Monday, August 29, 2011

Chop the Monte - My Review

Cameron Francis offers his latest pdf "Chop the Monte" with a big knife on the front cover! Well, I think this justifies something in this pdf and as the title says it all, you know what to expect from the author as well as the first routine. The second bonus item is "Self Explanatory", yet another excellent item!

Anyway, I should say that I really enjoyed the two card routines. The pdf contains 9 pages and the file size is less than 1MB.

The overall layout or presentation (as usual Cameron's work) of the pdf seems excellent and the author understands when to include helpful colourful photographs to show the work.

Let me start off by reviewing the first item.

Chop the Monte
This routine requires some set-up but that doesn't bother me because in the effect itself, it sounds excellent and how it plays to lay audience. I give this a try and I should say the flow and construction are really nice! Honestly, each of the phases are much magical than another and at the end, four Aces suddenly emerge out from nowhere and this happens between the performer and spectator's hands! Give this a try and you'll love the reaction from layman. If that doesn't enough, the author also includes a link where you can have the chance to watch the author in performance.

Self Explanatory
This is a very nice and surprisingly easy routine with a built-in great presentation. I read the author's previous works before and one thing I can conclude is that he has the knack of incorporating wonderful and crazy ideas into blank cards! Yes, this routine requires a few double blank cards and the preparation is so easy to do. But I can attest that this is another powerful routine that you can do that will cause layman turns crazy! You'll definitely love performing this because it's so easy to do and believe me or not, it's just one card sleight that does all the work! The revelation of the Aces is just pure mind-boggling! I really enjoyed and this item has gone straight into my repertoire! Again, there's a link to view this routine at Youtube.

Well, that's the end of my review. As I said above, this is an excellent pdf with the two routines alone, I think you'll definitely have a wonderful time with them as they are highly practical and entertaining. To date, I have no idea how much the author would sell this but I'm sure, it's definitely worth to get a copy.

Highly recommended!

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