Friday, August 26, 2011

Card Tricks for the Fractured Mind - My Review

I'm very excited to read Peter Duffie's latest card magic eBook "Card Tricks for the Fractured Mind" (love the title!). This eBook contains excellent collection of entertaining card effects.

It's a 47-page pdf and the file size is less than 1MB. I always enjoyed the author's presentation of his work particularly in terms of each of the effects that is hyperlinked at the table of contents for ease of navigation and there are plenty of colourful photos throughout the eBook. There are 12 card effects and all using a regular deck.

Most of the routines that the author explains are based on his previous refinements that can be found in many sources with excellent credits. You also will find some very clever construction and ideas as well.

Without further ado, let's start off by reviewing some of my favourite or delicious card effects.

A very nice and novel way of revealing a spectator's selection in the deck by using a ribbon! The handling is very simple and efficient. I really like the revelation where the performer pulls the ribbon and the spectator's selection is attached to the ribbon. This item has gone straight into my repertoire! Everything can be examined!

Misdirection Monte
I really like the neat construction of this routine as well as each of the phases. The key surprise moment is that the performer somehow causes the winning card to transpose with the spectator's selection! In addition, lots of magical happenings in the phases. I really enjoyed this as the handling is very simple and direct! 

From Beyond the Veil
Another excellent routine which is a hands-off approach in finding out two spectators' selections whilst they are doing all the work! This is another great addition to my repertoire. I really like from the beginning until to the end of the routine, everything seems fair and the cards are shuffled by the two spectators. This is one of my favourites!

Dance Steps
This is another great routine inspired by the classic Hofzinser plot. This is my favourite two-phase routine where each of the phases seems entertaining. I really enjoyed the last phase where you show they are mis-match and at the end, with a snap of fingers, the Kings and Queens become match with each other. Again, nice flow and construction! 

This is essetially an almost hands-off version of Card at any Number plot. I consider this routine worth the price of the entire eBook! Everything seems very fair and it's a nice addition to my current repertoire.

Populace Revisited
This is a surprise and sudden revelation of three selections in between the face-up Aces! The handling is very easy and again, one of my favourites! 

Post Production
I consider this another invaluable gem that I really enjoyed performing this recently! Basically the plot is inspired by "Chicago Opener" and I really like the idea of using the post-it note to create a wonderful miracle on locating two spectators' selections. I think the author has put the post-it note for good use in this kind of effect! The first phase relies on presentation and the last phase seems more magical. I really like this!

Safe Cracker
This is another visual eye-candy item where the performer shows a four-spot card and you magically separate or crack it open into four Aces! Very nice and I really enjoy playing around with this one!

I didn't realise that I have found 8 items that I personally consider as my favourites! In other words, more than 50% of the material that I will actually use! The card effects in this collection are excellent and highly practical. Most of the routines are not very difficult to do. The price of the eBook is $14.95! I think it's well worth to get a copy and start exploring some nice and entertaining card effects in this collection. By the way, don't miss out the "Summer Madness" that the author is offering at the moment!

Highly recommended!

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