Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tri-Wave - My Review

I just read Andrew Galanter's first work on his new "Tri-Wave" pdf. This is a three-phased effect inspired by Phil Goldstein's "B'Wave" and the good news is without the use of gimmicked cards! I should say I'm impress in terms of the approach and great routining. This pdf contains 12 pages and with ample of colourful photographs to support the explanation.

The great strength of this routine is that, as mentioned earlier, this can be done without any gimmicked cards and with a great three-phased built in  routine. Each phases seems stronger than another. And, there is no magician's choice or equivoque involved in this version.

The first phase is where a packet of Queens is placed on the table and the spectator is asked to freely name any of her favourite Queen. After she has done so, the performer picks up the packet and shows the freely named Queen is the only face up in the face-down packet! This first phase alone is quite strong as the performer managed to nail the freely named Queen!

For second phase, the freely named Queen seems to vanish in the hands of the performer leaving only three Queens on the table and the named Queen is removed from the performer's pocket. I really like the vanishing premise as well as the revelation of displaying the three cards which is very convincing.

For the final phase, the performer challenges the spectator to name another Queen of the opposite colour. No problem, the performer removes the prediction cards from his pocket and he shows three Queens are similar colour except the named Queen! This is a great finale and I really like this!

In conclusion, I really like all the phases and I think the author has done a wonderful job in his methodolody and approach in tackling this wonderful plot. As mentioned earlier, this is a great piece of work based on the "B'Wave" premise. If you enjoy this kind of plot, no doubt you would like to give this a look and I think it's worth to invest a copy which is $3. I'm really impress the author in spite of his young age, he has come up something that is worth for magician to explore. I look forward to reading his work in the future.


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