&A session. Shoot started off by performing a few card and coin effects. Most of the effects he performed were very visual in nature. He also talked about the importance of timing in magic.

It's interesting to get to know about the history and facts about the limited quantity of "The Ninja Rings". For those of you who might be interested to get the Ninja Rings, worry not as Shoot and Charlie informed that they may manufacture another batch of Ninja Rings this year.

As you know being a cardguy, I handle playing cards everyday and I think it's great for me to indulge myself with this mystical linking rings. Judging the fact that Wizard's Inn produced such high quality rings, I definitely will purchase another 3 sets in the future. It's excellent!

I also managed to learn some important insight from Shoot and Charlie. Charlie was very kind to share his insight on the Chinese Linking Ring.

He described on how he developed, proposed the how-and-why that a magician should do or avoid for these rings in terms of the techniques, linking and unlinking moves as well as the timing and psychology.

It's interesting to get to know him in terms of his young days on this craft and his upcoming competition. Honestly, these guys were quite funny throughout the lecture.

The lecture ended around 1.30pm. I managed to buy a few items such as the Ninja Rings and three DVDs directly from Shoot. In a nutshell, I really enjoyed very much throughout the lecture. Thanks to The Magic Annexe for conducting a nice lecture.


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