Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Review - Principles and Deceptions

Card Magic is a fascinating subject. The fascinating subject that I am referring to is not the experience that I gained from watching television or live performances in this context. The subject I am talking about is card principles.

It is because after reading and trying out some of the card principles, I discovered that card principles are very magical and even though if you know the secrets, still, if you follow each steps precisely, they will work! At times, they are very strong especially the cards can be given out for shuffling or cuts and yet, they still work as miracles!

Loyal readers know that I am a huge fan of Peter Duffie, who seems to spend a good deal of time in writing and publishing numerous wonderful eBooks. Previously, I was too occupied with my studies and I considered that as an inactive period in magic. Recently, with a deck of playing cards in my hands, I spent my spare time in going through Peter Duffie's Principles & Deceptions, which is a truly wonderful and mind-stimulating eBook.

It is an 18-page pdf, the size of the file is 925 KB and there are 6 parts detailing each of the principles. Each parts is hyperlinked and it makes the reader very easy in terms of navigating the whole pdf. In addition, there is a bonus section that explains Dave Campbell's Automatic Speller which is a fantastic routine!  

The card principles covered are not brand new and I am sure if you have been in card magic for long, you may come across the following names before such as "Gilbreath Principle", "Rusduck's Stay Stack", "Hummer Principle", "Finnel's Free Cut Principle" and among others. What makes this pdf stands out is after learning each of the principles, the author provides a test to challenge the reader's understanding.

I find that the tests are some sort of "mind-stimulant" foods which to induce the reader to explore more possibilities after learning a particular card principle. Another interesting side is that I learned quite a number of interesting facts and important bits of history on the creators of the card principles. 

Overall, I really, really enjoyed this eBook and hopefully, this ebook would serve as a progress in terms of my thinking and approaching in card magic principles. In addition, I also believe that this eBook would serve as a stepping stone to those who love card principles. I always find that the author's approaches to card principles are brilliant which not only can be found in this pdf, but also in his other eBooks such as Ulterior Motifs, and Cards in Principles which are commendable. Just do yourself a favour by visiting the author's online shop and you will be surprised with the large varieties of eBooks available.

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