Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Review - Just Cards Vol.1

Recently, I read another new release by John Gelasi. I am quite excited because being as a card guy, I always look forward to reading any card material from any magician. 

Honestly speaking, the pdf contains some great card material in this collection. There are a few items that I find appealing to me and in fact, I will use them in my performance. The pdf contains 15 pages and the file size is 490 KB. There are five items in this pdf. There is no illustration shown in this pdf but the author films his own performances and uploaded to Youtube where the links are accessible.

This is great as you can see the author in performance on how the effects looks like before you discover the secrets. Alright, without further ado, I will review each of the following items.

Fine Feathered Finks
This is a two-phase routine inspired by the Homing Card plot. I think the first phase is excellent where the selection is placed in between the Jacks and somehow it vanishes and appears on top of the pack. In the second phase, apparently, the selection is back in among the face-up Jacks and a magical gesture, the selection seems to have vanished once again and appeared in the main deck. The transposition looks nice between the phases.

This is an unusual version of ACAAN plot. However, the methodology does not appeal to me much because I believe that the effect of the original ACAAN is very simple, clear and very straightforward. A number is named and the selection is found at that freely called number. In the author's version, a few cutting of cards, a number is written down on a card then re-dealing the cards in the process and finally it reaches to the spectator's selection. Perhaps other readers may find this version appealing.

And Another Thing
This effect is inspired by Richard Sander's "King Thing" which has a few phases but this version also does not appeal to me much as there are lots of cutting, then the Kings jump to the top. And later, they jump back to the performer's hands and at the end, the Kings appear in the card case as well as the performer's pocket. I think this will cloud the spectator from understanding and following the routine. Perhaps other readers may find this to their liking.

J.G. Monte
This is a very nice routine! The construction is good and the handling is efficient as well. There are a few phases and I really like the transposition between the Queen and the Tens which is very magical. Nice!

I really enjoyed this item very much and it is very strong! It is excellent and the author applies a very good card principle to produce a wonderful effect! I really like all the phases. The apperance of the Aces really sells the idea. The spectator is given a free choice in naming a certain number and arrives to a certain card and at the end, all four Aces are produced based on the "estimation" theme. I really like the selection transposes with the final Ace. This is nice and I think it is the strongest item!

I think that the author once again has produced some great and quality card magic material. Please keep in mind that even though the above items do not appeal to me do not mean that they are not suitable to you. Perhaps you will find them interesting. Last but not least, I enjoyed some of the items in this collection particularly "Estimation" and "J.G. Monte" and most of them are practical.


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