Friday, January 20, 2012

My Upcoming eBook - My Reflections

Andrew Loh introduces you to ten of his most cherished effects direct from his working repertoire. 

The material ranges from variations on classic routines and with the objective of delivering entertaining card magic to your audience. The routines explained in this work are all audience tested. They constitute a body of work that dates back to 2006 and there are a number of new items included as well. 

The book is divided into 3 sections; Simple Effects, Impromptu Effects and Effect with Set-Up Cards. It is structured that way for ease of referring to a particular routine.

I sincerely hope you will find something to share with your audience and enjoy the routines as much as I do for years.


Royal Mates: An effortless four-of-a-kind production that you will use. Simple, direct and very magical! You will use this in less than two minutes as soon as you read it!

Divide & Concur: This is an amazing two-phase card revelation routine where the work is done by the spectator. There are no difficult sleights involved. In addition, it is so unfair that you devastate your audience in silence.

The Hackers: A story based on cyber intrusion. Two spectators are given an opportunity in witnessing how the Jacks hack certain information on the cards as input by one of the spectators. Be prepared for an unexpected outcome! This serves as a good lesson in "Pasteboard Intrusion" and additional ideas are included as well!

The Proactive Jacks: Perform a card sandwich routine that emphasises on the pro-activeness of the Jacks!

Sandwich in My Pocket: A three-selection card sandwich routine that fries! Three Jacks visually vanish and find the two selections in an amazing manner.

Hofzinser Meets Balducci: A revisit to the classics. As the title says it all, this routine can be done in an impromptu situation and if you are lucky, you may end this routine with another climax that they will never see it coming!

A Double Journey: An amazing and visual  two-phase two-packet card transposition effect.

Cannibals Journey: This is an unusual Cannibal Cards routine where the cannibals devour the missionaries. One of the missionaries hypnotises the rest of the cannibals until an unexpected event takes place!

Clandestine Twister: This routine is a combination on Dai Vernon's "Twisting the Aces" with a card revelation. I presume you are familiar with the original routine before attempting this routine.

The Intuitive Couples: The Kings and Queens work together in locating the spectator's selection in a very magical way. Two minds work at its best.

Here's what a few of them say:

"Nice item (Royal Mates)! It’s quick and easy and is also strong. A very good combination of qualities."
-- Mike Powers

"Great quick trick (Royal Mates). I like a lot. Very simple and effective construction."
-- Peter Duffie

"I really enjoyed it (Royal Mates); nice and simple, but a really novel production."
-- John Gelasi

"I've just read your trick (Royal Mates) and I can say that I love it. Because very easy to do and the effect is very powerful!"
-- József Kovács

This e-book is not suitable for beginners. While all the moves are explained clearly but some previous card handling experience is preferable.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Review - Just Cards Vol.1

Recently, I read another new release by John Gelasi. I am quite excited because being as a card guy, I always look forward to reading any card material from any magician. 

Honestly speaking, the pdf contains some great card material in this collection. There are a few items that I find appealing to me and in fact, I will use them in my performance. The pdf contains 15 pages and the file size is 490 KB. There are five items in this pdf. There is no illustration shown in this pdf but the author films his own performances and uploaded to Youtube where the links are accessible.

This is great as you can see the author in performance on how the effects looks like before you discover the secrets. Alright, without further ado, I will review each of the following items.

Fine Feathered Finks
This is a two-phase routine inspired by the Homing Card plot. I think the first phase is excellent where the selection is placed in between the Jacks and somehow it vanishes and appears on top of the pack. In the second phase, apparently, the selection is back in among the face-up Jacks and a magical gesture, the selection seems to have vanished once again and appeared in the main deck. The transposition looks nice between the phases.

This is an unusual version of ACAAN plot. However, the methodology does not appeal to me much because I believe that the effect of the original ACAAN is very simple, clear and very straightforward. A number is named and the selection is found at that freely called number. In the author's version, a few cutting of cards, a number is written down on a card then re-dealing the cards in the process and finally it reaches to the spectator's selection. Perhaps other readers may find this version appealing.

And Another Thing
This effect is inspired by Richard Sander's "King Thing" which has a few phases but this version also does not appeal to me much as there are lots of cutting, then the Kings jump to the top. And later, they jump back to the performer's hands and at the end, the Kings appear in the card case as well as the performer's pocket. I think this will cloud the spectator from understanding and following the routine. Perhaps other readers may find this to their liking.

J.G. Monte
This is a very nice routine! The construction is good and the handling is efficient as well. There are a few phases and I really like the transposition between the Queen and the Tens which is very magical. Nice!

I really enjoyed this item very much and it is very strong! It is excellent and the author applies a very good card principle to produce a wonderful effect! I really like all the phases. The apperance of the Aces really sells the idea. The spectator is given a free choice in naming a certain number and arrives to a certain card and at the end, all four Aces are produced based on the "estimation" theme. I really like the selection transposes with the final Ace. This is nice and I think it is the strongest item!

I think that the author once again has produced some great and quality card magic material. Please keep in mind that even though the above items do not appeal to me do not mean that they are not suitable to you. Perhaps you will find them interesting. Last but not least, I enjoyed some of the items in this collection particularly "Estimation" and "J.G. Monte" and most of them are practical.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Review - Trinities

I have spent quite some time in going through Trinities. So, what trinities is all about? Basically, if you are a mentalist who like to perform an entirely different two-phase mind-reading routine; card divination and an electronic book test, perhaps you would like to take a look at Michael Daniels's routine.

However, if you expect to just read-and-go kind of pdf, perhaps this does not suit you because there are a great deal of things you need to go through as well as a solid understanding on how each of the things fits in nicely into the routine.

Let's start off by listing some of the basic information on this pdf. "Trinities" contains 23 pages, the size of the file is 1.08 MB and also included 10 eBook. The eBook are used for the electronic book test performance. Each eBooks contains at least 400 pages long and has the "full text" of the original literary works.

The entire pdf is well laid out. The author introduces how the effect should look like by listing out in the effect section. In addition, the conditions of the routine along with the patter and presentation are covered in detail as well. I think the author has done a wonderful job in terms of explaining the basic card principle behind of this routine. To me, it is like a brainstorm session and once you get the idea, it is easy to follow the rest of the explanation.

However, if you familiar with the principle, you might skip through this session but I find there is something that is worth a visit. After describing the principle, next, the author will walk you through the Trinities Stack. In addition, references and credits are well done, too.

Alright, let's get down to the details of the particular routine. First and foremost, I do not have the right to disclose the card principle used in this routine as this will give too much away. The card principle involved is very well known in card magic.

The first phase takes place where the mentalist correctly divines attributes (colour, suit, value) of playing cards which the spectator has shuffled, dealt and covered fully with his hands while the mentalist has turned away. Is it 100% correct all the time? Yes, it works all the time and you always have the correct divination. However, there is some sort of set up or stack that you need to do beforehand. Once the set up is done and combined it with the card principle, it 100% works all the time. The best part is the spectator can shuffle the deck. I regard this phase as playing a game or warm up exercise with the spectator.

In the second phase, the spectator is asked to form a page number by combining the values of three freely selected cards from the deck. Without the mentalist seeing, the spectator then opens up and freely examines an eBook (standard PDF) from a collection of classic literary works stored on a computer, eBook reader or smartphone. Turning to the chosen page, a word is selected which the mentalist exactly identifies.

I find that the second phase is quite challenging because there is a memory system or code that you need to remember. Once you learn this by heart, I am sure you do not have any problem of remembering its sequence. The strength of the second phase is any books can be freely selected and there is a very cunning way which allows the spectator always to land herself on pages where the performer is able to determine the selected words. That is the page where you, as the performer divulge the particular phrase or word on that very page. This is very good!

In a nutshell, perhaps I should make something clear. Once again, this is not a "touch-and-go" pdf where you will learn this routine overnight by simply glancing it. As mentioned earlier, there are a great deal of things that you need to go through fully before attempting this routine. If you are a patient reader and willing to spend your time in learning and familiarising yourself with the card principles and other memory system, I think this pdf will somehow make you discover the creative side of the author.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Do As Chameleon Do

I remember fondly the first time I learned the Do-As-I-Do effect in a beginner card magic book since I was 9 years old. I was very excited at that time because I feel the routine plays well to any lay audience.

I am sure most readers would familiar with this basic routine where a few cards are involved and the spectator is asked to follow the magician's instruction such as turning and flipping a number of cards in the packet. However, if you don't, I have added an extra something to enhance this plot further and of course, everything can be given out for examination. This is done with a regular deck.

I really enjoyed the effect as audience participation is of paramount importance in the routine. This routine is not limited only to a few spectators. I have performed this routine for a number of years.

I realised that the more people that are involved, the better it will look. And as it gets interesting it will seem more and more comical to the audience watching and those participating. At the end, somehow the spectators manage to follow exactly the instructions given by the performer with an exception when one of the cards is turned over, it has an odd back! Did I say both the magician and the spectator exchange each of their own packets in between the phases?

Here's what a few of them say:

"Do As Chameleon Do is a great audience-participation effect. I particularly like the odd back ending. Gives it a great kick."
-- Peter Duffie

"I like the Do As I Do theme and I think that your packet version is very amazing. The climax is very strong for the spectators because they handle the cards!"
-- Jozsef Kovacs

"The "Do as Chameleon Do" effect was awesome, very neat handling and a great finish; I'll definitely be using it."
-- John Gelasi

"These are two very strong effects. The "Do As Chameleon Do" is really unique and interesting. Very cool trick. I also love "Majestic Jokers". Lots of magic going on. Really fun. Andrew has once again stared two powerful and effective routines with us!"
-- Cameron Francis

Do As Chameleon Do is great with a surprising twist. Good thinking!
-- Raphaël Czaja

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Majestic Jesters

I really enjoyed performing Majestic Jesters during Christmas festival. This is a non-impromptu item but towards the end of the routine, it packs a punch to those who like gambling. A story on how the Jokers help a gambler wins in gambling. Basically, this effect is inspired by Jack Parker's "Court Jesters" and I have added a few plots to enhance the effect with a final kicker.

In performance, you introduce the four Jokers and have a card chosen and lost in the deck. The spectator is asked to cut the pack into four piles and each of the Jokers is placed on top of each of the piles. Magically, you cause the Jokers to appear one at a time into your packet. At the end, you will show the Jokers transform into odd backs with an amazing revelation that your spectator will never forget! Everything can be given out for examination.

I released this routine just before Christmas and I would like to thank to those who support my works and products. I consider this as my pet routine and it has been in my repertoire for years. This routine is quite challenging because I assume you have the experiece or skills in handling cards.

Here's what a few of them say:

"Majestic Jesters is a powerhouse routine of magical effects. Really strong."
-- Peter Duffie

"I very like Majestic Jesters!! It's very strong. I like that it has more climaxes than the spectators expect. I am sure that many magicians will put it in their repertoire. This trick is one of my favourite at the moment. Thanks a lot for this great trick!"
-- Jozsef Kovacs

"It's a great routine packed with magical moments. The Jokers transpose from the table to your hand, fuse into the selection, and change color on the back (one of my favorite finales). The selected card also reveals an additional surprise with a production of a royal flush at the end of the routine. Definitely one to check out!"
-- John Gelasi

"These are two very strong effects. The "Do As Chameleon Do" is really unique and interesting. Very cool trick. I also love "Majestic Jokers". Lots of magic going on. Really fun. Andrew has once again stared two powerful and effective routines with us!"
-- Cameron Francis

This e-book is not suitable for beginners. While all the moves are explained clearly but some previous card handling experience is preferable.