Sunday, January 1, 2012

Majestic Jesters

I really enjoyed performing Majestic Jesters during Christmas festival. This is a non-impromptu item but towards the end of the routine, it packs a punch to those who like gambling. A story on how the Jokers help a gambler wins in gambling. Basically, this effect is inspired by Jack Parker's "Court Jesters" and I have added a few plots to enhance the effect with a final kicker.

In performance, you introduce the four Jokers and have a card chosen and lost in the deck. The spectator is asked to cut the pack into four piles and each of the Jokers is placed on top of each of the piles. Magically, you cause the Jokers to appear one at a time into your packet. At the end, you will show the Jokers transform into odd backs with an amazing revelation that your spectator will never forget! Everything can be given out for examination.

I released this routine just before Christmas and I would like to thank to those who support my works and products. I consider this as my pet routine and it has been in my repertoire for years. This routine is quite challenging because I assume you have the experiece or skills in handling cards.

Here's what a few of them say:

"Majestic Jesters is a powerhouse routine of magical effects. Really strong."
-- Peter Duffie

"I very like Majestic Jesters!! It's very strong. I like that it has more climaxes than the spectators expect. I am sure that many magicians will put it in their repertoire. This trick is one of my favourite at the moment. Thanks a lot for this great trick!"
-- Jozsef Kovacs

"It's a great routine packed with magical moments. The Jokers transpose from the table to your hand, fuse into the selection, and change color on the back (one of my favorite finales). The selected card also reveals an additional surprise with a production of a royal flush at the end of the routine. Definitely one to check out!"
-- John Gelasi

"These are two very strong effects. The "Do As Chameleon Do" is really unique and interesting. Very cool trick. I also love "Majestic Jokers". Lots of magic going on. Really fun. Andrew has once again stared two powerful and effective routines with us!"
-- Cameron Francis

This e-book is not suitable for beginners. While all the moves are explained clearly but some previous card handling experience is preferable.


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