Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Do As Chameleon Do

I remember fondly the first time I learned the Do-As-I-Do effect in a beginner card magic book since I was 9 years old. I was very excited at that time because I feel the routine plays well to any lay audience.

I am sure most readers would familiar with this basic routine where a few cards are involved and the spectator is asked to follow the magician's instruction such as turning and flipping a number of cards in the packet. However, if you don't, I have added an extra something to enhance this plot further and of course, everything can be given out for examination. This is done with a regular deck.

I really enjoyed the effect as audience participation is of paramount importance in the routine. This routine is not limited only to a few spectators. I have performed this routine for a number of years.

I realised that the more people that are involved, the better it will look. And as it gets interesting it will seem more and more comical to the audience watching and those participating. At the end, somehow the spectators manage to follow exactly the instructions given by the performer with an exception when one of the cards is turned over, it has an odd back! Did I say both the magician and the spectator exchange each of their own packets in between the phases?

Here's what a few of them say:

"Do As Chameleon Do is a great audience-participation effect. I particularly like the odd back ending. Gives it a great kick."
-- Peter Duffie

"I like the Do As I Do theme and I think that your packet version is very amazing. The climax is very strong for the spectators because they handle the cards!"
-- Jozsef Kovacs

"The "Do as Chameleon Do" effect was awesome, very neat handling and a great finish; I'll definitely be using it."
-- John Gelasi

"These are two very strong effects. The "Do As Chameleon Do" is really unique and interesting. Very cool trick. I also love "Majestic Jokers". Lots of magic going on. Really fun. Andrew has once again stared two powerful and effective routines with us!"
-- Cameron Francis

Do As Chameleon Do is great with a surprising twist. Good thinking!
-- RaphaĆ«l Czaja

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