Friday, January 20, 2012

My Upcoming eBook - My Reflections

Andrew Loh introduces you to ten of his most cherished effects direct from his working repertoire. 

The material ranges from variations on classic routines and with the objective of delivering entertaining card magic to your audience. The routines explained in this work are all audience tested. They constitute a body of work that dates back to 2006 and there are a number of new items included as well. 

The book is divided into 3 sections; Simple Effects, Impromptu Effects and Effect with Set-Up Cards. It is structured that way for ease of referring to a particular routine.

I sincerely hope you will find something to share with your audience and enjoy the routines as much as I do for years.


Royal Mates: An effortless four-of-a-kind production that you will use. Simple, direct and very magical! You will use this in less than two minutes as soon as you read it!

Divide & Concur: This is an amazing two-phase card revelation routine where the work is done by the spectator. There are no difficult sleights involved. In addition, it is so unfair that you devastate your audience in silence.

The Hackers: A story based on cyber intrusion. Two spectators are given an opportunity in witnessing how the Jacks hack certain information on the cards as input by one of the spectators. Be prepared for an unexpected outcome! This serves as a good lesson in "Pasteboard Intrusion" and additional ideas are included as well!

The Proactive Jacks: Perform a card sandwich routine that emphasises on the pro-activeness of the Jacks!

Sandwich in My Pocket: A three-selection card sandwich routine that fries! Three Jacks visually vanish and find the two selections in an amazing manner.

Hofzinser Meets Balducci: A revisit to the classics. As the title says it all, this routine can be done in an impromptu situation and if you are lucky, you may end this routine with another climax that they will never see it coming!

A Double Journey: An amazing and visual  two-phase two-packet card transposition effect.

Cannibals Journey: This is an unusual Cannibal Cards routine where the cannibals devour the missionaries. One of the missionaries hypnotises the rest of the cannibals until an unexpected event takes place!

Clandestine Twister: This routine is a combination on Dai Vernon's "Twisting the Aces" with a card revelation. I presume you are familiar with the original routine before attempting this routine.

The Intuitive Couples: The Kings and Queens work together in locating the spectator's selection in a very magical way. Two minds work at its best.

Here's what a few of them say:

"Nice item (Royal Mates)! It’s quick and easy and is also strong. A very good combination of qualities."
-- Mike Powers

"Great quick trick (Royal Mates). I like a lot. Very simple and effective construction."
-- Peter Duffie

"I really enjoyed it (Royal Mates); nice and simple, but a really novel production."
-- John Gelasi

"I've just read your trick (Royal Mates) and I can say that I love it. Because very easy to do and the effect is very powerful!"
-- József Kovács

This e-book is not suitable for beginners. While all the moves are explained clearly but some previous card handling experience is preferable.

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