Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mix Up & Match

In the year of 2006, while I was shopping, I discovered unique rubber bands that have various shapes in them such as fruits, vegetables, animals and others. 

I bought a few of them and started to create some of my favourite routines. I realised that these special rubber bands have been in the market for quite some time and there are many versions available in the market. 

In this version, this routine has two phases and involves two spectators. Basically, it involves a prediction and your spectators will not realise until they come to the final revelation. Best of all, everything can be given out for examination. In addition, it instantly resets. You may carry this little effect in your pocket which it does not take up a lot of space. You can perform this effect at anytime and anywhere.  

I have been performing this little gem ever since I came up with it. I regard this item as one of my pet routines. This routine is very flexible and the prediction can be changed from time to time. 

Comes complete with 20 Bicycle cards, 5 high quality silicone rubber bands and an instruction sheet. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

My Review - Wave Epic

Here is my review of Wave Epic by John Gelasi. In the pdf, it contains a collection of 8 brainwave (B'Wave) card effects. Ever since Phil Goldstein released B'Wave, the plot appeals to me a lot and many magicians came up with their own versions that you can find in many sources. Some indeed very powerful and highly entertaining. If you have no idea what I am talking about, perhaps John Gelasi's "Wave Epic" may kickstart your new journey to the B'Wave world.

I really like the front page of the pdf is nicely designed, sleek and very professional. The pdf contains 22 pages and as mentioned earlier, it contains 8 card effects all related to B'Wave. Well, not exactly all the effects 100% that relate to B'Wave but you will appreciate the author's thinking and approaches to the plot.

You will find the B'Wave plot fuses with card sandwich, blank facers developed themselves with the image of the spectator's named card, and many other interesting revelations. Each of the effects is provided a video link and you have a chance to watch how the effects look like in real performance. So, allow me to review each of the following effects.

The Royal Wave
This is a very simple and yet a powerful revelation at the end of the routine. One of my favourites and I really like the simplicity of this effect. Excellent!

Another Wave Pun
The only difference in this multi-phase effect with the usual B'Wave plot is instead of revealing the unique selection in a packet of cards, the performer shows "Pick Me!" or "Don't Pick Me!" on the back of the cards. I still prefer the original because the back of the cards provides a striking revelation. Perhaps other readers may find this to their fancy. 

Joker' Wave
This is another interesting effect which emphasises on presentation and patter. The routine is not very difficult to do. However, I personally think that it would be great to reveal the written AH first and after that comes with the revelation of AH. That way, the climax may be great. Just my humble two cents. 

Making Waves
This is a multi-phase effect involves that two packets of cards; the Aces and the Queens. This is a great and powerful routine. In addition, I really like the author's approach in the efficient use of both packets to end the routine with a great climax that stresses on gambling theme. Nice!

Another interesting item. I like the effect but I will end the routine in a slightly different way with the use of George Sand's Prime Number Principle. Instead of using the AC, AS and AH, I will end them with the 3S, 3H and 3C to match the spectator's selection. The reaction would be much better as you claimed from the beginning you were not sure what cards (perhaps the four Queens) and at the end, you nail the selection along with locating the mates of the selection. 

This is one my favourite items. This effect requires careful patter and presentation. The blank cards seem to develop into the named Jack of Diamonds. The whole effect looks very magical. However, in this kind of effect, as usual, at the end of the routine, the cards cannot be given out for examination. But, I like the effect!

This is a nice effect with an emphasis on the production of the Aces in a visual manner. Another one of my favourite items. 

Prism Wave
This effect has multiple phases but to be honest, I think it can be improved in terms of the "what if" phase. Please don't get me wrong; this is not a complaint as I like the effect. This routine just reminds me of John Bannon's "Spin Doctors" and I know it's not related to Gelasi's effect. If you are familiar with John Bannon's "Spin Doctors", you know what I am talking about. There is a discrepancy involved I just feel the phase where the production of the AH needs a solid patter to support the revelation. Again, this is just my humble two cents!    

My mind is now full of "Brainwave" juices because of toying around too much with the plot. I am sure John Gelasi's "Wave Epic" may kickstart your journey in exploring the wonderful possibilities of "Brainwave" effects. I quite enjoyed the effects in this collection and you may find some of his approaches in the above effects refreshing and usable. There are few effects that require magician's choice or equivoque. Worry not as the author provides the patter in great detail along with great credits at the end of each effects. I look forward to performing some of the effects above for my next gathering events.  


Friday, March 2, 2012

Oil & Royal Flush

"Oil & Royal Flush" is one of my pet routines that I perform regularly in my close-up performance.

If you like Roy Walton's "Oil & Queens", perhaps you will like my handling for this wonderful plot. I should say that this version is an extension to the original routine.  

I designed this particular routine by incorporating the elements of surprise along with a double climax that the spectator will not realise until to the end of the routine.

Your audience will witness one of the cards changes its colour and concludes the unexpected revelation. The good news is that this routine is not very difficult to do. If you are familiar with the Hamman Count and the Elmsley Count, you will entertain your audience in no time with this entertaining routine. 

Here's what a few of them say:

"I like this a lot."
-- Peter Duffie

"Got it! VERY nice effect! I really like this. A lot of magic going on!"
-- Cameron Francis

"I have just tried it out with cards in hand, and it plays very, very nicely!"
-- Liam Montier