Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fit for Kings, Too! - My Review

John Gelasi is a very young magician and recently, I received a reviewed-copy of his "Fit for Kings, too!" pdf. Basically, this is the second volume of "Fit for Kings" which you can check my previous review in this blog as well.

The pdf contains 18 pages, 6 effects, the size of the pdf is less than 1MB and each of the effects has a video link that you can watch the author in performance at Youtube. There are more than 10 colourful photos to support the explanation.

Most of the routines are not very difficult to do and work with regular deck. Just like his previous volume, the main theme is using the four Kings in all the six effects. I think the author has done a wonderful job in the explanation on each of the routines. So far, I found four items to my liking.

I'll start off by reviewing the four of my favourite items.

Almost Perfect 
This reminds me of Martin Nash's "Title Bout" but the author's approach in this routine is different. This routine focuses on the visual approach in terms of producing the Aces in a rather surprise manner with a transposion throws in for good measure. I like the flow of this routine and basically, it's not very difficult to do. Nice!

Funny Assembly
This is a nice transposition routine between two packets of cards without dupes. This is an excellent piece as I usually like a simple transposition between two packets of cards. This item works with four vs. two as this creates a good contrast during the transposition, which I think it's excellent. I really like this!

Walton-ing Around
I think most of you familiar with Roy Walton's "Oil & Queens" and the author has done a wonderful in applying this concept (very clever!) to determine a spectator's card. The initial handling basically remains the same and somehow at the end, the selection appears in the centre of the deck! It's not very difficult to do and I think it's very effective to layman.

Kangaroo Kings
Another of my favourite items that can be done with more than one spectator. Basically, this routine requires you to engage your spectators and they will do all the work in finding the Kings. The first two Kings are found by the two spectators. However, the author uses a different method for the third phase and I think the last phase is interesting. At least, the spectators think that you ruin the routine but in fact, it's an indicator card and at the end, the performer successfully locates the fourth King to end the routine! It's a nice routine that you can do especially if you have a group of friends, etc.

Overall, I really enjoyed the pdf and as I mentioned earlier, the author is still very young and I really impress of his work. The good thing about this pdf (as I mentioned earlier) is that each of the effects has a link to Youtube and you can watch the author in performance! You may just view the clips and have a clear picture on how the routine looks like in real time. The price of the pdf is $7.50. I think you'll find some items that you'll use in your performance.

In short, very simple but effective card magic!

Available at: http://gelasimagic.weebly.com/


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