Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Review - Four Cast

Christmas is around the corner and I guess this is a great time to make a purchase during this season. It is shopping time!

If you make a purchase at Peter Duffie's online shop right now, you are entitled to receive a copy of "Four Cast" featuring four lovely card routines.

The pdf contains 17 pages and easy-to-do card routines. It is a fairly small file (297 KB) and as always, the author provides colourful photos to support the explanation and everything is well laid-out.

So, let's get down to serious business by reviewing each of the following items.

This is one of my favourite items of the book. Somehow this routine reminds me of or has a feel when I first read the author's previous "Cards in Principle" and "Ulterior Motifs" eBooks. The author has a knack of applying a very simple card principle to end this two-phase routine. I believe you will use it as soon as you read it. The plot is very simple, have two cards chosen and you reveal the selections in a very interesting way. I think the second phase is very strong where the second spectator ends up with all the Spades cards in her hand. Sounds coincidence? Not really. I really like this and it is good!

One at a Time
I am sure most of us (cardguys) like the "Collectors" routine and this version somehow caught my attention. It does not involve heavy sleights or moves and is a nice three-phase collectors routine. The revelation of the three selections appeals to me especially the third selection. I believe if it is done correctly and smoothly, it is a nice piece of eye-candy item.  

Table d'hôte
This is an interesting revelation on the spectator's selection which can be done seated or walkaround situation. The author has added a neat touch on Alex Elmsley's "Repulsive Aces" with an emphasis on card through table with a nice display. It is very easy to do and there is a proposed handling that you cause the spectator's card to pocket. I think both handlings are equally excellent.  

This is my favourite card discovery based on a principle published by Phil Goldstein and has a little CAAN feel to it. I really enjoyed this effect very much coupled with an interesting presentation. I really like the phase where the performer shows four cards that represent the four suits of playing cards and one of the cards vanishes that matches the suit of her selection. The spectator then counts the cards and her selection is found at a number. I really look forward to performing this very item for my next Christmas gathering. 

To sum up, I really enjoyed the four card routines in this collection especially "Psychologistic" and "Revelations" perhaps I should say they are very easy to do and great impact to any lay audience.  The four routines can be done with a regular deck. In addition, the above routines somehow make me feel as though I revisit the author's previous excellent work on card principles. The author is pioneer in card principles. If you favour card principles and would like to explore your horizon and the amazing possibilities in card magic, then I urge you to take a look on the above eBooks.

Available at: http://www.peterduffie.com/


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